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A good new Lego game

mookuh2k5 | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of LEGO Marvel Superheroes - PC

I played almost every Lego game and after a while they seem to be always the same: Play the story, unlock some characters and play again to find all items. The story was told with unvoiced slapstick cutscenes, but in the newer games the characters started talking and the stories were now original and not just a retelling of the source material they were based on. I like the story of this game, as well as the variety of tasks the player can do in the world (the hub). It took me around 35 hours to complete the game 100%. So the game time for the money is worth it in my opinion, if you want to finish the game 100%. Anyway this game is a must have for all fans of the Lego games.