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Enjoy the conversations.

migrated | June 23, 2013 | Review of Poker Night at the Inventory - PC

Witty remarks and interesting conversations to listen to while you enjoy a nice, casual game of poker. I really enjoy it when they start smack talking you, and you just have to sit there and smack talk back at your computer screen. Once I managed to win all the TF2 items, I just started to play silly, which makes it even more fun at times.


My fingers are broken

migrated | Oct. 9, 2012 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Honestly, I think a piano player would be able to play the game on a keyboard without too much difficulty. My poor pinky finger has been given a tough workout. It's a very challenging game, extremely punishing for small errors, but the satisfaction you get from beating the stage is so rewarding, you push on for more. Would definitely recommend a gamepad, but if you master the keyboard, that's some serious kudos to you.


Could be more flexible

migrated | Oct. 9, 2012 | Review of To The Moon - PC

I really enjoyed the concept of the game where you go into a person's mind and try and recreate their wishes and their life, trying to find the seed which triggers the series of events. However, I felt like this game could have more to offer. Instead of having 1 linear sequence where you need to accomplish everything to progress, I think it would be more enjoyable if there were multiple time-lines from one childhood and the outcome depended on what you did early on. The humour was great, it really gave me a chuckle every time Dr Watt referenced another game. Lastly, the puzzle you had to solve to progress each time you found a memento was annoying. While I enjoy those puzzles, I found that they didn't add any value to the overall experience to the game, and was only a hindrance. Overall, fantastic concept which could be improved. I'll be excited to see a sequel with more interactivity.