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Scavenge, upgrade, eat and repeat

mrelmo | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

Glimpse of an early sunrise shines to your fatigued eyes as you prepare for a new day in a ruthless environment filled with dangers and creatures trying to wipe you out of the face of the earth, but one threat is more gruesome and horrifying than any monstrosity in the terrible night...your grumbling stomach. Don’t Starve is all about survival: upgrading your equipment, enhancing magic items, barricading your camp and so on, but most importantly you reserve as much food as much as possible and keep yourself nourished. You can escape from monsters but hunger will always catch up with you. And when you die, no checkpoint are there to help you, it's over. In the beginning you don't get no hints or help whatsoever, you have to find out by trial and error how things work in a always randomly generated world where almost everything wants you dead, it really gives a feeling of being abandoned and struggling to survive more gripping. Everything you see can be helpful in a way or another and you find yourself hoarding all kinds of stuff around you. The game also has a unique graphical style, which is similar to pop-up books and it works very well together with the atmospheric soundtrack.