Reviews by medvesajt1989


Just like RE4 with coop

medvesajt1989 | June 25, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

I loved all of the Resident Evil games, but RE4 for me is the best. This game also good, but the AI partner is annoying some times. Comparison of the previous games, that game is not any of horror elements, just a TPS shooter with a simple story, combat system is same from RE4. Technically side the graphics very good, system reqs low. I don't even try in coop, but other friends told me this mod is fun. Anyway if you liked RE4, than you like this.


Good zomibe game for PC with coop

medvesajt1989 | June 25, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year Overflow 2 - PC

Good graphics, excellent gameplay, lots of quests. I played ~40 hours of this game, with my friends. The game have some bugs, that not patched, but this little bugs. So far even the best zombie game for PC and also the price is frendly. If your friends also have this game, then go coop!