Reviews by mars_elliot


The Best of Many Worlds

mars_elliot | Oct. 3, 2014 | Review of Middleearth Shadow of Mordor - PC

I cannot help but write a short but necessary review of this game. It is amazing! The combat is very fluid, so much so that I find myself seeking out captains just for the challenge and rewards of taking them down. Keep in mind that fluid does not mean easy. Various enemies will use different tactics and keep you on your toes as not every attack can be doged/managed the same way. It has all the best elements from Assassins Creed, the "Arkham" series, and ... Dynasty Warriors? All of this mixed in with a rudementary but rewarding skill and upgrade element make this a game a must play! For you PC enthusiasts, there are sever graphical options to make this game look AMAZING, but even with my GTX 760, I am still very impressed with the visual aspects of this game. The art design is fantastic so even people with older rigs should be able to thoroughly enjoy their experience. It is well worth the full price, however, if you're still on the fence, pick it up the first time it goes on sale. You absolutely will not regret it. I give it 5/5. It doesn't get any better for action/rpg's than Shadow of Mordor.


Hype Rising: Revengance

mars_elliot | Jan. 25, 2014 | Review of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - PC

Given a healthy amount of praise from both the media and the forums, I may have gone in to this expecting too much. While the game itself could be considered a reasonably passable hack'n'slash, that can also be said for the options. Simple features such as V-sync are not present, and of the features that are available, some don't work right. When I attempted to adjust the resolution up to 1080p while in full screen, my monitor blacked out and said "not within range". Now before you say to yourself "this guy doesn't know what he's talking about!", 1080p works fine in windowed mode. Upon browsing the forums I read of other users problems, some similar, some different than mine. For some "fullscreen" causes there to be black bars around their monitor. Another problem I had with the game were the mission lengths. Although the game is said to be very short in total length, the same can not be said about breaks between missions. With frequent, long cut scenes and frustratingly cheap boss battles there are few real rests during the campaign. This would not necessarily be a problem if I was enjoying the game, but I'm not. Determined to get the story experience I paid for at a cost of less frustration, I wanted to go back and set the game difficulty to easy. Unfortunately, you can't change difficulty until you've finished the mission. As an early example, for me to reset the difficulty prior to completing the first mission I would have to restart the "R-00" mission, which was not particularly fun, and then subsequently replay the mission I am already bored with. Probably not going to happen. Although this game feels like it is brimming with potential fun, it all feels bogged down by a clunky UI, poorly implemented options for PC owners, and tedious boss battles. Considering this game is cheaper on consoles, buyer beware.


This is what you want if this is what you want

mars_elliot | Nov. 12, 2013 | Review of SEGA Halloween Title - PC

Don't go into this game with unrealistic expectations. Watch a video or two to see if its your style. Personally, I bought this game to help me with my typing skills and speed ... but with a little added flair. It is exactly what I expected and exactly what I wanted. I have been familiar with the "Of the Dead" games since they first came out and this is more of the same, save for the type to shoot aspect. The story is ridiculous, the graphics are pretty much the same as they've always been, and I'm very satisfied with that. I've even improved my typing skills! There are various difficulty modes which will change up the difficulty of the words and the speed you need to type. All in all, if you know what you're buying you'll have a great time and it will fulfill your "needs". For what its worth, there is a coop mode that I believe uses a controller but I haven't tried it yet and another mode that has yet to be released. If you find yourself disappointed with this game, it is a failure on your part. It shows itself as what it is. You either want it ... or you don't.