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An atmospheric open-world experience

marcinkonys | May 18, 2011 | Review of Thief deadly Shadows - PC

Thief: The Dark Project - the first iteration of the franchise - is a masterpiece. Despite the fact that I could not finish the game because of a compatibility error, the first half of the game alone was one of the best experiences I have had with any game, ever. With blocky graphics from 1998, it managed to capture an atmosphere like no other game I've played - one would seriously wonder how it's possible to become scared of zombies made up of a few tenths of polygons. Very possible! "Deadly Shadows" got my attention much earlier than the first two games, but was just as enjoyable to play though, although I must say that after tasting the game play of "Dark Project", I finally understood why people praised the first games over "Deadly Shadows". However, despite the fact that grabbing ledges here is not always successful and may be the prime reason of detection quite often, it's just as atmospheric as its predecessor. The "Shalebridge Cradle" level alone makes me want people to buy this game. As far as I remember, this one part of the game took me no less than two weeks to play though, no thanks to the eerie atmosphere. Enemies were scarce, but I waited for them to pop out of any corner. And then waited some more.. DS has missions, but a good deal of the time you'll be exploring The City, full of people waiting to be burgled and merchants waiting for your loot. This open-world scenario works wonders, and makes the different levels feel much more "in place". All in all, I greatly recommend DS to anyone who's into slow-paced game play. With big, open levels and a whole city available to explore between them, DS can take a good while to play though, making it well worth the money.


The one that got me into stealth games

marcinkonys | May 18, 2011 | Review of Splinter Cell - PC

Splinter Cell is a game every PC gamer should try out, regardless of what their first impression might be. In fact, this was my very first stealth game. Needles to say, it got me so addicted I would wait for a new "Splinter Cell" every year after then (and numerous other stealth games, for that matter). Some of the newer SC games might put people off, because Ubisoft seems to have shifted emphasis from stealth to action, and sadly, the games are moving more and more towards the latter with every new iteration. Having played all the SC games to date, I'd easily rate Splinter Cell 1 as THE "Splinter Cell" game, with the third one, Chaos Theory, coming in a very close second. Sure, the first game has no multiplayer, but that doesn't stop it from providing hours and hours of good singleplayer. The campaign is easy from the get-go, but gets pretty intense in the last few chapters, where the enemy count goes way up and shadow count goes down. With many bottlenecks and no room for failure, these few levels are undoubtedly my favorite levels out of all the SC games. For 5 euros, this is a no-brainer. Get it NOW.


Well worth it

marcinkonys | May 17, 2011 | Review of Droplitz - PC

I've always been a fan of puzzle games that go beyond the "match-three" type of game play. Although the concept of Droplitz may look simple, it is bound to provide you hours of fun. Droplitz is easy to pick up and play, although mastering it may require patience. Getting high scores on levels is pretty tough and may take a while, but it feels really good getting that big combo and seeing a big number flash on the screen, especially if that combo was milliseconds from being terminated too early numerous times. Taking care of all the pathways at once making sure you lose as little balls as possible really gets you into the game, especially when the game's music shifts to a more fast paced tune. Having invested no less than 11 hours into this game, I must say I definitely got my money's worth. Droplitz is not easy, but once you get the hang of the game, you'll have numerous dials switched even before the game actually starts!