Reviews by mrzone


Zombies at paradise

mrzone | June 22, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Zombies. Smashing. Open world. Gore. RPG elements. Shooting. Cars. Cutting. Palm trees. Craftable weapons. Do you need more? Techland sold more than 3 million copies of this game. The game can offer hours of fun, solo or co-op. Powered by the Chrome Engine, the island itself is beautiful. There is some small annoying bug and the weapons amortized too fast in my opinion but beside these, Dead Island is really enjoyable. Recommended.


A "must have" title

mrzone | May 31, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Steam - PC

Eight years old classic, still worth to buy this game. Awesome storyline, from downtown to the casinos. Awesome dialogs and voice cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Ice-T, Axl Rose and Wil Wheaton. Great music in radios but you can use your own music library too. Fairly big open world with many things to do. You can go with the story missions, go to gang wars with your 'homies', go crazy and shoot everyone, blow up cars or just simply drive around the town. There are bikes, motorcycles, cars - which you can customize, planes and helicopters. Plenty of mods will keep you busy even after you finished the storyline. Highly recommended.