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A very enjoyable fresh yet familiar experience

m0biusxp | Oct. 27, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite (NA)

That's the best way to describe Bioshock Infinite. It's a nicely polished, beautiful, and fun game. Irrational Games did a fantastic job making a new distinct world that looks beautiful. I'm not talking just about the quality of the graphics but the art. It's wonderful and it's obvious that Irrational really took their time in making a world that the player can really immerse themselves in.

Gameplay wise it's great, with a familiar first person shooter experience adding in vigors that, for those coming from previous Bioshock games, will be very familiar with. The one flaw I could find here is that the combat isn't as varied as it could have been and in combat it was another shooter game to me. Elizabeth as a companion was great and she runs around and finds you supplies and can use tears to warp in things that might give you an advantage over the enemy. I worried that she'd be another companion that gets in the way but Irrational made it so that it was not a game long escort mission even though it could have been.

The best parts come from the story and the world that Irrational has created. The story is wonderful and is certainly well written. The characters in the world even the non important ones have a presence and, while not extremely detailed, have something to add to the world.

This game is something that people who enjoy video games have to experience. I found myself going through every part of levels trying to find supplies and to discover more of the world. It is a must play game that stands as one of the best.