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Fun game, but better for new players rather than old

mindstorm555 | May 1, 2013 | Review of SimCity - PC

Simcity better then most people make it out to be. Many people still cling to the initial server issues and DRM as excuses to hate the game. However the servers are no longer a problem as there is now 27 stable servers cross the globe. You very rarely have to wait to join a server now. DRM is not really an issue however it does mean you can't play on the go. However should your internet go out the game does give you 20 minutes to reconnect. The game is fun for and there is many different play styles to experiment with. This game really shines when playing with friends as you can play across one region and support one another. However the main criticism of this game is the plot sizes. They can effect a lot of your later gameplay as once your plot is filled you find yourself waiting for mission goals and requirements to complete. Its not the easiest either to change your city once built and you tend to move onto the next city as your last one whines out of control at something you can't change. However this game it still getting patched but really was released before its time and now players are paying the price. Be aware of the DLC that will come in the future but overall a good game with a large potential play time.