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An example of storytelling

munkyhead86 | Feb. 11, 2014 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

The guys from Telltale did it again! I have witnessed this company grow and evolve, ever since the time they've revived the Monkey Island franchise. In my opinion, their entire Walking Dead season was a huge lesson to all game developers in means of telling a story properly. I have played it alone, with my wife and even with my friends, discovering new story paths every time I've played it. This is why this game, The Wolf Among Us, was an instant purchase for me. Ever since it was posted, I bought it - and let me tell you, I'm not disappointed! The awesome storytelling is back, in a distinct look. I haven't read the comics it is based on, but this game really 'sells' it. As you might have imagined, the storyline is my main point of attraction - I only play games that are mentally challenging - the 'watching a movie' or 'reading a book' experience. TWAU totally delivers, as it sets aim of telling a story and two episodes in - it does it in a unprecedented way. Everything else is there to support the plot - the graphics are obviously not FPS-ish, but they totally do what they intend to. The audio design, voice acting and everything else does just that - tell a great and immersive story. I can recommend this game without any hesitation, you'll enjoy it!