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One word: Amazing.

mosf | July 8, 2011 | Review of NBA 2K11 - PC

Admittedly this is the first year I've ever picked up a game from the NBA 2K series and it probably won't be the last. Being thrown immediately into the action was exciting. The graphics are very good, it would be difficult to pick a flaw in the graphics. Game play is fairly wide-ranged for a sporting game. With 1 on 1's, Franchise, Slam Dunk Competitions and Tournaments this game won't be a pick up, play, put down game. Also being able to relive Michael Jordan's famous games feels like being in the game itself, then once beating all the challenges, playing as a young Jordan all the way through his career. This game is a must for all basketball fanatics, and possibly for those that love a good sports game.