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What's round the next corner...?

mintyjones | Oct. 22, 2013 | Review of Teleglitch - PC

There's nothing more exciting than running willy-nilly through a scary complex, with an ever increasing horde of monsters chasing you, and waiting for the right moment to drop an explosive charge in order to wipe them out. And that is just a normal occurrence in this game. As with most roguelikes, just one more go is necessary in order to get just that little bit further. The simple crafting system is exciting as new items gradually appear out of the bits and bobs you collect along the way. The graphical presentation is very atmospheric, with the 8 bit retro look breaking down everything to it's simplest parts, while the POV vision works very well, hiding the monsters in the shadows. WARNING - this game is hard, and will test your mettle. Get ready to die more...