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mojo3000 | Aug. 26, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

A fantastic game overall, if you played Batman Arkham Asylum you will be familiar with the combat system, which is designed to make fell like a badass, be warned it does get old after a while, but then they introduce weapons :)). Gun play is hit and miss, the slow-mo action time is awesome but the weapons don't feel satisfying to fire. The game takes control from the player quite often, forcing you into clearly scripted chases and events, but its fun to break them either by using a vehicle you were not suppose to use or a weapon that you happen to carry at the time; I remember the first time I played the game I encountered a lady on the side of the road, I stopped to help and I got robbed instead, so the next time I played through I avoided her until I finished the game and had to do all the favors, and the chase did not last long, the guy started running, I pulled out my gun and I glacked him in the back. The game provides ample side activities such as races, favors, hacking security cameras, cock fights, street fights and plenty of collectibles such as health shrines that give more health and money drops that give you ... you get it. There are plenty of RPG elements in the, you will learn how to fight by returning Jade statues to a dojo, get new abilities in two separate tree by completing cop missions or triad mission, both trees can be fully unlocked through normal game-play during the campaign. Hong Kong also provides a huge, and I mean huge variety of clothes, outfits and accessories, there is even a few achievements tied into this as well, if you are into that kind of thing. Lets talk about characters, the guy that did the voice of the main character Wei Shen, did a wonderful job with consistent and convincing acting, there are also a few voices you will recognize like the voice of Amanda Cartwright (Emma Stone) be warned, she is only in the game so that some game dev nerd gets to spend some time with Emma Stone, since her character is barely in the game. You will also encounter some seriously bad accents, not all Asian, one in particular comes to mind Ilyana, a Russian hostess, and if here "A Man who never eats PORK BUN is never a WHOLE MAN" one more time I will punch a rare bird straight in the face. The graphics: its a beautiful game, but not necessarily a graphically intensive, it uses a lot of vibrant colors, a lot of neon lights that reflect off the wet rads and sidewalks, everything is a bit too shiny but is a minor thing. Wei gets visually hurt just like Batman does, and you can even see him sweat if you are into that kind of thing. And now the bad part, the bugs and glitches. The game even after a year is full of bugs, some gamebreaking ones here and there, for example I could not read the Poker cards due to too much bloom, good thing I had to lose at the time, I got stuck in the car buying menu a few times and had to exit out of the game and reload a save, or I just got stuck inside a armored vehicle it exploded and I was passed out on the seat, unable to move, get out or anything. But not all bugs were bad, some were hilarious, people riding invisible bikes, and one time a thug managed to get in the car with me, and just sat in my lap with his upper body sticking out of the top of the car, as I killed all of his friends; he unfortunately dies on top of me and I could not get out of the car :)) ... reload. In conclusion, even though I started with it, this is a fantastic game I would recommend it without hesitation, I fact my friends probably are tired of how much I've been talking about it. PS I'm going to get the zombie DLC just because it seems ridiculous,