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If you Loved Company Of Heroes, you'll love this one even more

moxxon | Dec. 4, 2013 | Review of Company of Heroes 2 Post - PC

I consider myself a huge fan of COH, and having said so, held back awhile from pre-purchase of COH2 after playing the BETA...It appeared unbalanced not buggy but just unbalanced. Hence I stuck to playing COH and all it's glorifying expansions and several mods. A particular mod (easternfront) where it incorporates elements of COH2. I was happy for awhile...Having a stable balanced game etc...Till I decided to purchase COH2. It changed my perception entirely. I deleted and uninstalled the mod and the first COH almost immediately. COH2 offers you a real dynamic RTS where if you choose to play with AI, it truly tests you and twists you into things your mind has never perceived on RTS games before. I applaud the game and it's developers for new content via DLCs and quickly imposed balances. Why am i not giving it 100/100? 5 points is for the part where it took away all my free time... Buy it...worth it.


Much better than TERA

moxxon | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

I've played quite a few mmos in the past, and GW2 does remind me abit of TERA as having played the latter first instead of GW2. It had me convinced and I took a leap of faith after looking at its numerous awards and feedback coupled with that GMG was the only one offering it on sale. I entered with really low expectations thinking it was just your average mmo and a time filler and exploration sorta mmo, something I'd chuck away in a month or two after levelling one or two characters... I have never been so wrong...I was expecting grinds and real effort to be put into levelling to get to at least end game....this game really wants to get you to end game level at everything, be it crafting, questing or exploring the maps...I had a few friends join me in getting the game and was a little worried that the levels i had in advance might hinder our partying...the game mechanics are so awesome that it scales you to the map content almost immediately which is really good when you're say...a level 60 but your friend has just started.... I'd really recommend this well polished game and they literally come out with updates and events and contents every fortnight. Tired of WoW Pandas? Diablo 3 not working? LOTRO seems to loreish to swallow? Get this game even if the above hasn't hit you yet...and GMG is offering it on sale. Get It!