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Successful Evolution of GTA series

musketeer617 | March 19, 2012 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV - PC

Undoubtedly,Grand Theft Auto IV is the milestone of this series.It inherited those successful elements of GTA:San Andres and GTA3 and even strengthened them. Exciting gunfire and car chasing let you experience the tough life of Niko Bellic.You even have right to make decision or interact with other characters which can affect your relationship with them.Besides,the sandbox world of GTA IV became more realistic.You can go to bar with friends and pass out in the street.If you receive a phone call in car,you can hear the jamming noise from radio! Another bright spot is the first created multiplayer mode in GTA series.You can use a rocket launcher to let your friends 'fly' in the sky or just explore the gigantic Liberty city with them.