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Hanseatic trade

mikhailk | May 24, 2014 | Review of Patrician IV Steam - PC

Patrician IV is a lot of fun. While it is probably targeted at a smaller audience than some blockbuster video games, people who like this sort of game will probably love Patrician IV. Its economic algorithms realistically simulate the effects of supply and demand and reward you for shrewd planning and opportunistic business decisions. Although the visuals are not the sort of thing that would likely end up on the cover of a gaming magazine, they are warm, satisfying, and very pleasant to look at. They also render very well on all sorts of hardware. Where Patrician IV suffers most is its niche appeal; it is harder to market a game like this than a first-person shooter. Even so, Patrician IV has a lot going for it, and it’s definitely worth checking out.



mikhailk | May 24, 2014 | Review of Tropico 5 - PC

Tropico 5 is the best game in the series so far. It is an enjoyable and engaging banana republic simulator, and has been improved in many key regards since the previous iteration, including depth of gameplay, replay value, and graphical fidelity. One of the most obvious improvements over previous installments in the series is the implementation of several different eras, starting in the Colonial period, through your nation’s declaration of independence, the World Wars era, the Cold War, and Modern Times. Each period has a distinct play style, different aesthetics, totally unique building models, etc. The new era system, research mechanics, trade routes, and multiplayer mode collectively make Tropico 5 a worthy successor to Tropico 4, and ultimately it is a very fun game. It is something like a cross between SimCity and the Woody Allen film ‘Bananas’, and despite the realities of the subject matter, the game always brings a smile to the face of the player. If you buy Tropico 5, you will not be disappointed!