Reviews by mchaso


Great value!

mchaso | July 6, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Season Pass MAC - PC

This Season Pass is a very good deal. I had a blast playing through the expansions, though Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt wasn't really that good. The other ones were awesome and really worth your time and money, especially Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. If you would buy all the add-ons in this package separately, it would cost you a lot more even if you would skip the Big Game Hunt DLC. If you enjoyed BL2, you will enjoy these add-ons even more. As a die hard fan of the Borderlands franchise, I highly recommend this.


Great game

mchaso | June 13, 2014 | Review of Project Snowblind Steam - PC

This game reminds me a lot of Deus Ex and rightfully so. It is made by the same developers and it is essentially a spiritual sequel to DE. They are both set in a sci-fi world with soldiers that are enhanced with powers (augmentations). Gameplay is really smooth and action-oriented and though very linear, it's not as scripted and riddled with cutscenes like many shooters nowadays. This is a game about shooting people, and not about dogs or fish-AI. Graphics are quite good and even stands up today as they didn't go for the realistic look. The only downside is that game may crash a lot on modern systems, and it's quite short. Although for this price it is definitely worth it.