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mcartz33 | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

I'm going to take this to the correct standard of rating. It will not receive 100. Nothing ever will. DIshonored is a game about Corvo. An assassin who is trying to find the queens daughter and avenge her murder. Arkane studios' interesting take on the steampunk aesthetic enlightens this world with a mid 20th century look and a modern feel. Gameplay is centered around the multitude of choices and freedom int eh worlds - there is always another way to do something. From the first moment, you are put in this world, and confronted with a diverse range of enemies you can, quite easily take down given your speed on the mouse and skill with your powers. The most interesting ways to kill people were not just stabbing them. Far from it. AVoiding the knife and still managing to take down an entire army was most invigorating. A fusion of blink, mislead guards and some whale oil always provided a fun, yet subtly brutal charm to the game. Most places you go are screenshot opportunities. Not only that but everywhere you go created the possibility of climbing up or jumping off to perform some ridiculously extravagant and meticulously planned out murder. Thats where the fun lies. If you run into this game trying to finish it as fast as possible - to finish the rest of the games you've acquired on steam or because you are impatient - you're losing. This game doesn't require patience - you can run through it dodging bullets and stabbing people, but by god it is preferred to spend a minute (or a few hours) planning out some elaborate murder or an inticate plan of action to escape undetected. You are a shadow and being that glitch in the matrix when all 15 guards scattered around a facility die simultaneously, that is cool. Some improvements that can be made: More freedom and fewer invisible walls. As free as the maps were, you were still in a multilevelled maze that was in a box - there were still restrictions that lost that sense of freedom (even if it was on a long strip of land surrounded by water. Instead of having a small maze box, something that represented the world better - just a maze with no boundaries. That leads me to the other suggestion of navigating away from the 'hub' sort of area. In Dishonored, it tied in well when you had to approach it differently upon infiltration, but needing sam to go wherever you wanted seemed such a cop out. You're navigating the city - the world - in hiding and you take a boat and safely get to whererever you want to go. Making your own way - making it your own journey - no loading screens or breaks in the immersion when moving to new areas. This works well if there is some context behind it - the world progression is logical and theres a reason for it, i found sam was the magic boat guy to anywhere. Bioshock 2 did this superbly. You're needing to move around rapture with the train as the only mode of transport - a progressive and logical way to progress that is both story building and noticable. In dishonored, there was always that downtime thinking ''is it time for me to go yet?' when thinkng about moving onto the next part with sam. I'd love to help arkane with solving this story driving dilemma, alas, i'm here writing a critique of it. I do enjoy dishonored, often feeling as though content was cut for DLC, arkane made a good new ip. I hope they don't get lazy and try cash cow this thing. Take a page from valve, team ico and those badass dudes who do dark souls as well as irrationals early bioshocks. I'm looking forward to them developing this and secretly hoping for some tense, creepy and atmospheric actions you see in stalker. It's all in my head, my dream dishonored adaptation. They've made a start, i hope the move forward.