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A Spectacle

naznomarn | July 5, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy XIII Platinum - PlayStation 3

This is a very rare game these days, in that it comes with both great story telling, and what can be seen as nothing short of beautiful graphics. The game is set in a world that is ruled over by supernatural beings that arbitrarily select people to be their hands on the planet. They give the people a task, and if they fail - they become doomed to haunt the planet as unthinking monsters, or become crystals. This is one of the few Final Fantasy games where the lead protagonist is female. She defects from the army to save her sister and ends up saving the planet. By the end of the game, I felt that I had played more a 12 hour long, interactive film. This is down to the amazing quality of the visuals, the in-depth story, and the array of realistic characters; yet it is incredibly linear. I enjoyed the new combat system, it was very reminiscent of 10-2 in that it is role based, and the levelling system reflects this - with each character having several roles they can specialise in. To any player of previous titles, the following omissions did somewhat disappoint - There is only one sidequest in the game, which is a lengthy series of "Go there. Kill that"; the open world aspect of the game covers only one area of the game world, it is a beautifully sculpted landscape, but nothing like the free roaming available in previous games; there are no interactive shops throughout the world; and none of the characters either, you cannot talk to anyone in the game. But for me, these were more than made up for by the story telling and the visuals.