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Similar game as arkham city but still great

masterblaster96 | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

This game is amazing and as part of the batman series it does not disappoint. After playing through Arkham asylum and Arkham city, I was left wanting more and this game is still a great entry in the series. The story is a prequel to the other games and it is fantastic to see the origins of batman and especially the joker. The story is considered to weaker than the other 2 games but still fantastic. The crime investigation is the best new addition to the game and the segments which involve recreating the actual crimes is very rewarding. Other than that the gameplay is still pretty much the same, the combat is still fantastic and it is very rewarding to get those high combos. However after you get shock gloves combat becomes much easier as you can just punch all enemies and they will not be able to defend. Great game highly recommend and still a great entry in the batman series. Many people said there were many bugs but i did not face any in my playthrough.