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Almost a disappointment

merkabahpt | May 11, 2013 | Review of DiRT 3 - PC

I played Dirt2 and i just loved the game. So when Dirt3 came out i just thought: "Oh my god, Dirt2 was so good, this is just gonna be EPIC!" But when i tryed the game, all that enthusiasm just vanished... Most of the good things about this game really comes from Dirt2: phisycs, "grip" and overall driving style. But there are some new good stuff: you don't need to "buy" the cars, new cars and the must surprising thing of all, split-screen, whitch is very rare in PC games. Overall the game is good, it's Dirt2 with some new things, but there's a thing that really annoysme: you are almost forced to do the "gymkhanas". They are fun, but they should be separated from the main campaign. I will have to give Dirt3 a 75/100 bacause i was expecting much more from CodeMasters, not a "remake" of their last game with some small changes. If you completed Dirt2, this is a great way to get more fun, but if you don't have Dirt2, get it instead.


One of the best racing games

merkabahpt | May 11, 2013 | Review of DiRT 2 - PC

Well, every one loves to race a beasty car, but racing it on rally tracks is just the best recing experience you can get. Thats exactly what you get when you buy this game, a godlike racing experience. The cars, tracks and other drivers in "single player" are all real. The physics engine, car grip, stability and so one are all very good, a real simulator, not a arcade style racing game like the NSF series (excluding Shift 1/2). If you want a game you can spend lots of hours on and don't get bored, Dirt2 is re right choice. You may think that Dirt3 is better, but believe me, it isn't. The phisycs, grip, graphics and what not are all basically the same, and almost being forced to do "gymkhanas" is a bad thing. Overall, 90/100. A must have for racing games fans.