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I love it!

mossiprose2 | April 15, 2013 | Review of Ridge Racer Unbounded NA - PC

No it is not like other Ridge Racer games. It is also made by Bugbear, creators of the Flatout series. I understand that Ridge Racer needed to go in a new direction eventually and I feel they got most of it right. The game is fast, furious, dangerous and down right crazy sometimes, and it does maintain quite a few ridge racer like mechanics, but its not like other games in the series. I personally love the direction they took with it. Its not a bad looking game, has tons of good lighting, shadows, and it a lot more gritty, less glamour. However, cars seem a little floaty and the amount of crashing you end up doing in the game can get frustrating. I did pay full price for this game, and I still loved it, but if you see it for 25 bucks or less it is totally worth the price of admission. Game is long, fleshed out and if you arent a huge Ridge Racer fan who feels it should be more of the same, you will actually have fun with it!