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Wheres the Online?

mourinhosgum | May 24, 2014 | Review of Chompy Chomp Chomp Steam - PC

This game is a pretty Fun game with friends. In battle or in arcade mode. There is a ton of power ups and two different ways to play battle mode. One major complaint is the changing spawn points. You never know where you will spawn when you die in this mode and that can cause lots of confusion in this mode. Arcade mode is kinda bland but is still challenging to beat, even with a friend. It can be a little unfair at times by spawning you on top of the blobbidees. Which are the enemies in this mode. In co-op for this mode you have two giant blobbidees chasing you instead of just one, and every death takes away your time. So you have to be careful. But the Saddest thing about this game is the lack of online play. Even though the creators are working on it now, they should have delayed the release a bit for the online. If you don't have any friends by you it isn't nearly as fun to play. Last time my friend came over we had a blast playing this game. But it would be so much more fun playing with 4 players in battle mode. It would be insanely fun and frantic. Pros: Easy to pick up and play. Very colourful. Fun multiplayer. Cons: Lack of online Changing spawn points causing confusion. Bland arcade mode.. I would definitely reccomend this game to everyone once it gets online. But if you don't have friends around i would say to wait for a discount or price drop.