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Absurdly Fun.

monooboe | Dec. 29, 2011 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

The Professor Genki trailer for this game sold me completely on the franchise, to that degree that I bought Saints Row 2 and preordered Saints Row: The Third. Considering that I always was kind of negative towards the Saints Row games before, it was a complete turn for me. My expectations going into Saints Row: The Third were quite high and on some fronts they weren’t really met, more on that later, but on those notes that it met my expectations it really excelled, like the first thing one notices is the graphics, they are solid, nothing like the poor port that was Saints Row 2, everything feels polished. The shit that happens are so absurd at times that one can’t help to just let the jaw hit the floor and just laugh. Going around the town doing different mission is great, buying up real-estate, taking out gang does have a purpose, taking over the city. The part where it fell short was the story, not really good as I thought the second game had, even though there are lots of awesome moments in the game, seems there were more that I liked in the second game. All the different gangs to take out also didn’t have the personality compared to the gangs in the second game. Still, a must buy for sure and I even haven’t tried multiplayer or co-op where I think the game will shine the brightest.