Reviews by milktea


Worms Rev - Must have.

milktea | July 3, 2013 | Review of Worms Revolution - PC

This Worms is a lot different from the old traditional 2D Worms. The water mechanic brings in more strategic approach to the game. Each Worm has their own classes with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Some Worms can do heavy damage but slow in mobility. While others can take advantage of the mobility but have weak weapon strength. The voiceover is a huge improvement and made me laugh a bit here and there. The game's single campaign is essentially the same as the older Worms.


Co-op Resident Evil.

milktea | July 3, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

Despite some people's complains over the controls which in my opinion have never been a huge problem. You will love the co-op, and the variety of challenges and intense moments. It's not really a horror game. There's some gruesome looking monsters but nothing that horrify players back in the early days of Resident Evil. Also, do check out the mods for this game!


I wanted more Saints Row

milktea | July 3, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third Season Pass - PC

The DLC will bring in some extra hours of gameplay but not much. Overall, the DLC can be completed in an hour each give or take one's hands on experience. If you wanted more Saints Row goodness, then get the pass on sale. Otherwise, skip it.


Much needed Worms.

milktea | July 3, 2013 | Review of Worms Reloaded Game of the Year Edition - PC

It may not be a huge departure from the original games but Worms is always fun. The standalone game has little content but with the DLC brings some hefty stuff for standalone gaming. If you're going to grab a Worm game, it's this one.


Sine Mora - Don't miss it.

milktea | July 3, 2013 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

Shoot em up's have been staggering over the years. They simply haven't evolved in the gameplay department. However, Sine Mora is a amazing addition to this genre. The new mechanic of implementing time and not health. If you get hit you lose time that is needed to complete the stage. Once time runs it's game over. So it's very important to rush and dodge to obtain the high score and survival. Also, you get to choose difficulty routes which gives newcomers and hardcore gamers a choice to play the game. Overall, a worthwhile purchase for such a amazing price.


Improves Civilization 5 and is a much needed expansion.

milktea | July 3, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilisation V Gods Kings Expansion Pack - PC

The additional features in the game provide some interesting gameplay approaches. You can influence and weaken your enemies with your religious influences. The other additional, espionage, does not make a huge impact to the overall strategy of the game. Spies from your enemies can improve their technologies but does not hinder your progress. You can steal other nations technologies if you're behind technological advancements but awards does not benefit over the risks considering you can lose influences. If you already game the standalone Civilization game then you need to expansion for some interesting gaming strategies.


Lost Planet 2 Review

milktea | July 3, 2013 | Review of Lost Planet 2 - PC

This game is meant to play with co-op with other players. The whole premise and overall design of the game is based on co-op gaming. Playing the single player campaign is mediocre. The purpose of the game is to acquire experience and obtain new costumes and attachments. The game has huge bosses and many variety of monster types to battle. The environment in the game departs from the original, but provides an interesting unique approach to the series. Overall, find yourself playing with co-op with other players and enjoy the ride.


Condemned for life

milktea | April 26, 2013 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins STEAM - PC

Condemned provides some extremely thrilling and tense moments. Although, a bit repetitive at times. Once you get the basic of the melee and shooting it's basically the same thing over and over again. The weapons in the game breaks down over time so the player must analyze and determine it is necessary to use an object to thwart off enemies or face a situation where they find no good equipment to face a difficult battle against enemies. Investigations are intriguing and offer some great depth in interacting with the story. It's not a very long game, I completed in 8 hours. However, it was a great experience.


Virtua Tennis 4 is easy to play for anyone!

milktea | April 26, 2013 | Review of Virtua Tennis 4 (1) - PC

Extremely easy Tennis game to get into. Simple controls, and gameplay. There's several modes to try out. I've only played online, and World Tour. The World Tour was very enjoyable at first but gets tiring quickly in later stages. Although, it was fun unlocking goofy items for your player.