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Cool game

newn | Oct. 24, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

This is pretty cool game: great looking graphics, cool gameplay, fun chatter, free world, co-op. Although that cool gameplay contains a lot of bugs: for example, you can get stuck on the stairs. But despite all these bugs, it's still fun - you can level up, change skills, use different weapons, even trow them! I think that Dead Island is definitely better than L4D2 in co-op, although the games are a bit different. Dead Island also contains some other annoying things, like the chat - the voices are emotionless. Although this game be masked by the cool facts, like the ability to make weapons, upgrade them, repair them... It's basically like Fallout, just with zombies! If not the bugs, I would give this game 95%, although at the moment I can give only 85. Still a great game, especially with these amazing GMG deals!


Awesome game!

newn | Oct. 24, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Deus Ex: HR has been rated very nicely, and has the top scores on Metacritic. I absolutely agree with those reviews! The graphics look absolutely amazing, that is in detail, and not only that, the clothes are also designed in an awesome way. Although the fashion is opinion-oriented, but it still creates the perfect atmosphere for the story. And speaking of story, it's great too. You can bend it the way you like, which isn't present in so many other games. I think that you would definitely enjoy this game if you enjoyed games like Fallout. There is a new DLC now, but I haven't tried it yet. It looks promising though! I definitely recommend buying this game, and if you will - Augmentation edition!


Interesting story...

newn | Aug. 13, 2011 | Review of Elven Legacy Collection - PC

I think that this game has a very unique and interesting story: a human sorcerer breaks into a citadel and learns a spell that was never meant to be learned and was locked away for thousands of years. It can destroy the entire world. Afterwards, he evades the capture and disappears, which gives him the ability to teach the spell to others. The Elves fears that such treat is unleashed on the world again, and so they dispatch two of their greatest warriors to track down the human sorcerer. To play the game, you have to select a mission from one of the three campaigns and choose a difficulty level. Every map has a different unit cap, which you can reach by summoning new units or finding troops that are loyal to you. Your goal is to move your troops from one point to another. The interesting part about moving the units is that they get affected by the environment. For example some units will have defensive bonuses in the woods. Another good thing is that you can actually heal the soldiers, which means that you won't have to infinitely gather the troops during the gameplay. This is an awesome possibility and saves you a lot of saves/loads and nerves. I recommend buying this game only if you are a hardcore gamer, otherwise - it will be too hard for you and you'll probably leave it alone. It is a really hard game, but if you like games like that - it's absolutely worth every cent.


Cool simulator

newn | Aug. 12, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates - PC

I liked this game from first sight. The first thing that caught m eye was that it's the best simulator for being a pirate, maybe even the only one of such kind. The story of this game is quite interesting - your initial reason for going to sea is that you want to get revenge on an evil Spanish nobleman who wronged your family. After that - it's up to you if you will want to be a treasure hunter, a privateer, a trader or an explorer. You can do a lot in this game - you can sail the Spanish main, fight in swordfights, trade with other ships, search for buried treasures, dance with governor's daughter or sneak into hostile towns. Your life goal is to get as much from your life, as possible until you retire. So basically you can do whatever you want and go whereever you want and whenever you want. Though you have two limitations - food and morale of your men. For food you can steal from other ships, and for morale - you have to be a good captain. By all that said - I think that it is a very free game with a lot of features which is worth every cent, and even more. It's probably 5€ because it's an old game, I could pay up to 15€ for this nice game. It will consume countless hours and cause many sleepless nights!


Quite casual...

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Elements of War - PC

The beginning of the story sounds interesting - weather weapon research went wrong, but then it goes very boring way... You and your allies must piece the country back together while discovering the secrets behind the disaster. And of course in your way stands an enemy who wants to rule the world. As you play, you will be completing objectives. For each completed objective, you will receive points that you can spend on a diverse range of units which becomes available more and more as you progress trough the missions. Many of them will be standard units, like infantry for example. Others will be dubbed "elementals", which will allow you to have a bit more fun - kill your enemies using the forces of nature. There is a very strict population cap, and you will be outnumbered most of the time, so the game is quite hard. I like that, it gives you the challenge, something to sweat for. The graphics, sounds and physics are well made, and they really satisfied my needs. Everything is very detailed, I especially liked the details on tanks. Even some latter titles I've played haven't had such details on the machinery as this game did... There also are a few downsides of this game: the multiplayer mode isn't something you will be doing. Unit distinction - it's really hard to know which units you just selected, that can be very annoying at times. Path finding is programmed poorly - you'll find your units taking the longest route possible sometimes. So I would say that this game is worth around 20€, at least that's what I would pay for it if I would have to buy it one more time. I suggest waiting for a discount, if you want to buy it, discounts aren't rare on this site - they are very common!


Old good Commandos, but better

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty - PC

I wouldn't say that this game is out-dated even today. Graphics and mechanics like that just don't get old. This is an expansion to the first Commandos, and it includes some new and neat features, like distractions. You can throw rocks and cigarette packs to distract enemies, and it's extremely useful! It goes well with the higher difficulty this game offers. That's right, it's harder than the first Commandos. You will have to struggle in this version even if you aced the first one. Another very neat feature added is the ability to play it on higher resolution. This game is shorter than Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. It offers you 8 missions, while the latter offers 20 missions. But keep in mind that those missions will take more time to complete, because they are harder. So if you don't mind a challenge - you should definitely have this game. And besides - it's extremely cheap. Even time-wise - 5€ for at least 10 hours of extremely fun gameplay is an amazing deal!


Not worth 20€...

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Brigade E5 New Jagged Union - PC

This is one of the worst games I've ever played, and I've played a lot of them. It just shouts "My developers have forgotten about me!" or "Hey guys, let's move the deadline a few months backwards, I want to take a vocation. Let's wrap this up until this weekend, will you guys?" To say something good before the bad starts flowing - the introduction movies are nice... But boy, that would be nice if it would keep it that way, wouldn't it be? As soon as you hear somebody talk, your impression goes away instantly. It seems as the voice actors had only one try to do that job. Even the tutorial was a disaster. It made me read a whole bunch of stuff instead of allowing me to do everything by myself. Why read a book about how to set up a TV if you can look at 4 images? Okay, let's go to the actual gameplay now: first of all, this mode called "Smart Pause Mode" is really, REALLY "smart". It will pause the game in the middle of the action. Imagine, you're in the middle of a great scene, whirling your mouse all over the place, and the game suddenly pauses. You still move the mouse for the next 2 seconds and then you freeze for another 5 seconds from the surprised. "What the..." And then you realize that you have to take a stupid tactical decision. It just CUTS trough all the fun this game could possibly give you. And the sound (not voice this time) is very annoying sometimes. One enemy is approaching you and the metal music starts... That music is good for a five-minute shootout, not for 3 shoots... A nice idea but poorly made is the fact that you can make a difficult path while in tactical mode and let it run. It went bad because of the poor path finding though... It is really hard to recommend this game, I guess when it's on ~60-70% discount, you could buy just to see how bad it is, and out of respect towards Jagged Alliance title. I will give it 10 points for a good idea and 5 for the title...


A simplistic RPG

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes - PC

This game wasn't really something I liked. Especially after playing Magicka. It is funny, like Magicka is, but it doesn't have anything else to offer. The story isn't something I enjoyed. There are very few skills, which is the most important part of the game for me... What I liked about this game is companions. Some of them are really funny, like the vampire for example, which was my favorite. And of course the graphics aren't too bad, but a bit too shiny. I like more 'calm' environment, but that's just a personal opinion. I wouldn't pay another 15€ for this game, however I would pay 5 to 10 euros for it. So I would suggest waiting for a good discount (which are common on this site) and then buying it.


One of the best

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

Total War - Shogun 2 is one of the best strategy games I have ever played - good graphics, great physics, amazing sounds, and what's most important - SMART A.I.! I especially loved the veteran system, which is kinda RPG style - it lets your units to level up. On the other hand, if you play against strong opponents in MP, you will likely lose, because they will have higher level units. But hey - you will be strong sometime too, and then you will own them. Revenge is sweeter than a victory, hehe. Also there is another small thing that I love - it's the 4-seasons system. It gives even more realism to the game and enhances the view. All in all, I'd say that this game is worth every cent. I definitely recommend buying it. I hope to see Medieval and Rome created using the same graphics, physics and A.I. engine.


Not as good as I expected...

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Reign Conflict of Nations - PC

When I bought this game, I actually expected something nice. Graphics looks good, videos look good. But it isn't. First of all - the A.I. is extremely buggy. It seems as they were short of time in the end of development and cut on A.I. Though A.I. is usually somewhere in the middle, not in the end of the development process. And it's not getting fixed in any way. It seems as 1C have forgotten about this game after creating it. The only two things good about this game is story and graphics. So if you want a shiny game and a nice story - you should get it. If you want a hard game to play against PC - it probably isn't what you want. Personally I'd buy it again, but only with 70% discount, because I liked the story despite the buggy A.I..


Interesting game...

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Darwinia - PC

A friend of mine bought this game, so I took a look at it. Of course I used Youtube, as most people do, and I didn't like it. But then I went to my friend's house, and he was playing it. He wanted to finish something, so I watched he play for a few minutes. When I went home that day, in the next five minutes I bought the game, and in 10 minutes - I've been playing it. The story is what makes this game to appear good. The graphics aren't impressive at all, rather a downside of this game, sounds aren't too good either - more like average. But the idea of the story is very nice. I am interested in programming myself, so I liked the idea in the first place. This game is very easy to play, and it's even easier to start playing it. It's a great game if you want to relax and like this kind of games. I recommend buying this game not only because it's interesting, but because it's cheap too. What you can get for that price is simply awesome.



newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Theatre of War - PC

This game is different than most RTS games. It is different because you have so much control over everything, that is so detailed... That it's incredibly hard to master the game. I am a good gamer, but I still haven't mastered it with about 30 hours of gameplay. I believe it would require me another 30 to be even close to mastering what is offered by the game, however I didn't play it that long, I went for an FPS at the time. There are five large campaigns - Russian, US/UK, German, Polish and French, several missions each. You will get small troops, as in most RTS games in the beginning of each mission, and will get reinforcements when certain objectives are completed. You will also have off-the-map artillery to help you fight the enemy, so the missions will be a bit easier. But that won't make them easy. This game is actually very hard, one of the hardest RTS I've ever played. It might be that hard because everything was made realistically, or at least a good try of it. Realistic morale, line-of-sight, shooting, damage. However there is a little problem - the battles and environments seem to be a bit monotonic. Every map has yellow fields, same roads, same farmhouses and hills. The only difference is the weather. So the game is very interesting if you don't mind to play a hard game in monotonic environments. But if you do - then you probably won't like it. I, however, liked it a lot, I've spend 30 hours playing it, and would've spend more if I would've gotten a birthday present of a good FPS game. Besides - now it costs only ~6.5€, and it's definitely worth the price. However I wouldn't pay 15€, but on this site - discounts aren't uncommon. And that's why I love this site - just wait for a discount and take it. :)


A nice combo

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of CivCity Rome - PC

This is a nice combination of Civilization and SimCity. Basically - you will be controlling a city, whether you play single missions or the campaign. There are two kinds of missions - Peacetime and Military. Peacetime missions will challenge you to build 'growth', while military missions will also require you to repel enemy attacks. I personally like Military missions more because there is more challenge. You have to be more careful. The campaign is quite interesting, I wouldn't say it's great though. Anyhow, CIvCity:Rome is an enjoyable and challenging combination of Civilization and SimCity, but it could be more polished. It almost seems as Firefly went for marketting instead of the polishing. But still - it's an interesting game and will gave me about a hundred hours of gameplay, then I got bored and went back to Civilization. So I think that 10€ is a good price for 100 hours, or more if you will like the game more than I did.


Nice history-filled ttitle!

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Crusader Kings Complete - PC

What I liked the most about Crusader Kings is that a lot of attention was paid to history in this game. I like history myself, so all those names and dates weren't just something out of the blue. it was something that made the game even better in my eyes. And not only dates and names! The game also focuses on biographies and personalities, so you will be playing each of the campaigns (William the Conqueror's victory in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, Hundred Years War in 1337, and the Third Crusade of 1187) with different personalities. And every one of them are filled with diplomatic machinations, economical decisions and military control. I think that this game is really worth those 20€. Not only if you like history, it's a great strategy game. And if you do like history - you can even learn more or see how much you already know.


Nice oldie

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Freedom Force vs the Third Reich - PC

This game is quite old but it's still interesting to play. It reminds you of comic books. The graphics are quite good, probably because they are comic graphics. The sounds are only average in my opinion. But the main thing is the gameplay - every character has got it's own skills which are very unique. Neither of them are over or under powered, which makes them all fun. And I say that this is the main feature because there are so many games which have 3 characters, one of them is underpowered, one overpowered and the third is simply an average Joe. In these games - you will likely play only with the overpowered character, never with the underpowered one and from time to time - with the average one. And in Freedom Force - you play with all of them, and they all are extremely fun! This game is worth every cent, and besides - it's cheap. It's a bit short though, but you will still have at lease a few hours of nice and pleasurable gaming, especially if you like comic books.


A quite nice strategy

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of UFO Afterlight - PC

This game can be RTS while it can be a tactical game. It can be paused. And it should be paused, because it's also a survival game! I liked these two facts, because that's what made it different from other strategies. Of course there are a lot of weapons, stuff to research, etc. which is also great. In other words - this game is full of nice features. The game's graphics is outdated and sounds aren't too good. However if you don't care about that and like oldies as myself - it's a nice game to play. I played it for a few hours when I first got it about a month ago - it's fun, a lot of enemies to shoot, so it's a lot of action. By that said, I think that it is worth those 10€. It will give you at least a few nice hours of survival experience. Though you can wait for a discount if you really hate spending on old games, but I think it's worth what it costs.


Better than Civ V

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization IV Complete - PC

I've spend hundreds of hours playing this game. As I mentioned in my review in Civilization V page, I think that this version is better. The graphics aren't too old, it's still great, same goes for sounds. This Civilization is also much harder than Civilization V. Even for that I like it more. This game isn't very easy to start playing, and is even harder to master it, but all the experience you will get in the process is incredible. It's very fun and when I play for three hours straight, my only thought is: "one more turn and I will go make myself a dinner". That thought is very long and usually ends in two hours. That doesn't happen with every game, rather it happens with very few games. The incredibility of this game is extremely addictive. In my opinion, this is the best turn-based strategy game ever created. It has all three expansions attached to it and costs only 25€, and it's worth every cent! Even if you think that's a lot for an old game, think about it this way: 3 expansions attached! It's truly incredible game. The very best work of Sid Meier's.


Different TD game

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Sanctum - PC

This is something completely different than a usual tower defense game.This is a 3D TD game. By the way, I love tower defense games in general, I used to play a lot of them on web browsers. It kinda reminded me some MMORPG that I didn't like - there was a dungeon like this. The game itself has got some great graphics and nice sounds. Accombined with that, it's a great combination of a classical TD gameplay and an FPS - build towers, upgrade them, figure out a way to build them to do the most damage to the monsters. You have to shoot the enemies yourself now. So if you haven't build a tower somewhere in the middle yet because you were saving for a better tower (and that happens a lot for me), You can just go and take the business into your own hands - finish the monster yourself. The downside of this game is that it seldom maps. The BIG upside is that it's constantly being updated. I would rate the game for 95 if it would have more maps, but now I rate it only for 90. I can't rate it for less because it simply is a great game with an awesome idea! So if you like TD games, I definitely recommend you buying this game. If not for the full price - wait for a sale. 15€ is maybe a bit too much for it. 10€ would be a perfect price for me.


A bit different than previous Civs

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Civilization V is a bit different than Civilization IV. I have played the latter for quite some time. The most notable change was one unit per tile policy. Other than that - Civilization has became much MUCH easier. Now you cannot complete a turn without doing everything you can do. You will have a box popping up and telling you that you haven't moved your army or didn't do something else. That makes it partially a new game. Personally I liked Civilization IV more, but I like harder games more than easier. However, I still spend 121 hours playing it, and I'm going to spend more. It's something new over the old Civilization IV, something different.


Another great sequel!

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed Brotherhood - PC

This sequel is even better than AC2. Although they are quite similar, except the graphics is better. Combat is a bit different, though I liked the combat from AC2 more. Maybe it's just because I played it more than I should have. I think that the combat mechanics appeared to be more realistic in AC2. Maybe not exactly more realistic, but much harder. In this sequel the combat is much easier than AC2, but it's still very interesting and fun. Besides - easy combat is more fun if you want to relax. The story continues from AC2, Ezio Auditore da Firenze is now in Assassin order and can do a lot more with his skills. That might explain the easier combat by logic too. This game is definitely worth the full price, but I recommend buying AC2 first, then buy and play this sequel because of the story. Besides - you might stumble upon a discount for it while playing AC2 and save 10€!


Incredible game

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

This part is much better than the first part. It's got beautiful graphics, amazing sounds and the environment... The environment is INCREDIBLE! Ubisoft definitely did the job as they should've done. I especially loved the fact that you can actually upgrade your villa and buy new weapons. That's right! In this part you can do that. It took me around 40-50 hours to complete the game. I did every side quest (which is another great feature of this sequel). If you play slower than me - you can squeeze even more out of this game. I'd say get it while it's hot! It costs the same as non-deluxe edition with the 15% discount, and you're going to love it if you loved the first part! Even if you haven't played the first part - this game is incredible! It's definitely worth the whole price and even more!


I was surprised

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Painkiller Redemption - PC

I was surprised when I first launched this game. I was hoping for something much better than the first Painkiller. However it wasn't like that at all. Even the graphics seemed worse than the original's. It also had a lot of bugs, and even crappier level designs. That was accombined with poor sounds. It really isn't something much compared to the first part. I still completed it out of respect to the first part though, but I didn't play it the second time. If you want a great game - go take Painkiller: BE instead. But if you respect Painkiller and want to see what's up with it - this game is extremely cheap.


Great game

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Painkiller Black Edition - PC

This game is a bit scary at places, and it's a great game. It offers you a great pack of awesome sounds and physics, as well as average graphics (compared to today's systems). It kinda reminded me of Serious Sam. There was a lot of enemies to shoot at and it was fun! It's more of a shooter than an involving game, but hey - I spend more than five hours straight when I first got this game. It's an awesome game. I recommend you buying this game if you like that kind of playstyle, you will definitely have at least a few great hours playing it.


Nice remake

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Worms Reloaded - PC

I like this upgraded version of Works: Armageddon. I used to play the old version in my computers class with my teacher, and I used to love the game. The remake is very nicely made, the graphics are extremely good and updated, there's a lot of weapons available, a working online mode. You can also create your own levels, which is very cool, because it's more fun to play it with your friends then. In fact, this game is incredible when you play it with your friends. It's also fun, so kids can play it too. Even father and son for example. This is a must-to-have, especially if you liked the older Worms. It's a very fun game!


A bit different than the first part

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin - PC

Compared to the first part - graphics are much better, so are the sounds. The environment is very dynamic. I especially liked the missions in St. Peter's square, because even in 2009 the game looked great to me. This game is a bit harder than the first Hitman... But only if you want to complete it with perfection. There is more shootouts in this game than the first part, you got to roam more freely in this part. Ergo, this part fits the "heavy FPS lovers" gameplay style too, while the first part only the tactical gameplay style. I would say that a lot has been changed and improved. I wouldn't say that something went bad in this part, it's not a complete sequel with a great story, so that doesn't apply to this game. I think that it's worth buying it for 5-10 hours of awesome gameplay.


The first of the incredible series!

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Hitman Codename 47 - PC

This is the first part of the incredible series of Hitman. This is one of the best parts in my opinion. You have to use a lot of tactics in all of these greatly interesting missions. The story is separated into each one of them. You should buy this game if you like games for their gameplay, not for their graphics or sounds. These two things aren't really great, because the game is old. But the gameplay is truly something special. So if you like that - you should definitely get it. Though the game is not very long, but it's still worth the good time you can have while playing it.


Completely different than previous games

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Heroes of Might and Magic V - PC

This is the HOMM which had 3D graphics introduced. As an old fan of HOMM 3 and a small fan of HOMM 4, I didn't like it much. I didn't like this game because the 3D camera was performing poorly. Quite often actually, but I played it without any patches, so now there may be patches for that. But if we dismiss the fact of it being a 3D game, the graphics were quite nice, sounds were very good. Also the creatures were made pretty nicely. If you don't mind playing a 3D HOMM - this game should be very nice to play. However if you do - then it's not so great. But in any case - I recommend buying it because it's still interesting to see what progress the developers made on this great game!


Something... different.

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

When I first saw this game - I thought: I've never seen something like that before. It was very unique experience to play this game. First of all - the storyline is very interesting. Second - nice graphics and sounds. Third - the idea of middle-ages combined with the future is great... This game is definitely worth the money, I spend around 30 hours playing it and I would've spend more if I would've gotten another game I wanted for a long time. It's simply a great game!


The second best Commandos!

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Commandos 2 Men of Courage - PC

This is the second best Commandos, which was improved a lot compared to Commandos 1. It's got much better sounds, improved graphics, better AI, new gaming features, like abilities for the characters. This sequel is a bit longer than Commandos 3 but shorter than Commandos one. I don't really know if it's shorter because it's easier, or because the levels are just shorter. It's an extremely fun game and requires a lot of tactical planning in places, if you liked Commandos 1 - you'll love it. It will definitely give you at least a few hours of great gameplay; if you like exploring everything - even more!


The best Commandos sequel!

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Commandos 3 Destination Berlin - PC

This was the first Commands I've played. I also loved Commandos 2, but not as much as this one. This part of Commandos trilogy (I'm saying trilogy, because I count Strike Force as a different game due the the first person view) has got great sounds and EXTREMELY INCREDIBLE explosions! I just loved the explosions in this game. As a comparison to the older parts, it's got plenty of tactical planning need, I don't know why others some people are saying differently... It's got a lot of features, all the cool characters. On the other hand the maps are a bit smaller. Well, some of them. I definitely recommend getting this game both for Commandos fans and new players, especially if you love good explosions. You will have great few hours in this game, it's definitely worth the price!


Change isn't always good

newn | Aug. 8, 2011 | Review of Commandos Strike Force - PC

Commandos 1/2/3 were different. The view was from the top, now it's more like a casual shooter game... I really hated it. The game still remains with the characters, tactics, missions, etc.. But it's not the same as the former parts. It doesn't have that 'deep' planning anymore, you only have the view of a first person instead of a view like in a strategy game. However if you are a new player and don't care about the classics - it is quite a good game. I loved the gas and trowing knifes features. Sounds and graphics aren't too bad either, controls are good... So if you aren't an old fan of Commands - you should enjoy this game. If you are an old fan - you will probably hate this game. However - I'd still buy it out of the curiosity to see what's up with a completely different game. So even if you are an old fan - you should get it to see the change.


Second part of the best adventure game!

newn | Aug. 8, 2011 | Review of Syberia 2 - PC

As I already wrote in the review of Syberia 1, this is the only point-and-click game that I love. The second part seems to have the same great graphics, sounds, storyline and everything else as the first part of this game. Nothing went wrong, only better! The ending is even MORE amazing in this game than in the first part. If you played Syberia 1, you will catch up a bit quicker, if you didn't - then it's going to be a bit harder because the point is a bit different than most games. Puzzles can be a bit too hard at the beginning - this part has got a 'rougher' start. Again - I think that this game is DEFINITELY worth the money and will give you at least a few hours of great pleasure, depending on how quick you can solve the puzzles and see the clues. It's a great game!


Great game!

newn | Aug. 8, 2011 | Review of Syberia - PC

Usually I don't like adventure games. I like action games, RPG games, racing, etc. But never a point-and-click games. However this game is amazing. It's a very nice 'puzzle' game - you have to solve something on every step you take. It's got amazing environments. Great sounds. Also there's a great storyline... And the ending - the destination of your journey... It's simply a great game. Nothing else to say about it. Definitely worth it's price, you'll spend at least a few hours playing it, depends on how quick you are to spot and solve things.


Nostalgic but disappointed feelings...

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

This is just one more example that current games suck compared to the old ones. After 14 years, they released a game that was attempted to merge with the current disappointing games. The only three things i liked was sound, graphics and the old "Duke" jargon. I recommend buying it only if you played old Duke games, it will show you how 'far' they've come and give you some nostalgic feelings from "duke" talk. Although I would recommend waiting for a sale, it's definitely too costly for what you get.



newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Dungeon Siege III - PC

I am disappointed of this game. That is because I used to play DS1/LoA/2. It's not what it used to be... As many other games - it went down the wrong road. I loved DS1/LoA/2... These were really great games. But this one is completely different - no good story-line, absolutely no customization for your chars compared to the other parts, no control on the other characters... Even the controls felt like it was ported from XboX or PS3. If I'd have to look for a good thing in it - it's the action. Action is pretty good if you dismiss the controls... and basically everything else. I think it's not worth buying it unless it's on sale. When it'll be on-sale - grab it, especially if you loved DS1/LoA/2. At least out of respect and interest. I give it 45 only of respect towards Dungeon Siege.



newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Beyond Divinity - PC

It's a strange sequel to Divine Divinity. A lot it is the same as in there, also it reminds me Neverwinter Nights too. The story is great, same as a lot of other old games. You can't compare this to many current games. It is also a hard game, I am a hardcore gamer and I used to die A LOT compared to most other games. Another great thing is that there's a lot of humor in this game. Both in dialogues, quests, environment... Everything. I can really say no bad thing about this game. Graphics is great as an old game's, sounds are very cool too. Mechanics are okay compared to every other game. I truly cannot think of a bad thing! So I think that it's really worth buying, it will occupy you for few 10s of hours.


Nice but hallow

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This game is fun to play but it is hallow, very hallow. It is fun to play it because you've got a full free roam mode. You can basically say - destruction mode on! It's also got many, MANY possibilities. Crush statues, tie a plane to a plane, tie a car to a helicopter... It's incredibly fun! And good graphics too! The bad aspect of this game is that it's story sucks very badly... And due to it's repetitiveness, it can get boring in an average period of time. I would buy it because it's fun to have fun sometimes... But keep in mind that the story line sucks badly.


This game is both cool and uncool...

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Mafia II - PC

The game is set in the early 20th century. While it's a great game - it's got some big disadvantages. First of all - if you want to truly enjoy the game, you HAVE to buy DLCs. Otherwise - it's just too short! It's extremely short. And after you complete it - no free roam. No multiplayer... Another thing I disliked a lot was the radio. The stations were too short. On the other hand - the story is great, the game is somewhat realistic, as far as I know - it reflects what really was going on during these years (not a true story, just a reflection). Although as I mentioned - you have to buy the DLCs. They fill the gaps what has been happening when you were doing time. If you are up for a short and great story - this game's worth the money. Also you should consider that you'll want the DLCs. If you are not up for that, you want a big story - then this game is not for you. I would still buy it, even though I don't like short stories because the story and the gameplay is really great.


Very cool RTS

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of The Stronghold Collection - PC

This is a very nice RTS middle-ages simulator. It is nice because it is somewhat realistic and very interactive. I liked Stronghold: Crusader the most, it was the best part in my opinion. I spend hours defending the king and building the castle. It's got A LOT of levels. Stronghold: Legends. This one was a disappointment to me. Maybe because it was a slight change in the genre, it wasn't so realistic anymore... If it wouldn't be in the pack - I wouldn't take that one. I definitely recommend taking this pack; it is very cheap for all these great games - only 20€. If you are like me- you will spend HOURS playing it.


Neat side-scroller!

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Trine - PC

This game is simply great! You have three characters and you have to use each one of them to pass the game! Other INCREDIBLE facts I loved about this game: it's got secrets. Lots of them! Incredible animations and views! I must have taken 100 screenshots... Though I disliked the fairy-tail fact, but it still fit with the game so I'm okay with it. Also I disliked that there is no online option, same as many other users did. But hey - I love single player! I say that it's totally worth the price, it's a great indie game! Go and get it!


At first - I liked this game

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Far Cry 2 - PC

The first impression was very good - good graphics, lots of guns, etc.. But what hides behind it? After I played the game for a while, I disliked the storyline for the first thing. Then the respawning goes - everyone respawns and you can't even drive back to a house without getting shot on the way. Another thing that I loved at first was the burning fire... But when you play more - you notice that it doesn't spread very realistically. Sometimes you shoot a flare 100 meters away and the fire comes to you in a minute or two while you are silently trying to take down enemies with a sniper rifle. The driving sucks too... And the car repair isn't realistic. I mean, who wouldn't love to hit a wall driving 60kmph and get a radiator leak, get out of the car, turn a screw for 20 seconds and drive like with a new car! Although speaking about cars - I liked the dirt that gets on it after a while. On the good note - the guns were nice, I liked them. At least until the DLC was released - a silenced shotgun? Seriously? Try to put a silencer on a shotgun in the real life, will ya? Another nice thing is multiplayer mode. I think that it's quite cool, even that grass burning thing. You can tactically take down a few enemies, you gotta work like a team. At least that was my experience. You just gotta try it yourself or see a video to know what I'm talking about when I'm talking about multiplayer. I think that it's worth buying with at least a 50% discount. Otherwise... Well, not really. Have fun, hopefully you liked my review! Wait for a discount! ;)


Uniquity is the key of this game being so cool!

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

Magicka is a very unique game. It is unique because of the magic system it's got. Most games requires you to have 99999 mana and that's it. This game requires you to quickly press the keys, quickly remember a combination or quickly create a combination. What else is great about this game is that you can create THOUSANDS of different combinations! If you are wondering if this game is long - yes it is. You should spend around 10 hours in the main campain; more if you are a poor gamer or just too lazy to try harder. But that isn't the most time-consuming activity. The most time-consuming activity is co-op or survival! Survival can be very hard but VERY fun! You get to kill random monster waves, get random books. It's especially good if you are new to the game, you will get new books and learn the combinations. Afterwards - campain will be much easier for you! That is a lot but isn't all! There are fun DLCs available! They will add new maps, items, robes, quests and spells to the game! And all of these DLCs cost pennies... Except Vietnam. That one costs a bit more but also gives you more. Be sure to take the DLCs when you buy the game! So that's it; I think it is definitely worth those ten bucks, or ~20 if you are going with all the DLCs. I don't regret that I spend money on this game like I do after buying some other games. Hope you enjoyed reading, have fun and buy the game!