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Beautiful and immersive

micasa | June 7, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

It isn't the quests, the gameplay or even the visuals that make Skyrim such a special game. All those things are, for the most part, top-notch. What puts this game in a class of its own is the world itself that you play in. It is absolutely brimming with detail, from the flora and fauna to the traversable landscapes to the houses filled with readable books and domestic trinkets that you can bump off the shelves if you're not careful. Lots of these little details might seem "useless" to the core gameplay, however, they all add up to playing in a convincingly alive world. And once you experience killing dragons and crafting your own armor with this "alive" world as your backdrop, you'll feel as though all other games somehow fall a little bit short. The game's only major weakness is the roughshod way in which your character physically interacts with complex terrain. All is well as long as you stride along roads and open fields. Once you start climbing or jumping, however, things start looking unnatural, and you're jolted back into the reality that this is, indeed, a digitally rendered world. This realization is all the more jarring given the fact that, the rest of the time, the game feels so damned real. While the above criticism is my core request for improvement in the next TES title, Skyrim remains an amazing game that I will still enjoy years from now.