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Underrated pearl with a unique gameplay

nhecs | May 29, 2012 | Review of Hostile Waters Antaeus Rising - PC

I played this near the release and it was pretty fun, as it is today (played it a few months back), because in terms of gameplay mechanics it is still a pretty unique game even nowadays. The game has a rich plot told through cutscenes and some FMV. In essence the game is a mix of strategy and third person shooter. It has a very detailed tutorial that explains all of the concepts, and accompanies the player during the first levels of the game. You can have several vehicles at the same time in each mission and command them through the war room thanks to the souls of heroes that you "attach" to the vehicle to make them "autonomous"; you then give them orders that they will carry out (like move somewhere, or transport another vehicle to some place of the map, etc). Besides that you can also control each vehicle directly, in third person view, and switch between them at will. You will then carry the tasks yourself, from getting scrap metal (currency, to build more vehicles), to transport vehicles from one part of the map to another, and shoot bad guys or destroy enemy structures. As you go through the game you will get more vehicles to control and will get to upgrade them with better weapons or armor. This mixture of aspects makes the gameplay interesting, although it can get repetitive after a few levels. But the rate of new unlocks, be it new vehicles or upgrades, makes if fun to continue to explore. The graphics were top notch in its time, but are pretty lame by today's standard. Still the nostalgic appeal gives them some flair. In conclusion this underratted game deserves to be played nowadays because of its unique gameplay and story.


A good shooter

nhecs | March 6, 2012 | Review of Crysis 2 - PC

The sequel to Crysis is a different game in terms of setting. The lush island vegetation is replaced by the concrete jungle. Set in New York City, the protagonist "Alcatraz" is let loose in an almost empty city ruled by martial law, due to an alien infestation. In the possession of a Nanosuit 2.0 given to him by "Prophet", a returning character from the first game, "Alcatraz" is being hunt by CryNet Systems, a military group which is occupying the city. In terms of gameplay the nanosuit is still the main differentiating element of this franchise, although the usage of the suit was simplified in contrast to the previous games. It allows for a direct approach to enemies, with run-and-gun tactics, or using the cloak for a more stealthy approach. The setpieces are interesting, giving a CoD feel to the gameplay, but lacking the intensity of the latter. The game feels more linear than its predecessors, mainly because the action is located in New York City, where you walk in the streets or inside the buildings, in a more confined environment. The island in Crysis and Crysis Warhead was not open to exploration but felt less "claustrophobic". In the graphics department all went well, especially after the Hi-res Texture Pack and DX11 patch. The game looks very good, although not as spectacular as the firt one, mainly because of the tropical setting and lush vegetation. All in all its a fun game with great moments.