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Better than Expected

nico7 | Nov. 3, 2013 | Review of Crysis 2 Maximum Edition NA Origin - PC

I bought Crysis 2 in a bundle and did not think it was going to be that good. I had always hear of the Crysis series but I figured it was more about graphics than gameplay or story. The story was good, but also follows the same basic alien invasion story formula that's been popular since Halo Combat Evolved. Nothing revolutionary here. I haven't played the first game but I assume it picks up where Crysis left off. You are a soldier wearing an advanced nanosuit with varying abilities. For the story, the suit evolves to incorporate alien DNA into the system, but for the gameplay its contributes nothing. As you fight your way through human and alien foes, you come to discover over time what this war is all about. Graphics are superb. If you have a decent gaming rig and turn everything on ultra you'll experience some very nice visuals. I run a fx6100, 8gig corsair 1333, amd 7950, 120gig ssd, and get 55-60 fps on the regular, with occasional drops under heavy particles or vegetation. Gameplay is fun. You have the option to play it stealth are frontal assault style. The suit will give you strategical options in every circumstance. I wasn't that impressed with the weapons. Most of them are too weak. I used 2 for basically the whole game. I would recommend a solid playthrough. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Faithful installmen to the DMC series

nico7 | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of Devil May Cry 4 Overflow - PC

If you like the other DMC games, you'll like this one. The storyline is decent. DMC 3 was better in that respect. Gameplay is what you would expect. The coolest feature is being able to play Dante after you've put some time into the game. I didn't read any reviews prior to playing this game so I wasn't aware that he was still a playbale character. Even better, his battle system is even better than Nero's. You get used to playing with Nero and developing his fighting style, then you get Dante and things are completely different. I would of thought it would be similar but it seems that the devlopers put a lot of time in creating two kinds of battle systems. The basics are the same I guess but the special weapons and how you alternate them are not the same. The leveling up system of collecting souls and buying new moves/items is the same. The normal enemies are fun to mow down, but where this game really shines is the boss battles. Seriously, the boss battles are really fun. However, they are not as challenging. I would recommend this game, especially now at the writing of this review since it's on sale!


Missing Gem

nico7 | Sept. 30, 2013 | Review of Alien Soldier - PC

I stumbled upon this game when I purchased a bundle of Genesis games a couple years back. I didn't think anything of it until I clicked to play it. I was very impressed Graphics - Very good for Genesis. Side scrolling was smooth, gun and explosion effects were nice, bosses were very detailed, everything about the graphics in this game was top notch. I'm not sure when it came out so based on the graphics alone I'd say it was near the end of the Genesis console. Gameplay - Great once you master it. You have to constantly flip through different types of weapons to keep blowing through the onslaught of enemies. It takes a while for your fingers to learn what to press and when. The strategy of gunplay and maneuvering is fun once you get it down. This is a great action side-scrolling game. I would definitely recommend it if you're into the Gensis classic mood.


Playstation Pioneer

nico7 | Sept. 28, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

FF7 is phenomenal. In my opinion, the greatest of all FF games to date. More time, energy, and creative genius went more into the seventh installment of the Final Fantasy series than any before or after it. There's my introduction... Graphics - For the time, very good. 3D polygons on top of beatiful pre-rendered backgrounds was very nice for the time. Battle scenes were the best. Hooves and blocks turned into hands and facial features when you fight enemies. It made the fights something to look forward to. Cut scenes were impressive and definitely top of the line for when it came out. All the magics and summons were unique and nice to look at. Gameplay - The materia system should be brought back. None of the systems developed since FF7 have been as good. Leveling up materia was more important than leveling up your character. Each weapon had different number of "slots". Each slot could hold one materia. Those materia would level up according to however much AP you were earn through battles. Some weapons would chain the slots so that if you put an "All" materia with "Fire" materia, you would end up casting fire on all your enemies. Combinations were interesting. Chocobo raising was also fun and worth the investment. Without doing so, you would lose out on special items, summons, and weapons. Story - The shining accomplishment. Character development was obviously important in this game. You learned to care about the people in your party. Some more than others. The deep relation between Cloud and Sephiroth has to this day carried into the mythos of the RPG and anime universe. That should tell you something. I would highly recommend this game. If not for the game itself, then just to say you've taken part in a special point in RPG history.


Fun and nice to look at

nico7 | Sept. 21, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Overflow - PC

I was skeptical at first because I wasn't sure how I'd take to the shading style graphics. It didn't take long to get a feel for the style and learn to appreciate the vividness it creates. The learning curve isn't bad. How the experience, point, and weapon system works is pretty straight forward. Here's a quick summary of the pros and cons: Pros: Easy to jump in and play. You can get right into the action without having to suffer through a long back-story or much training. You never really have to worry about ammo. You pick up loot constantly and buying is cheap. Just unload your weapons, witch to another and unload again. Hurry back to the next vending machine and max out your supplies because money is not hard to come buy. The fighting strategy requires cycling through a few different kinds of weapons. Some enemies are weaker toward different kinds of elemental weapons, so doing a little study or trial and error and you can pretty much figure who is weak to what very quickly. The number of weapons you can buy or find is enormous. In this respect it's much like Diablo. The mission system, experience, weapons, it's all modeled off Diablo so if you're familiar with that you'll feel right at home. If you like leveling, moving from mission to mission in different environments, mowing down enemies with different weapons, you'll like this Cons: The story. It's almost non-existant. You have to be very intentional to follow whats actually happening. I like story so I was careful to listen to all the tapes as you find them. It can also get too repetitive. Again, if you're familiar with Diablo then you'll understand. It's much better to play with friends if you have them. Just be careful not to jump into a game with others who are much further along then you are. I'm one to keep my mission system structured, so if you accidentally enter into a game where the players have many more than you in their file, you will permanently have them in your list also. I found that out the hard way. Conclusion: Great game and plenty of hours to work through. I would recommend this to any FPS and open world gamer.