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Fun game, good story, several minor bugs keep from being great

nekogunner | Nov. 9, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

Over the few months since I've purchased Defiance, and I'm happy with it. The story is solid with some funny lines that make for a few good laughs: 'who is this really hot girl and why is she yelling at me"? Once you've beaten the story though, like many other MMO's you can remain for either the PvP or the gear treadmill. However, as there are no "raids" just a handful of 4 player co-op maps (closest thing to dungeons when comparing to say WoW), the motivation is different. Your want better weapons to kill things master and because they do cool stuff. The way weapons function has been overhauled since launch as has the chat system, but it still needs work. Most major bugs have been squashed, but a few annoying ones,keep the game from being a truly immersive experience all the time. However, as a game that you only need to purchase once to get most of current experience, there is little to complain about. The season pass may be worth it in the future, but currently if the future DLC is similar to what has been released, is is worth waiting on. The game itself being only $10 now however, makes for a great deal IMO. If you like sci-fi shooters and want a good story with a bit of team play dropped in with a pinch of dynamic events, then get this game. If not,move on, you aren't missing anything special.