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Certainly not resident evil

metalrulz | July 27, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - PC

This game has glimpses of what made resident evil the best zombie franchise for many years but in the end the it just wasn't enough.The over the top action isn't what made RE the best it was the puzzles and story line,this game has neither going for it.The generic story line is all to familiar with it's story being told about 10 different ways now by over more than a dozen different survivors from raccoon city.What happened to the days where the puzzles made us rage for hours until we figured them out and said OMG that's all i had to do. This game is an action game not deemed worthy of the title resident evil.It could have easily been called zombie squadron elite patrol or some other non specific name that would never catch your eye and demand a (when released)50 dollar usd price tag. In summary it's another failed attempt to grab your money by putting the t-virus,raccon city and zombies together.Save your money and wait until they start really trying to put together another decent resident evil game.Which in my opinion hasn't happened since re4. This game got a 52 because if you play with your friends and joke about how bad they messed this game up you'll have fun trashing it for a while until you realize how much money you spent on it.