Reviews by moul


Awesome, yet buggy

moul | June 25, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Dead Island is an awesome game. A few cons are just the cutscenes and the characters who look absolutely ridiculous, all these bugs (sometimes funny, sometimes annoying) and the story which was kind of meh. But other than that, it is a solid game. The game can be repetitive after a certain time (if you play alone, you'll be bored really quickly), mainly after the island part, when the game quickly turns out to be pretty much the same all the time. The arsenal is kind of varied, and the possibilty to mod your weapons is really nice. If you have friends who also have the game and if you like zombies, just go for it. This game is absolute fun with friends. I've already spent 30 hours so far, on this game, playing only with 3 friends, and we can't stop having fun. Highly recommended.


Not what I expected

moul | June 25, 2012 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

As many people already stated in their reviews, FEAR3 (also known as, F3AR) really turned into an average shooter. I did not feel the oppresive atmosphere from the first two games. The solo campaign is really short and I did not even want to keep playing as the story was not interesting at all (for someone who did the 1&2, at least, that's my opinion). I rushed to the end so that I could play something else. In the end, an average shooter. If you consider buying a FEAR game, just go for the first and second one, as they are both way better than this one. I'd give it a 55 out of 100 just because of the price I got it for (awesome deal on GMG, as usual).