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Really good sequel !!

megnamon | June 11, 2011 | Review of Commandos 2 Men of Courage - PC

I think the Commandos 2 : Men of Courage is really great sequel . Overall , everything is improved. First off , the gameplay is remained same with some additions . We can revive back squadmates using Syringe Health . On first game, we cannot revive the squadmates, only can simply heal them . This is better because help for newbie players to play without frustating failure to repeat the mission because the comrades is died. Another feature is improvation of GUI . Easy to understand , clear with explaination for items and has some hotkeys for some items like medical pack , grenade . Moreover, the most SURPRISINGLY feature is the graphic . I saw it, really wonderful. Although using 3D rendered with pre-textured animation , it still the best . The drawback is that its camera. It only can be rotated 4 axis . This is a bit annoying because we cannot seamless rotating the camera to see the surrounding for tactics . The weapons feature is also great . Many weapons can be choosed and used such as pistol , rifle , machine-gun , flame-thrower and even a bazooka ( what a totally destruction ) . Beware, i advice this game for patient player only.It requires strategies to accomplish. Although we can save game, it only reducing the realism when we playing. Finally, this is best game i've ever played. I recommend to everyone to play it.