Reviews by mrpeters


My favourite game of all time.

mrpeters | April 1, 2014 | Review of Green Man Gaming Simulator - PC

I tested this game at GDC and it was just an exceptional game. The depth is just overwhelming, especially with a VR headset. When I started playing the game I tried to fire someone and then that person started crying and I started laughing and it all became very uncomfortable, it might have been because I was standing naked at GDC but I doubt that because from what I know, everyone plays this game naked. The price might be a bit lower than expected but still, it's a matter of perfection. I got to try it with the GMG VR set (NDA broken but this is important) which simulates real feelings like heat, cold, touch and food. It works great with the GMG Simulator but I'm not sure when due to release. Can't wait for the release!


One of my favourite FPS Games.

mrpeters | May 9, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Far Cry 3 is so far one of my favourite FPS games. You get free-roam, RPG elements, survival elements and a great story all in one package! There's also a decent Multi-Player part and a good co-op part (Have had great times with friends in the coop missions). I highly suggest getting this if you enjoy FPS games with free-roam and minor RPG elements. It's similar to Crysis 1 in the matter of weapon handling and free-roam, the car handling is however a bit sub-par compared to Crysis 1.


A great expansion!

mrpeters | May 9, 2013 | Review of Might and Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness - PC

This expansion is actually quite great, it adds a lot of content including Dynasty weapons, a dynasty pet, several pre-made heroes, a good campaign, full voice covered content and more. I highly suggest getting this if you enjoy HOMM 6, however, if you plan on playing with friends you need to remember that you can't (from what me and a friend have experienced) play with people who doesn't have the expansions/DLCs that you have. Good Luck & Have Fun :D