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An often overlooked solid game.

mrmotinjo | May 22, 2013 | Review of Aquanox - PC

The sequel to the old (but gold) Archimedean Dynasty, Aquanox was, at the time, the only game to use all the gimmicks of the then-new GeForce 3 video card. Sadly, that's pretty much all people remember about it nowadays. Interesting story, conveyed through lengthy (and slightly cheesy) inter-mission dialogues, combined with a very unique setting (underwater futuristic submarine combat) and a choice of various vessels, weapons and gadgets made for a rather solid atmosphere. The music, while not really being everybody's cup of tea, really helped accentuate the fighting and setting the overall frantic atmosphere of the game. Enemy AI is rather unforgiving, providing a solid challenge throughout the missions, and the missions themselves provide enough variety to keep them from becoming repetitive. It being one of the cheapest games GMG currently has to offer, it has my recommendation for being, in my opinion, a rather solid and unique FPS.


I don't believe it.

mrmotinjo | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown POST - PC

No, I seriously do not believe what I'm seeing- a true, GOOD remake of my all-time favorite game. I had mediocre expectations for it, especially regarding the atrociously short and restrictive demo, but this game turned out to be pretty much equal in terms of fun, tension and free-time sapping as its famous predecessor. It is now a fast paced, streamlined, but not in the least dumbed down game, with pretty much all tedious, boring elements that plagued the first game removed, improved or made more interesting- even the pistols remain useful throughout the campaign! The good old U3 engine runs smooth as butter, the visual style is cartoonish and effective, and the alien design from the first game is expanded upon really well. I've had my doubts about the troop specialization and reduced squad size, but those were dispelled while playing, and those mechanics really add interesting tactical options to the game. Fully recommended, be you X-COM veterans or not!


A beautiful thing to walk through.

mrmotinjo | Aug. 13, 2012 | Review of Dear Esther - PC

Dear Esther is not a game, in the conventional sense. There is no gameplay, no interactivity, no weapons, no enemies. You walk through it, listen to it, and follow the story through occasional narration. It is a true work of art, both a visual and literary masterpiece, with gorgeous scenery and interesting, if a bit grim and sad story you're left to interpret on your own. It is like playing a book or a poem. It is no game, but it is a beautiful thing.