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As real as it gets!

murwaz | Oct. 13, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gold - PC

Many moons ago a company whom also makes a pretty popular Operating System, I'm willing to bet you are using right now! Anyway, they released a game, it was pure madness how fun it was. One thing I found my self enjoying was driving the bus in that game around the city pretending to be a bus driving, stopping at all the lights, picking up people. ETS 2 give me all this but in a more real setting, with real goals, I dont have to make them up my self. In a few months or with in a year we will have busses in ETS 2, the devs are working on it. And since they have added busstops and busstations in the game recently I'm lead to believe you will have these busses along side your trucking operation. They are also working on American Truck Simulator, that will be a standalone game, so you see, they bring us all the things we could ever dream of in terms of driving simulation. I dont know about you, but all this makes me VERY excited and I want to support these guys all the way! And since they dont ask a million euro's for the games or the DLC's its a nobrainer, I even buy this for my friends when I can if I know someone who likes these kinds of games. The game have had its problems, but they have patched it upp really well. The game has support for mods, they have made it less vulnerable to poorly designed mods, it used to be that a mod could easily ruin your save or crash the game. That does not happen much at all now. There are a modteam already that has brought out a mod for Scandinavia wich is so good its DLC quality. They are adding new trucks for free, and more DLC's are coming. There is a video on the u-tube where a guy interviews the SCS boss where he talks for two hours about the future of this game and other similar projects they work on. The trucks feel pretty real, the world feels real enough, the A.I is stupid sometimes but they are just about to release a completely rewritten A.I so that wont be an issue for long. If you love driving, love trucks, or maybe just want a relaxing game and love listening to rain splattering away at a windshield, you will love this! Must buy! My only complaint would be the sound in the truck, engine is too low and the other sounds like blinkers and rain is too loud.