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Fantastic DEAL :D

moddeang | May 25, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line The Darkness 2 Pack - PC

The Darkness 2 are really good game and better than Spec Ops: The Line How ever this package look really good deal for 15 USD ! But in my opinion Darkness 2 seem really cool than Spec Ops it have good story port and beloved character many detail in darkness world are really amazing. Gamepaly are fast and fun you can mix two hand weapons and use Darkness power in battle really easy and useful. Spec Ops: The Line are really nice too but it has foolish AL and bored gamepaly and yea...Lame multiplayer mode. But this is just my opinion you are chooser shoose it :D


bring us Bioshock and wipe away the debt

moddeang | May 20, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Bioshock Infinite why is Infinite??? What is bioshock? Is it just some best FPS game? It not just a game it beyond anything you see before in games history. It about story and detail. I think i can't tell all of this cuz it too amezing too wonderful and make my hreat stop I just wow and forgot to breathing. Every characther every step you walk every word in this game is awesome so many detail to find to head to know to learn and to think. Graphic is so amazing again 2K done the job very Great. Soundtrack are wonderful many classic song and sonata, retro and more. gungame is pretty good but so bad you can carry only 2 but it okay. About AI? You will in love it AI name Elizabeth she is different I never seen this AI system before. You can feel her anything her done it like you play with real person. But so sad enemy AI is not different them still stupid D: try to play this game on hardmode. Last thing I gonna told you. Afther you finish this game just go to book store and buy Bioshock Infinite novel and read it. That I gonna do 10/10 for me ( Half life series is noting now ) <<< when play you will know why.