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Mafia II: 85/100

luscious | Oct. 25, 2011 | Review of Mafia II - PC

Never played the first Mafia, and I hope to play it in the future, but I could say Mafia II was a great game. The overall experience was entertaining and astonishing. I've played this game 2 times, and plan to play it for the 3rd time. This is very rare for me to play a game this much times. People complain about driving too much in this game, but to be honest, this game had one of the best driving mechanics. It was very fluid and I honestly had no problem driving most of the time. There isn't much free roam like the GTA series, but that's good because it actually encourages you to continue on the story, which I absolutely loved. The DLCs were also great, imo, especially Joe's Adventures. Though I did enjoy this game alot, I'll have to rate it 85/100, which is about a solid B.