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murgo23 | April 2, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

Cant believe no one has reviewed this masterpiece !!! This game has easily moved into my top 10 favorite games of all time, perhaps even top 5. Things I look for in a game are great storyline, sense of immersion/atmosphere, freedom to play how I want, and re-playability. RPGs are my favorite genre because they often achieve these factors more often than other genre. This game combined all of these to near perfection. From the outstanding introduction I found myself wanting to find out why things turned out the way they did, but I also wanted to explore the city of Rapture to discover things for myself. This game can be played in a very linear fashion but there are almost always other areas begging to be explored and the game encourages you to do this by hiding recordings, weapon upgrades, and other helpful items that further immerse you into the game. From a gameplay standpoint I would relate this game closest to Metroid Prime in it's focus on exploration. This game is not a simple FPS and if you try to play it that way you will be in trouble. The game demands that you think before you act. The best way to dispatch an enemy splicer is often to use your environment and, especially towards the end of the game, to utilize stealth (and a wrench). After many battles I would see something in the environment like explosive cannisters or pools of water and think to myself, "gosh, I'll have to try that next time." The only negative has been stated by most reviewers and that is when the action gets intense it can be disorienting, but if you play smart you can avoid these moments(e.g. moving into larger areas to fight). The musical score is superb (sometimes heart-wrenchingly beautiful)and the voice-acting in this game is probably the best I have heard and really thickens the atmosphere and mystery surrounding Rapture. This is one game where I actually felt a great deal of pity for my enemies (before I brutally killed them, of course). Finally, this game is also extremely lengthy, which is fairly uncommon for shooter type


this game really is fun

murgo23 | March 31, 2013 | Review of Mercenaries 2 World in Flames Origin - PC

Mercenaries 2 is a great game with 20+ hours of game play. It's not to stressful and it's an open world action adventure. Open world games are the only game's I like to buy, especially good clean fun games. Dark twisted games are depressing. I play games to escape the worries of this world, not have my nose rubbed in them. Game makers need to lighten up. Give me more freedom in a game not mind numbing obstacle's just to make the game take longer to finish. Don't get me wrong, hero quests are great, I can play them all day long and come away satisfied. The top rated games prove my point. Mod-able games are even better. I recommend Mercenaries 2 for many of the above reasons. Keep up the good work.


Milestone is trying hard

murgo23 | March 31, 2013 | Review of WRC 2 - PC

With a wide variety of tracks, cars and vehicles to master there's a wealth of things to do in WRC 2. It's just a shame that the package lacks the polish and nuance of its peers, creating a functional and accurate driving experience without any of the pizzazz. The campaign at least tries something a little different, serving up a career mode as much about the managerial aspect of a rally team as it is the driving. But it's a shame that Milestone hasn't managed to stamp its personality on other aspects of the experience, with the empty minimalistic menus and sombre presentation giving the game something of a down-tempo feel throughout.


A beautiful homage to Grim Fandango

murgo23 | March 31, 2013 | Review of The Journey Down Chapter One NA - PC

The Journey Down: Chapter One – HD delivers by the bucket-load. It’s still the same game beneath the new lick of paint of course and this may put some players off – the jump in price from free to £9.99 is difficult not to notice. However, despite still being relatively short and still having a cliff-hanger ending that will make you want to cry, the new presentation makes it well worth taking another journey down. If LucasArts woke up and released a quality adventure game today instead of continuing to drain the Star Wars franchise bone dry, they would probably make something like this. My original statement from last year still stands: one of the most essential adventure gaming experiences of the past few years.


Crysis 2 is amazing!

murgo23 | March 25, 2013 | Review of Crysis 2 Maximum Edition NA Origin - PC

Crytek has outdone themselves with this game and the CryEngine 3. If you have a high end gaming PC you owe it to yourself to buy this game! First and foremost this is a great FPS. The controls are crisp and tight. Your suit has multiple abilities that can be upgraded and when mastered, you become a walking tank or silent stealth assasin cloaked Predator style. There is a huge amount of weapons to use also and they can be outfitted with any attachments you like, peronalizing your style of use. The variety of environments in New York are great and the detail and destruction is stunning! The city crumbles around you and battles have real time destruction. It is also a rather long game for the single player campaign. The story of an alien invasion is not new by any means, but is done extremely well. You have human and alien enemies throughout the game and the alien models are nicely varied and some incredibly tough to beat. You will be on the edge of your seat the entire time! This game simply looks photo real and will blow you and anyone watching it away! There are no frame rate issues and the detail is in every single object in the game, no matter how simple. You just have to see this game for yourself if you have a gaming PC! The closest in graphical comparison I have seen is Battlefield 3 with the Frostbite 2 engine. Both are great games and have the best next-gen graphics out right now in my opinion.


More than good looks

murgo23 | March 25, 2013 | Review of Crysis Maximum Edition NA Origin - PC

With all the hype around Crysis+Warhead's great graphics, I was expecting a mediocre FPS with stunning visuals. I was presented with much, much more. The gameplay is very malleable, which accords players the freedom to play Crysis like Splinter Cell/Hitman, or like Quake 3. The levels are spacious enough so that the player isn't forced to confront enemies head on. You can easily sneak past enemies and subsequently pick them off, or avoid engaging them entirely. The destructible environment also contributes to the unique experience of Crysis by adding a great degree of dynamism to combat. Falling trees, exploding vehicles, collapsing houses, etc. are all tactical factors to consider while playing Crysis, and forces the player to be alert to more threats than just enemy fire. For instance there were times I thought I could find secure cover in a small house from a circling helicopter, only to be crushed by the roof after the helicopter opened fire on the house. The' story isn't anything groundbreaking, but is entertaining, and if you allow yourself to be immersed into the game (which isn't hard) I think you will find it very enjoyable. The way the story is narrated borrows strongly from Half-Life, in that it sticks with the perspective of the player. All in all, Crysis+Warhead is much more than the sum of its parts. There is something inexplicably epic about this game, that is more than just having all the right features of an FPS


Heavy Metal Fans, Rejoice!

murgo23 | March 25, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

If you're a Tim Schaffer fan, you'll like it. If you're a heavy metal fan, who also like games, you'll love it. Being both a gamer and a heavy metal fan (mostly the old school metal), this is the game I've been waiting to play. I got it when it first came out and loved every second of it. I'll keep this short and sweet. Pros: -Game is fantastic -Soundtrack is amazing -The world is like every metal album cover come to life -It has Ozzy, Rob Halford, Lemmy, Jack Black, Lita Ford, and Tim Curry playing characters -Story is awesome -It's flat-out fun! Cons: -Combat system can get tedious after awhile -No too much replay value -Multiplayer gets boring after awhile


Ok game, lots of bugs

murgo23 | March 4, 2013 | Review of Europa Universalis Rome Gold - PC

For years I've been looking for a turn-based strategy game to engage me as much as the Civilization series has. This is one of the few that has come closest. I love the ability to control time, and find that this is a very good strategy game...well worth a look if you enjoy turn-based strategy games. For me, though, it's not good enough to usurp the Civilization series as the best turn-based strategy game ever. I think overall, it's a great war / empire management game, with great depth The controls are perfect, so are the government styles (for the most part). Managing a government can be frustrating, but that's part of the gameplay imo, challenging the player to find solutions that prevent the nation from falling into civil wars, and running with the basic assumption that republics, like the Roman Republic, are not sustainable in the long term. Republics thus will fall to civil war caused by populist agitation or to dictatorship in the game. Some characters are very loyal, some are very effective at management or martial things, and a handful are loyal and useful. Sometimes, as in history, a player has to put incompetent people in power just to ensure stability, or, the converse, put a potentially disloyal general in command for the sake of decisive victory.


Great game, very replayable, easily get your money's worth

murgo23 | March 4, 2013 | Review of Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai - PC

Another great Total War game. Fall of Samurai and base game are one of best games I ever played. Epic battles, great graphic and much, much more. ...oh, and you can take third person perspective and use Gatling Gun...pretty sweet! Love the changes they made with the navy, which is now is as important as it should be. It is now very difficult to beat the game without a respectable navy. Multiplayer is tons of fun esp on campaign. AI could still use some improvement on the battle maps but I can't complain about it too much since I like to often exploit their weaknesses to win battles I should have otherwise lost! Waiting on them to introduce multiplayer with more than just co-op. Still bummed that I can only include one friend at a time, 3-4 player campaign games would be gorgeous!


just plain fun!

murgo23 | March 4, 2013 | Review of Tropico 3 - PC

First, let me state that I have Tropico and Tropico Pirate Cove and I think is by far the best Tropico game. I did try the demo, so please know that one is available if you want to check it out before you spend your money. What I found is that the graphics and music are great and if you haven't picked up the game in a while the update does add to a richer, just plain, more fun game. I do enjoy creating my own El Presidente and roaming the city declaring martial law, banning nuclear testing or issuing tax cuts - however I may feel like abusing my power! The game offers many scenarios and feel adequately different enough with varied challenges - but others might like the sandbox play more. Some may be overwhelmed by options but I feel like they did a good job of introducing complexity and if you're not sure and haven't played Tropico before there is a well done tutorial. All in all, i think this is a very, very good sequel to a great game.


Great Game for anyone who loves turn based strategy!

murgo23 | March 4, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA POST - PC

This game is a remake of the original xcom enemy unknown. While a remake it isn't the exact same game with new graphics. What it is is a great strategy rpg where you control a squad of military units to take out the invading aliens. Overall great game with good progression in both difficulty and unlocking of units/abilities. Fans of the original series should love it, and people looking for a good strategy rpg should as well. While an rpg if your looking for a intricate interpersonal story this might not be the game for you. It does have a good storyline but it's fairly light and there is almost no character development. The strategy side of the game is where this game shines.


This game never gets old

murgo23 | March 3, 2013 | Review of Rome Total War Collection - PC

Wonderful game that put's a twist on the traditional turn based strategy game by adding real time combat This game is highly addictive. Instead of putting a lot of your focus on getting enough resources this game is much more about fighting the battles. If you lose your archers, you can't quickly mass produce a ton of new ones. It's just army vs army on the battle field. Another part of the game is managing your cities, this can be set to full auto, or you can get an experience that is a little bit, although not nearly as detailed as the civilization series. I really love this game, the graphics aren't super anymore, but it's a great game to play on your laptop since the system requirements aren't as high with it being an older game.


Disappointed, barely a step up from SH2

murgo23 | March 3, 2013 | Review of Stronghold 3 - PC

I was Really looking forward to this title since I played both Stronghold 1 and 2. But even after all the patches, the game just flat out isn't very much fun. The economic aspect is the only portion of the game that's decent, but the challenge is nerfed by a market where you can buy items you need and sell ones you don't. This should have been seasonal, or rely on traders that have routes you must protect. Combat is the weak link. Units have poor A.I. and use the "come straight at you" approach. They don't use tactics and basically try to overwhelm you. Have a bigger army and you win. Boring. Trebuchet are overpowered, there is NO skirmish mode, and the game lacks any personality


Adds more nations, but not a huge game changer

murgo23 | March 3, 2013 | Review of Crusader Kings II Sword of Islam - PC

The more I play Crusader Kings, the more I find myself thinking that the programmers think themselves entirely too clever. This DLC definitely helped dramatize that for me. The truth was that I found that this didn't add as much as I expected. With this expansion you can now play nations that start with an "Islamic" government. These nations operate under slightly different rules (such as receiving a prestige penalty for not having multiple wives.) But after you get around the few new quirks, the game is much the same. Through a combination of alliances, military actions and patience you are attempting to take your ruler's dynasty and make them rulers over as much of the world as possible. I found this fun, but only for a while. In the end this DLC was not a huge boost to the playability of the game. Overall the game is fun, but in solo play it doesn't really keep ones attention for very long.