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Interesting and fun but still a handholding experience

monsto | May 25, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

First thing, this game is huge: 40gb dl. More on that below. TL;DR: Fun and engaging, it's worth buying. The game is pretty fun and the story is engaging. Anymore, in order to be what I'd call a 'good shooter' you gotta have both or one in super spades. The only real gripe I have is that it seems the only difference between difficulties is how hard the weapons hit. It doesn't mean more guys or fewer pickups because there's health EVERYWHERE. It's pretty forgiving. I played on "I am death incarnate" (Normal-plus-one difficulty) and after every major conflict I could usually top off both armor and health. There were only a couple of fights that I had to restart a bunch of times because I couldn't get out of the place the game started me in. Those times aside, the combat didn't feel cheap. Just play smart, change weapons and use cover and you'll be fine. Once I started playing, I understood why the game was so big. There's a lot of unique assets. Whole rooms and giant areas where models and textures are only used one time. "Oh ok this area looks like a boss fight" . . . Nope. Just a big room with one-time use, highly detailed models; that's all. Seemed like a waste. Even so, I guess it was a good thing for faces anyway. They are highly detailed, well made, believable. Controls are good enough. This is my pet peeve and I didn't have to constantly adjust things. Backgrounds are pretty good. The overlook of Nazi occupied London is worth a good look. Animations are really good. The scenes seem acted. The voice acting REALLY adds to this. Even peripheral characters are superbly done. The music is pretty good. I was prob 80% thru the game before I shut it off... I normally don't make it an hour. Technically, it was choppy a few times. Most of my games don't do this these days, but as someone else said, it's not a game engine known for it's optimization. Last thing: there were a couple scenes that actually gave me chills... probably because I'm an old fart and the connection from the alt universe to our own was so very striking.