Reviews by mwirmm


Best Elder scrolls to date

mwirmm | Nov. 27, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition Bethesda - PC

People can hype up Morrowind as much as they want, but the fact is..morrowind mechanics are otudated, so is the graphics. Skyrim is simply more fun. They did cut a few corners though to make that possible, Morrowinds world still feels slightly more substantial. But skyrims fun factor more than makes up for it. The improvements are many: 1. Shouts - For once in a morrowind game you can duel weild and still use dynamic magic that keeps combat exciting. 2. Missions - Missions feel less repetetive than in oblivion, and for one theres no majorly boring grind in the middle of the main plot like there was in Oblivion 3. Graphics and art design - Easily the best in the series, Skyrim graphics are top notch, ESPECIALLY when you add a few mods in the Mix. Art design is also amazing with creatures, towns and dragons all looking amazing! 4. Crafting - Long missing from the elder scrolls series, finally introduced in Skyrim. Brings alot more out of the smithing skill. 5. Levelling system - THE MOST IMPROVED ASPECT IN ELDER SCROLLS - The past leveling systems required WAY TO MUCH PLANNING and GRINDING in order to make your character as powerful as possible. The leveling system is now much more streamlined and not as punishing! Skyrim is a massive achievement in gaming, anyone giving this a score under 90 is not appreciating the amount of work needed to create such a mssive gameworld. No other game comes even close


Convincing atmosphere = Amazing experience

mwirmm | Nov. 27, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

The Bioshock series has always been known for amazing game design and atmosphere, Infinite took it to the next level. The game mechanics may not be amazing for todays standards..and perhaps shooting mobs could get repetitive in any other game..but not in Bioshock. The world is alive and absolutely grand, its amazing the way this world is much care is taken into to its design that the world really sucks you in, and that's where Infinite succeeds as a video game. This is one of the only games I've played where I've taken the time to look at every detail...every single bonus audio recording or vintage style short films, this is because I cared for the world I was in. Bioshock infinite was an ambitious project, but I think it was executed perfectly, it left a big impression on me as a player, so much of an impression that I'm tempted to reboot the game in order to simply revisit that beautiful city that I visited in game. The story of the game is well thought out and paced and the characters as I'm sure many have stated before..are brilliant. Shooting mechanics are good fun, with the grappling hook adding a lot to battles and how you deal with them, along with Elizabeth's power. Bioshock was a unique experience and i give full credit to the creators of this game for their amazing work!


Best FM to date..

mwirmm | Nov. 27, 2013 | Review of Football Manager 2014 - PC

I've been playing FM for about 4 years now, the series since has been steadily improving, with improvements from the clunky interface and match engine, up to what we have today. Everything has been improved, contract negotiations feel much more realistic, with less players upright rejecting any form of negotiation with SI finally realizing that money can sway any footballers opinion. Match engine looks a lot better and feels more realistic, with results being much less random than last years version. I used to boot up the same match in FM 13 and match statistics would be dramatically different every time while in FM14 that is not the case. The simplified tactic options are a good step forward in my opinion, most people do not have the patience to define every detail of their tactic with a slider and really, I don't see a need for that. Perhaps in some of the next outings SI should bring back some advanced tactics options for hardcore gamers, but the changes made this year make the learning curve less steep. The Interface is more streamlined and improving steadily, and with all the right add-ons it can become simply perfect. All in all, I'm enjoying FM14 more than last years version and it is without a doubt the king of Football simulation..if not sports simulation in general.


The game that converted me to an Indie gamer

mwirmm | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

This game is amazing if you ask me, these sort of simple yet creative visuals/mechanics are only found in the indie genre. After playing games i thought were similar such as Terraria, I really thought I should give this game a go and man was i satisfied! Exploration, Time management, nice visuals, crafting AND dieing actually deletes your save. Firstly, the random map generator works really well, giving you a different experience every time you boot up. For example sometimes you'll be placed in a part of the map abundunt with petals and berries. But start a new game and you might not be able to find a berry for days. The game constantly keeps you on your feet forcing you to plan your time as best possible, and the element of luck adds to the experience. The dark visuals perfectly suit the game and the quirky atmosphere, insanity effects are done well and craftings is also handled with care. This game has my full recommendation