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A return to Classic Fantasy Gaming

merlin333 | Oct. 7, 2012 | Review of Dungeon Lords MMXII - PC

The original Dungeon Lords was overfilled with bugs and game stopping glitches, but the main principle along with the unique level and class building system made it addictive and a refreshing change to other fantasy RPG games of the day. Dungeon Lords mmxii improved the class, and revamped the leveling system while still managing to keep the same classical feel of the game in tact. The only downfall of this game was the graphics, for some this either makes or breaks a game but to them I say you are truly missing out! Although the game engine and graphics are of an older style (2008) video game, it doesn't deteriorate from the enjoyment of this particular game. For only $14.99 buy it, try it, and love it!