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A great adventure from the classics era

lynxil | Aug. 8, 2015 | Review of Pillars of Eternity Hero Edition - PC

If you loved the old classics like Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights and the other Eternity Engine this one is for you. This game have a great story in the same class of the old classics, the battle system is the same as the old ones, only difference is the graphics that is better than the old eternity engine. A great gem for Classic RPG lovers!


Excellent deal

lynxil | July 8, 2014 | Review of WatchDogs Season Pass EMEA - PC

This season pass is totally worth it, only because one thing... You get T-Bone, the crazy paranoid, elite hacker who was one of the founders of the ctOS. there's also a new mini-game where you fight off cyborgs in the form of surviving waves of enemies. other than the above, it's more cosmetic DLC's and some weapons which I don't care about, to be honest. So if you loved Watch_Dogs and you just can't get enough of the game itself, and you want to play more of it... This is for you, get it and enjoy a bit more Watch_Dogs!


Great game!

lynxil | July 8, 2014 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

This game is really great, quite a masterpiece in my opinion, it delivers a powerful story which compels you to play, the game play is very fun, it's innovative where you need to hold your torch at your enemies because they're some kind of shadows creatures, and only after you brought them to light, you can kill them. the graphics are amazing as well, the lighting effects are just great, and the atmosphere is just breath-taking... this game is pretty much epic, you need to play it...


The best Sniper Elite!

lynxil | July 8, 2014 | Review of Sniper Elite 3 - PC

This game is surprisingly excellent, from the amazing graphics to the fantastic atmosphere and up to the game play, it's purely great and packed with lots of fun. If you don't know what sniper elite is, it's time you know... this is a fps, with sniper elements, like holding breath to steady your shot, and stealthily moving around. the most fun thing about this game is the slow-mo capture where you shoot the enemies, it is so much fun to watch and you can feel the power in your mouse. the game is in Africa which is a nice change than the European scenery. overall, it's very very good, I'm enjoying every second of it, go get it!


Great underrated game

lynxil | May 7, 2014 | Review of The Darkness II Overflow - PC

Ok, so I was expecting a regular FPS. But, I was wrong, Darkness II was a bit of a shocker to me, it was really good, kinda short maybe, but fun and had a solid story. Story: (Trying not to make spoilers) The game is based on a comic series called, yep, you guessed it, The Darkness. You play as Jackie Estacado, a mafia boss that possess the forces of darkness. Jackie tries to keep his darkness at bay, but after a rival mafia tries to kill you, you have no option but to start a war and unleash the darkness within you upon your enemies. But, when you unleash the darkness, you also cut a deal with it, and there's a price to pay at the end... Graphics: The game graphics reminded me Borderlands but more realistic, and i like it :) kinda gives you the feel of a comics (which it is based on a comic series) Gameplay: The game is FPS and RPG of some sort, where you gain XP from kills and level your skills, but apart from the guns and black magic you also have 2 tenticals that devours, kill, cutting off heads and ripping the limbs of people (Tons of blood and gore) When you are not cutting and killing, you also play as your little lackey, which is more stealthy than just killing everybody. Also, there are some levels that are purely for the story, they are short but very fun and delivers the awesome story to you, I loved those parts! Conclusion: This game kinda surprised me, I loved the story, the cut-scenes are great, the gameplay is fun, the graphics are very nice and feel you get is very good. and even though it's short (took me about 6 hours to finish the game on Hard, but you can play it and make different decisions), it's really good! Play it! ***There's also multiplayer but I didn't play it honestly, for no reason really*** Taken from my Steam reviews page Feel free to ask question on my page


Great game for amazing price! live the legend!

lynxil | May 7, 2014 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

I loved the first Call of Juarez games, I remember the day the first game came out, I just sat and played it for hours until I finished it, It was amazing! I just loved the western feel, and I also loved the second one :) but... after the cartel... I was afraid they lost it, until I saw this game! and I knew they're back! Story The story is about this old bounty hunter named Silas Greaves, it all begins when Silas enters a Saloon and starts telling his story... Silas's story is how he met\dueled\killed real outlaws from the Wild West, outlaws like Billy The Kid, Jesse James and more... all in the sake of revenge... Graphics I loved the graphics, it's not BF4 or Metro, it's more like Borderlands 2, they tried to make it like a cartoon, since the whole game is being told by Silas, The cut scenes are like comic book pages, anyways, the game got really sweet graphics, for me, it worked! Gameplay Gunslinger is a FPS with touches of RPG, set in the Wild West, so you know what you'll get... and they deliver it! The game is packed with gun fights, where you run in the old wild west towns, deserts, moving trains, mountains, mines and more, the RPG part is that you have 3 trees that you can choose from, Desperado, Trapper and Ranger, The Desperado class focuses on two revolvers, Ranger uses his Lever-Action rifle and the trapper uses Shotgun and dynamites, each level you get a point you can spend to each class, after 6 skill points invested in each class you get a legendary weapon, which is just a better revolver\shotgun\rifle each chapter you face a boss which is an historical figure as i said above, for instance, in the first mission you face off Pat Garret, when you face those bosses, you enter a duel, which is pretty cool too, they've made it really nice! they also have a bullet-time effect, where you gain concentration after killing your enemies just like the old Call Of Juarez games. Ok, so I'll just summarize this, the gameplay is just great! i mean, the shootouts are great, it's full of action, and if you love the wild west like i do, this is the game for you! Conclusion I hope they'll make more like this! The game is just amazing, well made, bug-free, full of action and fun, they deliver the atmosphere of the wild west, from the narration to the scenery and to the guns and foes. the game is pretty short actually, about 10 chapters, and it took me about 7 hours to finish it, but hey, it's 15$ so for that price is a steal imo, there is also an arcade mode that you can play which has 10 levels, the arcade mode is another game that you need to make combos to reach high score and compete with friends. So, after they made the Cartel game and failed big time, they redeemed them self with this great game imo, I can't wait for them to make more games like this! and if you didn't play this one yet, but it now! and play it now! Taken from my Steam reviews page Feel free to ask questions about the game there and also, check out the in-game screenshots


Epic max payne!

lynxil | May 7, 2014 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

I'm a huge fan of the Max Payne franchise, I loved the whole dark and gritty feeling, so I was really excited about this game, and I wasn't disappointed at all, I finished it twice because I loved it so much! and now, I've decided to write a review about it and share my thoughts about this great game! Story So, if you don't have a clue about who is Max Payne... you ought to be ashamed! I'll just start from this game, so, after the last game, Max left the police force and settled in a New Jersey, where he was just drinking himself to death and been haunted by the loss of his family, one day, while he was drinking a friend finds him in the bar, and offers him a job, to protect a well known family in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, he accepts the job, and leaves USA to protect the family. And from here the story twists and turns... Graphics The graphics are amazing imo, really good, they've thought of everything (Rockstar), even the smallest details, the animations are crazy good, the effects of the bullet-time is sweet!... I've nothing to add, really the graphics are sweet! Gameplay Max Payne is a third-person shooter, and the first Max Payne where the first to introduce the Bullet-Time feature, and so, it's also in this game, and they've taken the game to the next level, I mean it, everything, you can jump to each side while the effect is on, you can move from cover to cover, you can blind-fire, and there's also a slow-motion effect when you kill dudes (like Fallout 3, Skyrim etc)... everything you look in a third-person shooter, Max Payne 3 got! and my favourite one is that when you prone you actually roll over and the player turns 360 degrees to maintain his sight on target, I found that really nice and making me feel like they've thought of everything in the game. now, I heard from people that actually didn't like the game because of the long cut-scenes, I really don't understand this, cause the game itself is story driven and the cut-scenes are a must! the story it self is amazing, and the cut-scenes are just like a movie, Rockstar knows how to make this kinda games, from GTA to Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Max Payne. I loved the gameplay, it's full of action and fun! Conclusion I LOVE THIS GAME! The game is well built! they've put thought of every small detail, and just made it perfect! The gameplay is fun and full of action! and I just couldn't get enough of it! the single player is long and delivers a movie-like story, with twists and turns, it took me about 13 hours or so to complete the game, The graphics are amazing! had no bugs at all, the game worked fluently with no lags at all, and I had GTS 8800 320MB GPU, which wasn't the best at the time I played it. I can really go on and on praising this game, and I really think the game deserves it, Rockstar made an excellent game, they maintained the feeling of the original games and just made it even better! If you didn't play this game at all, put it in the top of your list, and if you already played it and stopped, give it another go! for me, I'm waiting for the next Max Payne to come out, I really hope they're making one :) Taken from my Steam reviews page Feel free to ask question about the game there and check out the in-game screenshots


Splinter Cell at it's best!

lynxil | May 7, 2014 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist Uplay - PC

I got this game from my GPU and I was really excited to get it :D I remember when I played the first Splinter Cell, I was amazed by the crazy and ground breaking effects of the lighting, And I loved the gameplay of it, with all of the sneaking around and the sweet gadgets... Story So, in this chapter of Splinter Cell, there's a group called "The Engineers" who are set on killing US forces and assets all over the world until the US will call back all American troops deployed abroad. Well, yeah, the story is kinda generic, but it works! You play as Sam Fisher, and with a small task force you command a cargo plane, named "Paladin", from your plane, you see the tasks and missions all over the world, upgrade your plane and loadout. Graphics Graphics are just amazing! really, the game just looks insane! just like the first time I played the first game, I was just amazed by the graphics here! The shadows and lighting feel so realistic, it's just gorgeous! nothing really to add here, it's just amazing. Gameplay The gameplay is Third-Person, just like all the previous games, for each mission you do, you get money, with that money you upgrade your plane, buy and upgrade weapons, armor and gadgets, each mission can be done in 3 styles, Ghost style which is the stealthy way, Panther style, which is stealthy yet deadly way, and the all out Assault style... no need to explain here. Along the main story you have more side missions from each member of your Task Force that you can do, when done, you get better equipment and the missions are fun too, from getting Intel, to guarding an embassy while waves of terrorists attack you, Each Side mission can be done Solo or Co-op with a friend. the gameplay itself is really fun, makes you feel like a real bad-♥♥♥, killing your enemies from the shadows or just shooting them with bad-♥♥♥ upgraded weapons. also, I gotta add, the AI is really smart here, you can see the enemies are talking about what's happening, and they are working together if they are threatened, from guarding their friends and walking back-to-back searching you. Conclusion This is one of the best Splinter Cell's I've ever played, the game is just amazing, it sucks you in, and if you love a good challenge like me, you will love this! i found my self playing a side-mission for 2 hours just trying to make a perfect run of it, You need to learn the enemy routes, and make a plan of attack, setting traps, calling them from a shadowy place and smacking them! I also love the customizable equipment, from buying black market weapons and adding upgrading them to buying a flying little helicopter like machine that can shock enemies and deploying EMP. The cut scenes are very very good! really well made and deliver a good story with the game! the characters are real actors, one of the main terrorist is Carlo Rota which also plays on the TV series 24, and there's also Multiplayer gameplay where there are 2 teams, Spies and Mercenaries which is fun too, didn't play much, I'm still playing the Main story :) So, overall, the game is just sweet! great gameplay, good and solid story, amazing graphics... what more do you need? Taken from my Steam reviews page, feel free to ask about my review there, and check out the in-game screenshots :)