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A big step up, but not yet perfect.

mofoinc | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

After putting in hundreds of hrs into BF3 I knew that BF4 was gonna be a must for me. I ended up missing the beta but after watching all the youtube videos, I was sold. This week I was not let down. This game has multiplayer the way online gaming should be. The gameplay mechanics are the same of BF3 in that it encourages and promotes people to play together. The COD lone-wolf gameplay is okay but if you want to excel in BF, it is best to play your role, stay together and work towards the objective. The new engine is amazing. Almost everything in the map is destructive. And with that aspect of gameplay, the maps are a constantly changing battleground. Eyecandy everywhere, and running nice on my aging system as well. The bad so far has been random freezes and lockups, some kicking from servers and trouble joining others. Being a fresh release I am expecting this to resolved sooner than later. Final verdict, stop reading this and go play!