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It's amageddon time

metalfreak | Oct. 23, 2011 | Review of Magicka Wizards Survival Kit DLC - PC

This is the first DLC that came out for Magicka. It was actually given free as a preorder bonus and later it came out in stores with the rest of the Magica DLCs. As a first DLC it doesn't give any new maps or challenges but it gives one of the most powerful magickas in the game, the meteor storm. Other than that magicka you get an alternate robe Wizzard's hat that sadly doesn't give any bonuses and a sword and a staff that are surprisingly underpowered and are generally replaced right after tutorial with more powerful items. In the end only really useful thing in this DLC is Meteor storm magicka that can kill almost everything that moves including you but if you can shield yourself it can become quite useful in a tight spot and makes the game quite easier.


Just like driving trough the wasteland

metalfreak | Sept. 3, 2011 | Review of Wasteland Angel - PC

Actually Wasteland Angel is not that bad but it's not that good. It could have been one really great post apocalyptic car shooter but it somehow just slipped away into mediocrity. Game is about a survivors of the WW3 and main character is driving around in her armored car and fights to protect the civilians from renegades, mutants and gangs, well that's not that original but but reminds a little of Mad Max and promises fun. Graphics are not that great but this is not AAA game and sounds are OK, not great but OK. What really breaks this game is it's level design, thing is that you fight on a map for 9-19 waves of enemies from a top down perspective and then the next level is that same map but in the night, this makes for pretty repetitive game-play, but after couple of maps you get to the boss fight which is little less waves and no civilians and for a last wave some big boss that has to be killed with a super weapon. For those of you that wonder about those bonus FPS missions they're a mixed bag, for one in those missions you still drive your car just like in the normal game but from a FPS perspective and have some objective like checkpoint race or just killing bad guys which can be really fun (when you blow up enemy car its driver becomes pedestrian which you can run over) but on the other side shows pretty low graphic quality. Graphics :60 Sounds :70 Game-Play:60


Just for the fans of the genre

metalfreak | Aug. 5, 2011 | Review of Irukandji - PC

If you really like the genre of score shooters then it's a fun game that can obliterate hours of your precious time, if not, then it's a simple schmup with one level and not that many enemies and bullets as in some Japanese schmups. Graphics aren't that great but they do their job and somehow are just right for the game. Major downside of the game is the one level which is less then 5 minutes and if your'e not into unlocking all 6 ships and achievement and high score hunting there isn't that much replayability for the price of the game.


A little short but fun as hell

metalfreak | Aug. 5, 2011 | Review of Magicka Vietnam DLC - PC

Magicka: Vietnam is one really good but not epic DLC for one of the most fun and innovative games of the year. It still has all the goodness of Magicka and it even manages to add to it. This is first DLC that came out for Magicka and it adds new enemies, weapons, magick, robe and 2 challenges one of which is mini campaign of sorts. This new mini campaign is found with the other challenges and not as an adventure and it confused some users when it first came out so if you buy it go to challenges and pick Vietnam mission to start the new campaign. New weapons and enemies are all Vietnam themed and are parodies Vietnam war movie characters and new robe looks like it came from the Full metal jacket. All in all it's a great addition to the game and only down side is that it's really short and it doesn't add really that much to the game for a DLC which is half price of the full game but nonetheless every Magicka fan will really enjoy it and should get it because its Magicka, it's Vietnam, and it's lots off coop fun.