Reviews by mamberu


Great Ship Combat

mamberu | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates - PC

Even eight years after the release of Sid Meier;s Pirates! the game still holds up when compared to any other pirate game. The ship combat should be the biggest part to any pirate game, and this game clearly knew that. The fights are rather simple but are very fun. You need to keep track of the wind, which cannon shots you want to use, what type of ship you and your enemy have and more. The fighting while on an enemy ship is just as simplistic, its a paper, rock, scissors type of fight. You choose one of 3 swords, either a fast but less powerful, a slow but heavy hitter, or an all rounder. The attack system in this mode is more of a reaction style gameplay, duck certain attacks, jump other, parry, some, or attack before your opponent finishes readying their attack. Then theres also politics, a story of revenge and family, buried treasures to find, and much more to this game. I would recommend playing it if you can.


Fun with friends

mamberu | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of You Dont Know Jack - PC

You Don't Know Jack (the 2011 version) is a game that while you can play solo, it really shines while playing with a friend, Its a game show with odd and sometimes difficult questions, ranging from being about authors and celebrities, to being about food. Sadly though, while the questions are fun, the game does terribly with the last third of each match. The game mode is called Jack Attack, it requires the players to match a word with another, whoever answers fastest and gets it correct gets a great deal of points, sadly though it doesnt matter how far ahead of the others you are in the question section of the game, for the last section of the match, even someone who was far in last place can rocket into first.


Hard, but fun

mamberu | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Super Meat Boy is a very hard platformer, and you will have no choice but to admit its not the controls causing you to die. Not much to the story, its the standard, Go rescue the girl after platforming through a level. What the game really excels on however, is that the levels are hard, but they are not hard enough for you to rage quit the game from dieing so many times, and you will die. For those who like to collect everything and complete games to 100%, there are enough bandages to collect and dark worlds to go through to give you plenty more hours from this game.