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Don't believe the HYPE!

megaflux1 | Nov. 20, 2015 | Review of Fallout 4 - PC

Lets consider for a second that im an actual gamer who played the original game when it came out, not some twit whos first videogame was on the ps2 or anything. Also keep in mind i USED to be a huge bethesda fan.. until the started dumbing everything down to the point where the average mentally challenged fourth grader can beat their games. On to the review: This game represents all that mediocrity can be. Seriously they made it out of 70% recycled content, though i GUESS they should be congratulated for atleast making a game that doesnt run on directX 9 for a change. Its a bethesda game and as such it but ofcourse has a million bugs (you would think when making a game for the third time perfection would be a possibility.. not for good ole' bethesda) but thats not even really where the shortcomings lie.. not that the bugs should be overlooked, considering they try to pretend they are a "triple A" developer and not some b rate bush league 5 man indie team. The graphics are mediocre (prepare to hear that word ALOT), but again atleast its not dx9. They lack any real hook and dont really draw you into the game. The sounds are even worse (no surround? REALLY!?) and it is fairly common to hear an npc who is 3 floors down and 50 yards away speakign asif they were standing 3 feet to your left. Again, not even the worse part.. just CERTAINLY nowhere near deserving a 80+ score from ANYBODY. Where things get REAL ugly is the actual gameplay and plot. The novelty of using the now virtually useless VATS system wore off 2 games ago (and by useless i mean RNG based damage) and the game may as well be played as a standard FPS. The AI is.. well about as smart as the games target demographic. It is easily fooled by abusing corners or hiding behind trees, its also ALWAYS really easy to run away and lose aggro. The games "difficulty" levels amount to how much ammo you are going to have to dump into enemies to kill them and NOT how well they actually react, aside from that THERE IS NO POINT to playing on anything but the survival difficulty as it gives the greatest chance at rare mobs, which ALWAYS drop rare gear (for the record as sickening as it is about 75% of the time "rare gear" amounts to some garbage melee weapon). The whole concept of upgrading gear is lost in the fact that theres essentially 1 way you will want to build every gun/armor meaning theres really 4 upgrade progression paths and the rest are all worthless. The plot is abysmal! the dialogue choices are weak and you WILL be sick to death of your characters responses of "uh-huh" and "i see" by the end of the game, theres rarely ANY int checks and persuasion only affects the (terrible) plot in nominal ways. The plot itself is more riddled with holes and nonsense than the average call of duty game, i have seriously put more thought into bowel movements than they did into this games plot considering the fantastic lore they COULD have worked with. AGAIN this is no 80+ rating game!! its MEDIOCRITY at best (in other words if im generous its "mediocre", if im completely honest its filth). The world.. ha! Suure felt smaller than any other open world bethesda game i have played (and ive played them all), definitely nothing new here. Same rad scorpions, mutants, bloatflies, etc. from the last 2 games (no seriously the exact same models) the only "new" enemy is synths.. which do kinda look cool but that doesnt make up for the same raiders over and over and over. This also looks NOTHING like boston, if theres more than 12 boston specific models in the game i would be amazed (we can pretend a band shell in boston looks different than any other band shell in the world.. but that is just living a delusion.. like the people who thought this game deserved an 80+, and boston used to be a place i spent alot of time having lived all over new england; from hartford ct. to portland me. The pacing itself is ABSURD, no really theres no other word for it, within 10 min. of leaving the vault (unless you are a half-wit) you have already got a power armor and a minigun and are tearing up a death claw. RIGHT OFF THE BAT! Almost asif to say " we know you are all special needs children, so lets give you some endgame gear right off the bat so youll like us". This is a pathetic abomination for both bethesda and the fallout franchise. Bethesda is now a "double A" developer in my eyes.. and that shouldnt even be possible. Fallout was better off in the hands of interplay/black isle EVEN THOUGH THEY WERENT DOING ANYTHING WITH IT! atleast the canon was still intact! Before your minds wander to "why didnt you just get a refund derp derp?" i tried before it was even released.. sadly i bought it through GMG so im stuck with both the game and the season pass (THAT wont happen again), and "sounds like you didnt even play it derp derp", i have forced myself to play through this trite and shameful turd of a game (which by the way ends up like new vegas where you HAVE to stab people in the back even if you were friends with them all through the game) for over 100 hours. Believe me when i tell you DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE!


Nothing like jet grind radio

megaflux1 | Sept. 19, 2015 | Review of Hover Revolt of Gamers - PC

While the game pretends to be some sort of evolution of jet grind radio its more of a trashy e-sport with clunky controls. Why they got hideki to do the soundtrack is beyond me because the flow of the game is tedious and empty, not fast and fun. The game has more in common with mirrors edge than jet set radio future and honestly even falls short of that, they are adding stealth missions and theres alot of walking around "scanning" nonsense when you arent using the rewind button (no really a rewind button..) to undo the mistakes you make because the controls are rubbish! When do you ever remember sneaking around in jet grind radio? Its just insulting that they think stealing the art direction gives them the right to use the name to sell their game (theres not even any vert!). Dont get fooled like i did, give it a miss.. unless bouncing around a pretty much empty world doing the same handfull of tricks OVER AND OVER is high on your list of things to accomplish with your time.



megaflux1 | Aug. 2, 2013 | Review of Legends of Aethereus 2 - PC

I don't know what mahon is talking about (and i can only guess neither do they) but this game is not a mmorpg at all. If I absolutely HAD to label it i would say it was an action rpg with multiplayer. So yea may as well ignore that other review.. which seems like they stole it from a feature list review. On to the real review.. I would say this game is worth about 30$ in fairness, the fact that they didn't try to jerk 60$ out of my pocket gets them alot of respect. The game letting me play with friends but NOT have to deal with mmotards gets it some seriously high marks in my book aswell. The games strong point is definitely the controls, while i wish they were fully customizable they are really easy to pick up (i only mention this because being an unreal player a,a or s,s is how I'm used to dodging in this game its space+a or s) and the fluidity is really comfortable. Nomatter what weapon I am using it handles the way it should and there's no awkwardness to it at all, the jumping on the other hand while i have never seen an occasion to NEED it (jumping = w+space while unarmed for the record) was a bit clunky.. but not a big deal. Visually the game gets pretty high marks too, I was running it maxed and can't really see anything to complain about aside from its lacking more 3D settings (it does support it! but lacks options to really tweak it). The enemies are well crafted and the gear is very customizable, though honestly saying "millions" of items to craft is a bit deceptive when alot of it is changing the 2 colors on your wrist bands with no change in stats. The crafting is solid, again I dont consider "millions" a fair approximation but there are 3 tiers of items to craft using various materials that will change stats and even a gamble system built in where you can make a pristine version of the item OR fail (but you do recover some of the materials). I like that they have it so you cant save scum to always get pristine versions too, infact there's really nothing but autosaves in this game. The skill trees are pretty robust and both classes have a unique feel, i would have liked to see atleast 2 more classes personally but keep in mind IT'S A 30$ GAME! Maybe an expansion some day? So to sum it all up.. If you are looking for a well made action adventure rpg that lets you play with your friends (something i want to point out bethesda has never figured out people want to do) and don't want to spend top dollar this is the game for you. The replay value is significant since there are 2 classes and many ways to build each one, and learning new ways to deal with fairly aggressive enemies is always fun.