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Probably the greatest tycoon game ever made

nightassassin1 | Nov. 20, 2015 | Review of RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe - PC

I've played all the RollerCoaster games and expansions, but this is still my favorite. 2 is basically a slight expansion of 1 and 3 just tried too hard to integrate better graphics when it wasn't necessary. The best part about this game is that it is for any age. I first played it at 11 and I have found myself playing it multiple times even 10 years later. It is a great game to relax with while you watch a show or even read a book. If things get too slow for your liking you can always fast forward, just watch your guest and currency! It is interesting just how much they threw into a game about building a theme park in 1999. You have the rides, but you also have food/drink stalls, bathrooms (you can make them pay for it too >:D), mechanics, handymen (for those sick ride goers), entertainers, and other such things. One of the fun things to do is to custom build a rollercoaster that is meant to crash, maybe drown a few angry guests, or even let the park get completely vomit covered so you can get the award for the dirtiest park (yes that exists). The newer games just overcomplicate the gameplay. This has it down to an art. Just enough micro management to keep you interested without being a complete chore and enough gameplay to last a good long while. This is truly from the golden age of gaming. Back when the game content mattered more than cutting edge graphics and didn't rely on 50 dlc skin packs.


Better with a friend

nightassassin1 | Nov. 20, 2015 | Review of Serious Sam 3 BFE - PC

I have never played the previous games and never will. I managed to get this in a really good humble bundle with a friend and we eventually got around to playing it when we got bored with all the other games. This might have been our last choice, but was definitely one of the best games in the bunch. If you run on a hard setting it is very challenging and fast paced. This is basically a run and gun comedy game though, so it takes a specific mood to play. I liked playing it alone too, but no where near as enjoyable as with a friend. Alone on a hard setting can make the game take forever so a friend helps move things along. If you have to play alone, it is more fun on an easier setting. Going slow in this type of game just ruins everything. There are some very hard to find secrets in this game, which makes it even more interesting. Recently a secret area was found (four years after the game release) which can show you just how hard some of the secrets are to find. Some are very easy as well, so don't worry about never finding them or anything. I have two favorite moments in this game: One was when I whacked my friend with a sledge hammer and got a steam achievement for it. The other is when I killed a screaming monster and Sam mimics the monster "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH shut up" because what happened next was pretty entertaining. You will know what I mean when it happens. I recommend this game, but again, try to get it with a friend because it is much more entertaining. Especially when you whack them in the face and get an achievement for it!


Good game, but similar

nightassassin1 | March 31, 2015 | Review of Borderlands The Pre Sequel - PC

I have loved the borderlands series since I first played it, but it has become repetitive in nature. This is your typical borderlands, but they tried to change the feel of it by adding the low gravity and an oxygen system to worry about. I don't care much for these changes as the oxygen is just a new thing you have to constantly check on and the low gravity is an interesting change, but not something I like. It seems like they simply ran out of ideas on how to refresh the game and just threw in the first thing someone in the room said. Simply put, the games are generally the same, just in a different setting, with different classes, and with something new that isn't always better. I liked 1 a lot, 2 was pretty darn good with the DLC, but this one feels like the same old thing with some attempted changes that just don't work very well. I don't enjoy solo play on this game like I did the others. This is one of those games that you won't have a lot of fun with unless you have a few friends join in or you just absolutely love the series as a fanboy or something. I love the series, but I just don't feel this game like I did the others. If you have not played a Borderlands game previously, I suggest getting one of the others. This is still a good game, but just not as good as the others.


A sim city worthy of the price tag

nightassassin1 | March 25, 2015 | Review of Cities Skyline - PC

I have always loved these types of games, but I never order early because there are a number of issues that usually emerge in new games and I also resent EA. I heard all of the horror stories for the new Sim City games and went with Cities XL instead. Cities XL is a pretty decent game, but feels like it is too easy if you know how to set up all the cities to export and import through specialization in one product. I figured I would give this game a go because it has a realistic price tag, unlike that EA failure and I heard it was pretty good. This game is still kind of easy when you know how to play it right, but not as easy as Cities XL seemed and it is no where near as bad Sim City was. One of the really interesting things about this game is the graphics. It looks really nice compared to Cities XL and the biggest bonus for this game is that EA has nothing to do with it. This comes from a developer that understands what players want and how much they are willing to pay. They do this without sacrificing anything too.


BF4 DLC with less bugs

nightassassin1 | March 24, 2015 | Review of Battlefield Hardline NA - PC

This is basically a Battlefield 4 DLC game mode with less bugs than Battlefield 4. The game is playable and can be entertaining, but if you already own Battlefield 4 then it feels like you just payed $60 for a new game mode instead of feeling like you purchased a new game. The reality of this game is that they took BF4 and merged it with Payday 2 gameplay. I suggest getting either BF4 or this, but not both. If you want to play this kind of game, but already have BF4 I would suggest just getting Payday 2. It is similar and costs 50% less with the added bonus that it doesn't belong to EA. This is just another example as to how EA will do anything they can to get as much of your money as they possibly can.


Good upgrade and some fixes

nightassassin1 | May 21, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

This is a noticeable upgrade from the original. You have new bosses, some new areas, and even some bug fixes. Interestingly enough it is even harder than the original. The game is however, a bad port. The controls can be a little hard to manipulate at times and all the menus list the Xbox controls. It is not that hard to change these for translation to the PC, but the developers were lazy and didn't care. If you want the game, I strongly suggest getting it for console. Despite the few new features, bug fixes, and increased difficulty there is not too much more to this game than the original. If you have the original do not buy this because it would be a waste, but if you don't have the original then I suggest considering this version over the other. For those who don't know. This is simply a very hard RPG that plays similar to the Elder Scrolls series with a better parry/block system. The game uses Souls as a currency that is used for repairs, purchases, and level ups. This makes it increasingly hard because you have to decide between new equipment and levelling up in many cases. The worst part is that if you die, your souls are left where you died and if you don't claim them before you die again, they are lost forever. Best use them while you have them and never enter a boss battle without spending as many as possible. In all reality the graphics are pretty good and resemble that of the Elder Scrolls series and the game plays wells. It is entirely worth the money and will bring hours of stressful gameplay and hundreds of deaths. Enjoy.


Fun for a while

nightassassin1 | May 17, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

This is one of those games that is fun when you are really bored, but only for the first month or so you have it. You run around head butting everything, launching yourself across the map, and gathering achievements. This is very entertaining and you try to see what kinds of crazy stuff you can do and what kind of crazy glitches you can cause. Eventually you try everything you can think of and the game becomes progressively less fun. Think of it like Bioshock Infinite. Once you beat that story there's nothing left, save for a few collectibles/achievements. Now despite what is said above, the game is worth the price tag in every way. You have a good month or two of fun with this game and if that isn't worth more than $10 then I don't know what is. I commend the developers for knowing how much the game is worth to people rather than slapping a $60 price tag on it like every other company does. They realized it was a fun game, but one that only lives a short life. If you get it, you will be happy with what you get and you will be happy with what you spent for it.


Great, but too linear

nightassassin1 | May 13, 2014 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

This was a great game, but it was way too linear. You are forced down a path wherever you go. You get a few choices in the game at specific parts dealing with objects or paths, but these choices don't matter. Choosing any of the options yield the exact same results. Essentially you are playing through a story that you have no power to change. You are only able to ride it out. When you finish the game, you are not able to continue your game play. Your saved game becomes worthless because if you load it up, you are at the end of the game with no enemies to fight or items to find. If you want to collect more items or fight more, you have to start a new game. Even with these problems, the game is great. It has some interesting elements you don't find in any other game and the story is interesting. It kept me wondering about a few things and trying to guess what was going to happen next. I enjoyed it even though I am not fond of strictly linear games. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good story RPG. The graphics were pretty great as well. There is a small cut-scene at the end of the credits that you can't see without watching the entire credits, so if you want to see this little clip you have to wait it out. I give this an 88 simply because your choices don't matter. They attempted to give you the illusion that your choice would impact the game, but it does not and that is something that really annoys me. The cut-scenes don't even update to a physical change you get to make in the game. Obviously I can't say what change that is because it will give away a game element, but I am sure many will catch it.


Great alternative to Sim City

nightassassin1 | May 13, 2014 | Review of Cities XL Platinum - PC

This game is a good alternative to Sim City. It plays very similar and has a few different options. There is a bad lag that you get when you develop your map a lot. This is because the area is so big and you have a huge amount of entities moving around that must be rendered and tracked constantly. The programmers did not understand how to optimize this properly and that is what is causing the lag you read about. I feel that this is no buggier than Sim City and the best plus is that it is not affiliated with EA, the company notorious for giving out broken games and doing little about it. I recommend this if you want a city building game. It is fun and well priced with no gimmicks like building DLC that you find with Sim City. When you buy this game, you get the entire game. Now I will get back to monitoring my Oil Dale city that is producing millions every few minutes.


Good MMO

nightassassin1 | May 13, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn NA Post - PC

This was more than I expected. The game is incredibly beautiful and quite fun. I don't like subscription based games, but this one is worth it. I was part of the closed beta and I loved it so much I actually bought it and payed the subscription. It is a million times better than Elder Scrolls Online. The makers of that game didn't understand how an MMORPG should work, but the makers of this one understood it very well. If you love an amazingly beautiful art style and MMORPGs this is a great game to get. I was simply stunned by the game's beauty. It plays like a dream and is a new and interesting experience. This felt like WoW with an upgraded experience and great graphics. I could see this as a good successor to WoW, I feel like it delivers what it promised, great graphics, an immersive environment, fun game play, and a well rounded battle system.


Good game, bad port

nightassassin1 | May 13, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II NA Post - PC

The game is fun and interesting, but I have a few problems with it. AMD graphics is giving me an odd pink texture where finer areas of dynamic lighting is located. This is caused by an incompatibility with the AMD driver set and I am using the latest driver. I will be testing this with the beta driver later and hope that fixes it. The port is quite bad simply because it still shows all the controls for the game as if you were using an Xbox controller, so the keyboard and mouse setup takes a bit of getting used to right from the start. The controls are also a little at times and the mouse controls aren't as smooth as they could be. Other than the problems above, the game is pretty nice. The graphics are decent, it doesn't put a heavy load on the PC, it has some interesting mechanics and a few differences from the first game. Out of the two I think 1 is better, but this game is pretty solid on its own. The game is difficult, but not impossible. It also has a relatively linear design that I am not too fond of, but works for the game. If you are a big fan of RPG games and miss when you had to actually try to win, then this is definitely a good one for you. I recommend this, but I will be removing a large amount of points for not correctly configuring this for PC. It is not that hard to change interface buttons from Xbox to PC, which shows that the developer was just lazy.


Very rocky start, getting better

nightassassin1 | Nov. 24, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

This game was released before it was finished. It had problems that prevented game play for days some times.These issues are being fixed slowly and by January 2014 I expect the game to be a complete game at last. EA is notorious for releasing games in unacceptable condition and not compensating players so if you are looking to get this game wait until next year. The overall game play is very nice when it works and handles much differently than BF3 did. The campaign of the game is pretty amazing and the graphics are stunning. The campaign give unlockable weapons and dog tags so I suggest playing that first and getting a feel for the game. There are still currently some audio glitches, but when it works right, the audio is pretty great as well. The game DOES NOT have coop. I was a bit sad to hear this, but I guess not too many people played it. It would be nice to see a coop game mode of some kind like maybe a wolf spin-off of CoD zombies. Overall I love the game, but the instability had forced me to not play for a month even after preordering the game and spending 3 hours attempting to get EA to compensate me for their terrible game. Ofcourse they did nothing to help, but so long as you never have to contact EA, the game will be amazing when it is finished in 2014. Assume you are buying a $60 beta test.


Great deal

nightassassin1 | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Explorers Map Pack - PC

This map pack is one of the better pack deals the game has to offer. Most packs give one or two maps for $3, but this one gives 10 for $5. At fifty cents per map, it is a wonderful deal. The best part is that half of these are still real world places. This is great for me as I like to do YouTube series on games like this and real world maps allows me to reenact historic wars against other players (using the correct civilizations at least). There is a lot of fun that can be had here and it is worth the $5. If you want more packs or you need more areas to play on with friends, this is the pack to get. I give this pack a 90. I would like maps to be a bit less expensive for maps, say 30 cents, but either way this is still one of the cheaper packs.


One great buy

nightassassin1 | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Alice Madness Returns The Complete Collecion - PC

The Alice series is a great one that for some reason has not sparked a huge market. This game is pretty much a dark platformer and action/adventure version of the children's story Alice in Wonderland. The game and story are well done. Alice Madness Returns is one of the first few games that incorporated Nvidia Physx into the game. Physx is a particle and water rendering system that makes things more life-like or just cooler. This game does not have a huge amount of it in the game due to it being one of the earlier to support it, but it helped enhance the experience. This pack is amazing because it includes BOTH the original and madness returns games. Both are great in their own respect, but I find Madness Returns to be better, not simply for the newer graphics and Physx, but for the gameplay itself. It seems much smoother. The game does have a few bugs where you might get stuck and have to reload a save, but usually it takes you back to where it would if you died so you don't loose much progress at all. The extras for the Madness Return game are kind of nice to have, but really you are buying this pack for the two games and not the DLC. This pack is usually on sale for less than buying Madness Returns on its own so your best deal is actually to get more for less with this pack. Grab it on sale (like it is right now for $7.50) and you just got two amazing games for a steal and a some extras to boot. This game is great for anyone who enjoys the darker side of children's stories. I loved this game and it is one of my more favorite recent games. I give it a 95 simply because those bugs can get very annoying and the dresses in the DLC are kind of a sales ploy and worthless to the game play.


A fun map

nightassassin1 | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Cradle of Civilization Americas - PC

This map is fun since it allows play on my home continent. The idea of being able to take over your continent and rule it is a bit cynical, but fun >:) The pack only includes the one map and so you don't get very much for the current price of $3, but it is worth it if you really want new areas to play in. This map works very well if you want to make YouTube videos with this game. The pack does however do exactly as it states, it gives you one map that has been detailed very similarly to the actual continents and nothing else, so if you do buy this you know exactly what you are getting. I got a good moneys worth out of this due to my YouTube videos and I enjoyed acting out historic wars on this map so I give it a 70. It would be a great buy if it were more like $1 for the map, but it is still good if you will get good use out of it.


As advertised

nightassassin1 | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Cradle of Civilization Mediterranean - PC

The pack behaves as advertised. It comes with the Mediterranean maps, but doesn't really add much game play other than the map area itself. You can create your own scenarios using the map editor to make things interesting or to share with friends and the internet community, but that is about it. The map pack is good if you want to act out Mediterranean wars, which is fun. I used this map and others for a YouTube series to act out historical wars in the map area and it was pretty popular so if you make YouTube videos of this game it is a good consideration as to a reason to buy this pack. I give it a 70 due to the limited uses of the pack, but it does do exactly as it states.


Good pack

nightassassin1 | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Cradle of Civilization Asia - PC

This pack adds a real world map area of Asia to the game, however it does not add scenarios or much of anything else. This is a nice pack if you really want the Asia area to act out history in the game or something like that (which can be fun), but other than that the pack is useless. I used it act out history from the Asian continent in ancient wars with a friend of mine for YouTube videos and it made a pretty interesting YouTube series (idea for anyone else). I got pretty much every pack you can buy for this game because that series became pretty popular. So as you can see the pack is really just good for a fun interpretation like that. The best part about this pack is that it is not over priced. If you want it, there is nothing bad in it and you get exactly what the pack states, but it does not really add much of an element to the game itself. Because it is generally worthless other than aesthetics I will only give it a 70, but it works fine for what it says it does.


Hard but great scenarios

nightassassin1 | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Denmark - PC

The vikings have always been a huge center of attention for kids, lore, movies, games, and the like. Now your dreams can come true and you can fight the vikings, live the vikings, BE the vikings! The vikings were an interesting culture and with this pack you can use them to dominate your enemies by striking fear into them with your mighty viking fleet. What about doesn't sound awesome? The viking scenario in this pack is decently hard. You have something like 30 turns to win the scenario and it is not easy to do when every nation in the scenario begins to attack you for no reason about halfway through the game. This is when it get s hard because you are required to explore for certain things and that is hard to do when you have to fend off two or more nations, city states, and avoid them with your scout ships to keep exploring. I personally loved this challenge as opposed to the base game, which was relatively easy to win unless on the hardest setting. Shortly put you can be the vikings or decimate the vikings and you get an interesting and hard scenario with this pack. If you like vikings this is one pack you need. Also if you just want an expansion to the game this is a great one to pick up in its own right compared to others. I like it quite a bit and it makes things a little more fun. I give this a 95, the highest score yet out of all of my expansions to this game.


A great dark platformer

nightassassin1 | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of Alice Madness Returns NA Origin - PC

This game is great. It is a dark/demented view on the children's Alice in Wonderland (do not get this for kids!) and it is just amazing. It can be considered a part platformer, part action/adventure RPG game. I played the first one back when I was pretty young and then I picked this one up about a year after it released. It follows the story of the original very well and improves on basically everything. The graphics are improved ten-fold compared to the last and on top of that it has support for Nvidia Physx. This was one of the earlier games that supported Physx so there was not a very large amount of Physx integrated into the game, but the small amount of particle and fluid areas that did use the Physx looked great. The only real problem is that there were a few bugs where you can get stuck on rocks or in an endless fall, but reloading a save can fix this. It was a very big hassle to have to redo some things due to a bug glitch, but the game play was so great that even with those bugs, the game comes out with a pretty high rating. If you enjoyed the first you will love this one. This game is also great for anyone who enjoys the darker side of children's stories. I loved this game and it is one of my more favorite recent games. I give it a 94 simply because those bugs are very annoying.


Worst DLC pack available for the game

nightassassin1 | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Collectors Edition Pack - PC

The grenade is neat but worthless on the battlefield and two of the 4 heads in this pack do not look good. The Gunzerker and Siren heads look pretty bad and the clothing is sub-par, the Assassin suit is about average, and the commando one looks nice. Essentially you would be paying $5 for one good skin and one mediocre skin as the other two are worse than some of the in-game ones. No matter how you look at it, this pack is very expensive for what you get. The one thing I do like about this pack is that it shows everything it will give you so any discourse about the purchase is at the purchaser's fault. Save your money and use it on something better as you will not get your moneys worth with this pack. The biggest disappointment of all Borderlands DLC. 10 points for the good skins and 10 points for being exactly as stated in the descriptions. -80 for the bad skins and weapon.


Disappointing compared to BL1 DLC

nightassassin1 | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett her Piratess Booty - PC

This DLC was ok, but not what I expected. Gearbox released amazing, unique, and humorous DLC packs for Borderlands 1 with every one of them being unique and amazing so I expected the same for Borderlands 2, sadly this was not the case. This DLC is unique and interesting, but it is not as humorous as I expected. There are some parts of the game that are quite funny, but not nearly enough to compare to Borderlands 1 DLC packs. This pirate pack adds a new vehicle, the harpoon boat, which is quite fun to play with and a new large area to roam and complete missions on, but the low humor really hurts the DLC since it is supposed to complement a comic shooter. The beginning of the DLC is great and as it goes it gets less and less humorous. This is the worst DLC for BL2 in my opinion.


Good game, bad port

nightassassin1 | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Rotastic (1) - PC

The game is fun and relaxing to play with interesting and unique levels, but there are a few issues with the button configurations. The game shows to press certain buttons that you would find on an Xbox controller, making it a little hard to figure out what to press at some times. There are parts where the game shows correct PC buttons to press, however this is only part of the time. Other than this issue the game is pretty stable and fun to play with no game crashes. I enjoy the game and it is a good relaxing break from the intense modern shooters, racers, and fighters that streamline the market these days. The main play of the game is to use a rope and physics to sling yourself around the map grabbing gems or cutting the ropes of enemy characters. Some of the maps have puzzles and some don't, giving it a mix up so that the game play is not the same constant play. This is not really a game you play for hours or play every day, but it is one you play for about an hour every so often when you just need that break from main stream gaming genres/themes. A good buy for cheap when on sale, a bit too low key for $10.


Good start, very disappointing middle and end

nightassassin1 | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of Alan Wakes American Nightmare - PC

The game started off pretty great and I like some of the new features such as the unlockable suitcases of weapons and adding more than just 3 or so original weapons. The problem comes when you get a short way into the game and you return to the beginning of the game. This happens multiple times and was just annoying. Being required to do the same things over and over again is very boring and annoying in a video game. On top of this the size of the map is very small. It is limited to a small town equaling maybe 1/8th the size of the first game. What makes things even more disappointing is that the game play lasts about two hours if you play the main story and do not stray off course. The game could have been so much more and I had such high hopes for this game since the last was so great, but it was a major let down. Do not bother with this game unless you can get it for a very cheap price such as $5. It had potential to be an amazing game and the game is fun to play, but it is far from Alan Wake.


Unique and well made

nightassassin1 | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

I did not expect very much from this game and was hesitant to even start playing it after getting it in a Humble Bundle as I felt like it would not be very good. After about an hour and a half I started to like the game very much. The game is mostly a third person shooter about the fight between light and dark in a way you have never really seen before. The biggest thing I disliked about this game is that it was a bit too easy for me. You can beat the game with one set of flashlight batteries and a hand gun. Despite this issue, the game was still pretty great. If you are into dark shooters or light vs darkness games this is a good one to go for. The price is a bit high for a game that has been out this long and would be a great buy at $20, but $30 is a bit steep. Grab the game with a 20% off code (thanks GreenMan) and it is a gold buy.


Great reboot of an old series

nightassassin1 | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Could not have asked for a more beautiful and entertaining reboot to the TombRaider series. The game play is very smooth and is not very repetetive compared to most games these days. The graphics are stunning as well. The amount of work put into the graphics of the game alone makes this game worth getting if not just for the graphics. The story is nicely put together and is just complimented by the graphics. The opening scene to the game is a bit odd and disconcerting, but after playing for another short while you get into the game much more and enjoy it quite a bit. I am not fond of the whole "magic of the island" type stuff, but even with that part of the story it is a nice game. If you ever enjoyed TombRaider this reboot does it justice and you will enjoy it. If you have never played TombRaider, this is one of the best there is so it is a good place to start.


Great upgrade to the first of the series

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Hacker Evolution Untold - PC

This game is better than the first Hacker Evolution and does the franchise justice as a sequel. It has a more polished interface to make it look nicer, the difficulty is around the same, and the puzzles are slightly better. This is still a text based puzzle game and NOT a hacking simulator as you may think. I like this one a bit more than the first and it seems to be very well done. The graphics are not amazing, but they do not need to be because it is a text based game and the audio bits in the game are nicely done and make the game more immersive to feel like you are actually hacking something. It is an interesting game and is just a nice game to have for the right price. The sale price of $0.50 is a great deal for this game and I would pay up to about $1 for this game, however paying any more than this is a waste on such a simple to make game.


An interesting game

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Hacker Evolution - PC

This game does not actually require knowledge of hacking, teach hacking, or require knowledge of Unix/Linux. The game gives you a tutorial of how things work and what you have to do to efficiently play the game so it is not hard for people who have little knowledge of computers. The game is quite hard and is more of a text puzzler than a hacking simulator, but it is interesting and fun. It tends to make people nervous when you sit near them and play the game, making them think you are actually hacking something. It is kind of fun to see their reaction to it. Personally I am pleased with the game for the price of $1 that I payed. If you can get this game for really cheap then it is a great game to get, but if it is more than $1 or so, I would not buy it. The game is pretty low key and text based.


If you love shooters, this is for you

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition NA Origin - PC

This is the best deal out of every Battlefield 3 prospect. You get the base game, every DLC, special premium only weapons such as the ACB knife, and priority que. You save a large amount of money if you buy the game and all of the DLC packs individually compared to if you buy this premium version of the game and you do not get the benefits of being a premium member. Each DLC pack in this premium version of the game gives the exact same thing as the individual packs such as the weapons, maps, and vehicles so you lose nothing by buying this version of the game and it is cheaper. I have been an FPS gamer since the old days of the Delta Force franchise and was a bit hesitant to get into BF2 and BF3 due to the high use of vehicles, but the game is well balanced and there are no-vehicle maps as well. I enjoyed this game and all of the DLC packs very much. The biggest reason I enjoyed the game is that my roommate has the game as well and we always play together, making things more fun and we tend to dominate everything. If you love shooters or want to get into them, this game is a great one to start or continue in. I loved it very much and can not wait for the next installation of the franchise. DICE did a great job on this game and all of the unbalanced weapons have been fixed now so you will have a fighting chance against anyone no matter what weapon you have.


A great pack and a nice polar opposite of Close Quarters

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Armored Kill NA Origin - PC

If you love using vehicles in Battlefield 3 and that is pretty much all that you use, this DLC is for you. The maps have large beautiful landscapes for you to destroy and riddle with your victims and enemy vehicles while safely sitting in your gunship or tank destroyer. This is pretty much the exact oposite of the Close Quarters expansion pack in the sense that everything revolves around vehicles while Close Quarters revolved around infantry. If you hate vehicles or mainly play infantry then this DLC is not for you. If you are infantry you are most likely going to be taken out by an enemy vehicle in the next two minutes, so basically if you are not in a vehicle you are not going to do very well in this map unless you have someone supplying you with ammo and you are setting down a large amount of AT mines. I liked this DLC to some extent as it tests your skills with vehicles in a pretty much vehicles only setting, however I am more of an infantry person and if there is any DLC where you should never play infantry, this is it. This pack was best when you really want to be in a vehicle and your team is always taking or wasting vehicles in normal conquest. A vehicle lover's fantasy.


One of the best infantry map sets

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Close Quarters NA Origin - PC

This map set is great for infantry warfare, mainly TDM. This is a great DLC to get away from the constant release of large maps for vehicle destruction and such. I personally like to run infantry as I am a gamer from the older era where vehicles were not drivable, but I do enjoy running in a vehicle every so often. My biggest issue with the shooters these days is the heavily enforced vehicles such as the people that are so good in jets and tanks that they have 80-12 K/D games and you can't even stand in your base without being hit by a jet from across the map. This map set brought my love for this game back after hours and hours of being killed by unkillable jets. This pack does add the new gadget: M320 LVG. This is an underslung grenade launcher for the Assault class and can come in handy. I personally have found grenade launchers annoying since the old days because some people use nothing but the launchers, however these are nicely made and have a unique ability to be underslung on the weapon or used standalone for a slight drop in fire rate and switch rate from weapon to weapon. It is nice, but not quite the reason you would buy this pack. If you like infantry maps or would like a break from the constant maul of jets and tanks this pack is for you 100%. This is one of my favorite DLC packs for BF3.


A good and interesting DLC

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Aftermath NA Origin - PC

This DLC is best for two things: the maps and the Crossbow. You get 4 new maps, 3 of which are pretty great. The new game mode it adds (Scavenger) is pretty much only good for getting the crossbow. I like the game mode personally, but very few people play that mode. Almost every server is Conquest, TDM, or Air Superiority. The crossbow is nice because it is a 3rd weapon. It does not replace your primary or secondary weapon and is a one shot kill close range much like a shotgun with a bit longer range. The two draw backs of the crossbow are its drop off and reload time. I believe it is best used close range as a sniper to help out with close combat. The new vehicles are pretty negligible so pretty much if you want new maps and a nifty crossbow this DLC is great for you. I recommend this one, but not over some of the other DLC packs such as Back to Karkhand.


Nice maps, but not so nice vehicle list

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 End Game - PC

The new maps are pretty interesting and fun to play on, but the new vehicle list was not as great. The motor bikes that were introduced with this pack made C4 vehicle ramming more accessible and easier to do. The bikes are almost solely used for C4 ramming into tanks or other ground vehicles. The added unlocks for weapons were not much better than normal weapons due to balancing requirements, but they were unique in their own ways, so if you still have yet to find your ideal rifle you have more of a chance to find it here. My personal favorite is still the G3A3 (ever since Delta Force Black Hawk Down) and is simply amazing in this game as well, however it is not part of this DLC, it can be obtained in the base game. As you can tell I got this pack for the new maps and not the weapons. The extras that come with the maps: weapons, vehicles, and tags are nice but not really what you grab this specific DLC for.


A blast from the past

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand DLC NA Origin - PC

I have been an FPS player since the old Delta Force franchise so I like to see references to the older days. This pack gives you maps from Battlefield 2, which was a solid game save for the dolphin diving. The maps have been reworked to allow for building destruction and the newer vehicles, but it is essentially the same maps, while the buildings still stand at least. I enjoy this pack mostly for the nostalgia purposes, however the special extra weapons are a nice addition to the unlock system. I believe it adds a 10 new weapons to the game that are usable in any game mode so if you play a base game map, you can still use your special unlocks that some other players are not able to get. This is a great DLC pack and if you have ever played Battlefield 2, it is a great blast from the past. I enjoy the new Dolphin Diving dog tags as only the older players understand the joke behind it.


Good idea, too pricey

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Shortcut Bundle NA - PC

So this bundle essentially gives you all of the unlocks for the game. This is great if you want to jump in and be able to take out high level jet users when you would normally have no special extras to add on to it or if you would be up against tanks with reactive armor. The most useful thing is that it adds the Defibrillator and you do not have to unlock it. I like the idea of this as it removes the need to run around for hours trying to unlock things you really want, but require over 30 hours of play just to get. The biggest problem with this pack is that it is $40. That is almost as much as the base game was when the game released. That is a bit on the expensive side and nearly no one bought this pack. I got it because I got the game for $5 last summer on sale and did not want to spend forever gaining these items. It is worth $20 no problem $30 is stretching it and $40 is just ridiculous. I got mine on a 50% off sale so it only cost me $20 and it was a well spent $20. If you are not new to war games, then this pack will be useful, however if you are new to them this pack will be a waste. Your skill level in game will be the same no matter what unlocks you have to use when you are new to the game, but being a veteran, I was able to make great use of the vehicle unlocks and started out with a 1.6 Kill/Death ratio because of this pack. It was a great help for me. It gets a 68 from me because it is only useful for a small group of people for the price point that was chosen.


Good head, bad skin

nightassassin1 | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Psycho Domination Pack - PC

Got this head for some fun showings on my YouTube channel. The skin itself is not very notable and has little difference from the normal skin of the character, but the head is nice. You can run around and have some funny antics with friends using this executioner's mask. It makes for good YouTube videos and some turned heads in online play, but $1 for this is kind of a bit much. 50c for this would be a bit more acceptable as only half of the pack (the head) is worth anything. I could see the head going for only 25c though due to it taking less time to create.


One interesting skin

nightassassin1 | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Gunzerker Dapper Gent Pack - PC

This is one of the better DLC skins you can pick up for this game. Most of them are quite odd or just don't look good, but this one is up on top. Changing Salvador into a gentleman skin is quite fun considering his normal sayings and behavior. He kind of reminds me of the Monopoly guy without the grey hair. It is a well done skin with very good detail put into the face. I really like the rich guy mustache and how the shirt doesn't look like a suit, but one of those cheap shirts that are made to look like a suit. If you want a new skin for any of the Borderlands 2 characters, this is one of the few worth the $1 price tag.


Best. Character. Ever.

nightassassin1 | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack DLC - PC

If you get a single piece of DLC besides the new maps, you need this one. This character is the most fun to play out of every Borderlands and Borderlands 2 characters. His skill tree is very interesting and fun to play and his background is great. If you get a chance go over to YouTube and watch the Borderlands 2 Psycho trailer. It is the funniest piece of Borderlands yet and is very interesting. I love playing as this crazy Kamikaze guy. You do so much damage if played right and it takes some skill to be a mass killing machine. Out of the two DLC characters, this one is better and not as easy of a play through, but still pretty easy. $10 is a bit much for a single character, however if you wait for the sale it usually drops to $3-$5. Just watch this site, Steam, and Amazon for sales and you will get it for what it is worth.


What Bioshock 2 should have been

nightassassin1 | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

This game is everything Bioshock 2 was expected to be by the fans and is simply amazing. It is not in the same old underwater city like the last two games and it changed so much from the franchise in such a great way. The changes did not hinder the story or hinder the gameplay, but enhance it. I only recently finished this game after receiving it for free with my HD 7870 GPU that I bought from Newegg and getting this game for free made it that much better. The current $40 price point is reasonable for a game of this caliber, even the $50 price point earlier in the release was worth it. If you like any of the other Bioshock games, you need to grab this now. The same goes for people who like FPS-RPG games or 2K games. This is one of their best and I would dare to say it is up there with the Borderlands franchise. The game graphics have advanced quite a lot since the first Bioshock and are very sleek and nice looking at max settings. It does not require too much processing or graphics power, but it does require a large amount of hard drive space. If you are looking for a new game, this is for you.


Good sequel, but missing something

nightassassin1 | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of BioShock 2 Steam - PC

This sequel of the original Bioshock adds some interesting gameplay improvements, different plot angles, some new weapons, and some more information on what really happened in that underwater city. This is all nice additions, but the game feels almost exactly like Bioshock 1. I am not sure if they meant to make it seem like the exact same game from a different perspective or a simple continuation, however it seems like you walked out of the last game and into this one with little change other than the story itself. With that said, this game is not bad, just not what was expected from 2K as a sequel. The game is very much playable and just as interesting as the first, however it is almost like a continuation of the first without too much of an upgrade. Almost like you watched an episode of Stargate SG-1 and now you are watching another episode. I would recommend this to Bioshock fans. If you do not have the first game you should go pick that up first and then if you like that one, grab this game. I liked the first a bit more than this one and I feel I will not have enjoyed this one as much if I had not played the first.


A very unique game

nightassassin1 | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

I wanted to play this game ever since it was announced, but it took until January 2013 for me to finally get my chance, and even with the game being a little dated it was a pretty great play. It kind of reminds me of Deus Ex, but with a darker feel. The artwork of the game is dark and suspenseful adding to the effect of a biological civil war aftermath game. The combination of shooter and augmentations go together pretty well for some reason and make for an interesting play. This is not just another shooter RPG. It has such an interesting and unique play compared to most other RPG shooters. The mysterious and interesting story gets a 9/10 from me and it is best left untold, leaving you to find out what the story is for yourself. It kind of ruins the game if you know the story. The only down point of the game is the repeated tedious hacking that goes on. It gets annoying and time consuming later in the game and just kind of hinders the gameplay rather than fuels it. If you like mysterious and dark FPS-RPG games then this is for you.


Even more levels!?!

nightassassin1 | Sept. 4, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 - PC

I love the Borderlands franchise and have since the first day I played Borderlands 1. The game series is nothing short of a humorous master piece of crazy antics and unexpected plot twists. With this new pack you can play for even longer as your favorite character and still have more to do. Did you hit that level cap a while back and lose interest? Go check again because you certainly did not. The guns will now scale higher as well to follow up with the levels. Quite simply this is a pack to extend the play life of the game. I like how they do this and I feel like they should extend it to 100 levels in a 3rd pack (was hoping they would do it in this one), but I don't know how realistic that goal is. As a massive Borderlands fan the pack does not do very much for me. I grabbed it to try and prolong the life of the game and I still find it hard to want to play it. I have logged over 300 hours on the base game and 4 DLC before getting the two upgrade packs so you can imagine how little is left for me to do in this game. Not to mention my "BadA** Level" (censored for any youngsters reading) is so high I have over 18% in every specialization so you players understand just how much I have put into this game. Ideally I wanted this to extend the life of my 7 characters I have leveled to max (all characters, but two Mecromancers) and it does give a little life back into it, but not quite as much as I hoped. That is more from a personal stand point however, as I have logged so many hours I know where everything is and don't really have much content to play now. So not only did we get a pack to upgrade our levels and gear one time, but we get it a second time now and at a great price. Not only is it $5 but right now there is also a 25% off code for it too (wish I knew that before buying on steam). The coolest thing is that this also comes with a new map. I am very surprised that the pack includes a map for what the price is set at, but there is no way I will be complaining about that. If you have a massive amount of time put into the game, this pack won't do much for you, however if you already wanted to go back and play the game again but haven't really found the right reason, this is your reason. It is a great pack for a great price and will extend the life of a game so long as there is still interest for that game. Because it comes with a map and the integration of the leveling is done very well I rate this pack at 100.


Good, but not great

nightassassin1 | Sept. 1, 2013 | Review of Titan Quest - PC

This game will remind you of the Diablo franchise. It follows a similar play style with a brighter theme. You still enter caves and dungeons of sorts, however most of the fighting takes place during a well lit overworld by day. The equipment system is pretty much the exact same as Diablo and the fighting system is about the same as well. You wander the world taking quests from towns people ranging from driving out evil creatures to hunting down boss monsters. The co-op play is much better than singleplayer. The singleplayer is a nice adventure, however it gets very repetitive and boring very fast. This is a game meant to be singleplayer, but ended up being much better in co-op. I personally did not like it too much compared to Diablo and it didn't have much of a story in my eyes. Nonetheless it was still a decent playable game so it gets a mid range score and I do not quite recommend it, but it is worth a play at a good low price.


The next step up

nightassassin1 | Sept. 1, 2013 | Review of Saints Row IV NA ztorm - PC

So I recently got into this series because my roommate would not stop talking about Saints Row 3 so I got 2 and 3 and they were pretty crazy and interesting, but then we both got 4 and it was just that much better. Some games stagger where some are good and some are bad or mediocre, but this franchise just seems to up itself every game. This game has all the insane game play as the previous games and more. It felt like it missed the mark in a couple places, but nothing that lasted too long. It plays similar to Saints Row III, but adds some more game elements to make it more of its own game instead of feeling like an add-on. The absolute coolest thing about this game is the integrated modding support. Deep Silver announced the support saying it wants to let the community do whatever it wants with the game to help prolong the life of the game. Very few companies care about the longevity of the game play and some go as far as to discourage or even chastise modding of the game. This company understands what the gaming community wants and brings it into fruition. Microsoft could learn a thing or two from these people.


They have done it again

nightassassin1 | Sept. 1, 2013 | Review of Rayman Legends - PC

A great addition to the franchise. I never really got into Rayman until playing Origins with my friend on the Wii, but after that I was hooked. I then bought some of the previous ones and when this came out he got it for me so we can play together. This game is just as good as Rayman Origins and is one of the funnest games of its kind. The game does not require a high end computer to play, but it still has some pretty decent graphics and just has that odd appeal that some of these cartoon games have. You can't quite explain what it is about the artwork that draws you in, but there is just some kind of magic behind it. It is nice that GreenMan is getting this game now. I am an avid gamer with a huge collection of games ranging from the Atari 2200 to the PS3 and PC. This game is one of my tops. I like Origins a little more than this one, but this is still on the same level as it. The game is nice in single player, however I have noticed Rayman games are best played in co-op with friends. It makes things three times better than single player and extends the game life. The longevity of the game for single player use is short so if you won't have friends to play with you should skip this game, but if you do have friends to play with you will get your moneys worth out of it. Consider it similar to how you would view Battlefield or Call of Duty. The single player is nice, but you really get it to play with friends.


The best of the new

nightassassin1 | Sept. 1, 2013 | Review of Worms Clan Wars - PC

This is about on par with the original worms and the best of any of the new worms games since then. This game has everything the past ones have had with added "clan support" for new game modes and multiplayer games. It is an interesting upgrade to the worms franchise and one for the better. It does play like most other worms games as do all of them and adds more weapons and bigger levels, but most notably it is more user friendly. The game is pretty much an upgraded Worms Revolution with slightly smoother graphics, but it is not quite a bad thing unless you have revolution and want this game. If you want one of the newer worms games you should grab this one and skip all of the rest. I have played every single game and a friend of mine gifted me this one recently and it was definitely the best of the new ones and a neat change from the original. I like it just as much as the original worms and more than any of the new ones so I recommend you pick up this one and the original worms and just skip anything in between the two.


An interesting Tower Deffence

nightassassin1 | Aug. 31, 2013 | Review of PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate - PC

I believe Pixel Junk originated on the console market, but after doing so well it seems to have moved into the pc market now too. Me and my brother have played the original Pixel Junk Monsters for hours on the PS3 and so I was interested in getting this one for the PC. I have always been more of a PC player to begin with. The controls in this are pretty easy to get the hang of and so are the rules. I find it much easier to control a mouse than a joystick as well. I first thought this would end up being a port from the console, but if it is, I can't tell. The game is made very well and the controls are great. This ultimate version of the previous Pixel Junk Monsters adds a small amount of extras to it that enhance the play compared to the older version, but a cool feature that I really like is it allows for local and online multiplayer. A game is always more fun when played with a buddy. This is one of the better tower defense games out there at the moment and at a very reasonable price point of $20. If you enjoy tower defense games and like cartoonish graphics, then this is for you. I have heard some people say that they don't like the graphics and it hinders the experience for them, but I also know people who call themselves "pixel junkies" because they have spent a few hundred hours playing the game. I have found that the PC version is just as good, if not better. Not having my PS3 with me at college, I was unable to play this game until now. Definitely a good buy. I give it a 97. Could have improved just a couple things, but nothing worth mentioning here and would have liked to see different character choices.


The failed attempt to focus on multiplayer

nightassassin1 | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Medal of Honor Warfighter NA Origin - PC

Medal of Honor has always been a favorite in FPSRPG, but in its attempt to take on Battlefield and Call of Duty, the makers have started to change what the franchise is about. This franchise has always focused on the single player, giving multiplayer the back-burner as simply an added feature. This time around they attempted to swap the two and do what other recent FPS games do. This is what caused the biggest problem with this game. The usually long and immersive story that puts you in the midst of battle has been cut short and feels neglected. You are no longer immersed in the story and the story is bumpy compared to any Medal of Honor classics. I would not recommend this game unless you are a Medal of Honor lover. The graphics are nice and all, but what they attempted to do with this has turned it into a pathetic version of Battlefield and the story is far from what it used to be.This will get a 68 from me simply because it is not for everyone and is a complete waste of money if you are not really into the franchise.


A rare and dying FPS type

nightassassin1 | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Medal of Honor Ultimate Digital Collection NA Origin - PC

Medal of Honor has always been centralized around single player play with some later added support for local multiplayer. With the newest additions of this franchise allow online multiplayer, but as the franchise has never really been a multiplayer one, the multiplayer is never even close to Battlefield. This is the biggest complaint from people, however criticizing a game that does not emphasize multiplayer simply because other games do makes no sense. This franchise is one of the rare ones that has a good and long story line as an FPS game. The FPS-RPG franchises are pretty much all gone, transformed into multiplayer only with a cheap single player to allow the player to get a grasp of the game before going into a stat-tracked online server. The story in this FPS is longer and more in-depth than any other new age shooter, focusing on the old RPG aspect of FPS games. Most people these days do not appreciate such things. I used to have hours of fun playing these, most notably Medal of Honor: Front Line (not included in this pack). The graphics were very nice in their time and are still acceptable today compared to indie games. The game play is handled very nicely and is well adapted and refined. This is worth the price point and will provide hours of fun. Medal of Honor was never the best FPS game, but was one of the top in its prime. After a short time of play you become the soldier. You lived that battle. You won that battle with your own hands, witnessing it with your own eyes. I give this pack a solid 83.


Good addition

nightassassin1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization Scenario Pack Korea - PC

This gives a good addition to the game, adding new scenarios, maps, and units. Me and a friend like to act out wars against one another from history or possible future bouts, adding time limits leading up to the end date of the war between those two nations to add some reality or more strategy to the game. It turns out really fun that way, giving only two or 3 rulers to choose from to play as. The time constraint adds another element to the game, usually always resulting in no nation being whipped out, but it does happen some times. This Korean one adds to that fun, so if you ever get bored with the game go ahead and find a friend to pit two warring nations against one another and try to take on the persona of the person you are playing as. The price of this DLC seems ok for what it adds, as it does add more than just one or two things, however I still feel like these small DLCs for the game can be a little over priced. This one falls within the constraints for a $5 price mark, so if you do plan on getting DLC for this game, this is one of the ones you need to get.


The best DLC buy so far, right up there with Korea

nightassassin1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Denmark and Explorers Combo Pack - PC

This DLC adds two together for a cheaper price, giving more than most other DLC packs do for this game. The extra maps added for this game give single player mode a much larger choice for what you can play as well as the extra scenarios and civilizations you can play as. This brought hours and hours of extra game play to the game for me. If you buy the Gold version of the game you can get this with that game, however if you bought the base game you will need to purchase this DLC to go with it. I would recommend getting this DLC if you get any of them or look at the Korea one as well. I am just happy about the price point for this pack over most of everything else. You get a very good amount of extras for the game compared to some of the smaller DLCs for close to the same price. This is one of the better packs to get for a good price on the DLC.


A great addition

nightassassin1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilisation V Gods Kings Expansion Pack - PC

This DLC expands Civilization V in a good way that fixes some of the old issues and does not cause new ones. It adds some cool new features and city-states as well as religion. Religion was integrated into the Civilization franchise in Civilization IV, which had some big problems concerning religion. This re-integration of it into the franchise is much smoother and is over all better, however it does not do very much. If you spend your time working only on religion you are going to lose and on top of that, it does very little for you. The best strategy is to not even work towards religion. It is useless for the most part, but does add small bonuses. The best bonuses seem to come from happiness modifiers, giving more happiness for religious buildings, amount of citizens following a religion, or any number of other possibilities, however if you were fine without religion before the integration, you will be fine without it still. I just find it a waste of time. I liked all of the additions from this expansion, but the religion is still not what it needs to be. I expect they will be improving on it soon.


The best strategy game pack

nightassassin1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of Civilisation V GOLD - PC

This game pack offers not only the base game of Civilization V, but all of the extra expansions, not including Brave New World. The base game itself was pretty large, but the huge additions from the large DLC packaged in with the game adds a lot more functionality. Some extra features added to the game are religion, more civilizations, more maps, more scenarios, naval combat split into melee and ranged, and new city states. That is only a little of the added material provided by all of the dlc bundled into the base game, so in other words you want this pack compared to just getting the normal game. All of the provided additions give you more ways to win and allows for broader play styles. This makes multiplayer much more fun, even more so when you have so many possible choices from what ruler you want to be, making your opponent stay on their toes if you change rulers every game you play with them. It also allows you to try a different play style. Over all this is one amazing package. There are still some glitches in the AI for the builders and the plane animations are long, but that does not hinder the game play much. I personally don't see too much use in religion, so I stay away from directly attempting to progress it. I let it progress and spread as the game wants it to and focus all efforts on other game aspects. I have never once lost to someone with a strong religion.


A good racer

nightassassin1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box NA Origin - PC

This racer was good, but not great. I was not too impressed with it compared to games like Need for Speed Underground 1&2 which came out before and after this game did. The game is solid and has some unique features over other racers such as the smashing through gates and billboards, but over all I favored other racers. The graphics in this game were good and the car destruction was interesting. It was always fun to watch your car crunch up as you smashed into things. I liked the game play and how everything handled in the game so I see it as a pretty decent racer, however compared to others during its time, I would not consider it the best. It is worth getting when on sale, but I would suggest looking in to buying NFS Underground 1 or 2, 2 was better, but 1 was still pretty great. I give this one a 74 due to not being as good as the others out there and a few issues with level glitching in some areas. The glitching is not frequent, but it is noticeable when it does happen.


Not very new, but still great

nightassassin1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of Worms Reloaded - PC

The developers have been trying to keep this franchise alive, attempting to improve on the original in as many ways as possible, however they have one very big issue: the original was nearly perfect. With such a perfect original, there is only a few things that can be changed or improved without changing the franchise itself, which seems to be graphics and levels. The weapons will remain the same for the most part, with just a few added ones such as a nuclear missile or similar. Even though this game is more of a reproduction than anything else, the small upgrades performed to the levels, graphics, and weapons are still good. If you do not have the original it is good to get this one, however if you have the original, it is less important to get this new version. The multiplayer is really what this game is for. If you are playing against a computer it is not too fun, but if you are blowing up your friend or blowing up the floor under them, it is much more fun. I give this one an 89. It is still a great reproduction, but did not add too much more to the original.


A true classic

nightassassin1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of Worms - PC

This game is the first Worms there was and is still amazing to play today. I used to spend hours playing this with my brother or friends and after finding it after so long, I had to buy it. The game is still as amazing as ever even today. You control a group of worms and use different weapons to destroy your enemy. I like to use rocket launchers and air strikes to destroy my enemies with a huge bang. The graphics are pretty low level, but that is expected from a game that released in 1995. The newer versions of this game are still very fun and have cleaner graphics, but are pretty close to the same game play. There is little to improve on the original, but they want to keep the franchise alive. If you like strategy games and would love the chance to blow up or shoot down your friend's army of worms, this is definitely the game for you! I give it a great score of 91


Nice add on for a good price

nightassassin1 | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Polynesia - PC

The addition of the new leader gives players more options and more strategic possibilities. It will allow a new type of strategy to emerge in the game and online sessions, keeping things a bit more unpredictable than before. If the ruler fits your play style, it can give you a much needed strategic edge. The added scenario is good, although I personally am not the fondest of the scenarios from all of the expansions. I like the general ability to play however I want and not be limited to a small amount of time or something of that nature. Over all, this expansion is well worth the five dollar price point and adds a bit more to the already massive game. I would have preferred a three dollar price point for something like this, but it is still acceptable at five dollars. I give this expansion to the game a nice 93 score.


Get it. Get it now!

nightassassin1 | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of saints row iv Post - PC

Did you like Saints Row 3? Did you like the GTA franchise and wish there was humor in it? Ever wonder what it is like to beat someone with an item you would not get a kid (not allowed to say what it is in this review)? Then you need this game. It is pretty much an even better Saints Row 3 or GTA with some crazy antics and humor. Most of what you can say about what goes on in this game is against the rules of reviews on this site, but the best way to describe it is GTA + dirty humor. Definitely not for kids of any age, but great for adults. If you like dirty humor and violence then this game will bring you hours of joy and you will feel you have spent your money well. Gets a nice 99 from me.


The best MMO yet

nightassassin1 | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn NA Post - PC

I was lucky enough to be allowed into the early closed beta and played in every beta session up until this coming release. There was little to be fixed since the start of the beta because this game was so refined to begin with. You have to buy the game and pay a monthly fee of $15, but this is reasonable, as the amount of works that went into this game and the work that will continue to go into it is just astounding. The game came out like a dream. This is admittedly one of the best MMOs I have played of all time, and I have played over 30 MMOs. The graphics in this game are just astonishing. This is the way Final Fantasy was meant to be played. Running this on a high end graphics card with a 1080p LED monitor made it seem nearly real. The graphics are definitely top of the line and will require a more recent graphics card to run well. There is no voice acting in the game at the moment, but Square Enix says the plan to add some in the near future, but that it may or may not be ready by the release date. The game has nearly no glitches and no crashes that I had experienced. It is by far one of the most polished MMOs ever made. The only MMO that may be able to top this one is the new Elder Scrolls that is coming, however that may or may not be the case. Ratings out of 10: Audio: 8 due to no voice acting Grphics: 10 Just stunning Single Player: 0 Does not have Single Player Multi Player: 10 A very amazing MMO system with everything If you have the money for the monthly subscription, this game is worth every cent. It is just too stunning for words. Check the game out on YouTube before you buy and you will see just how beautiful the game is. I can not stress how amazing this game is compared to any and all other MMOs. If you love MMORPGs the you NEED this game. There is no getting around it. I give it a 99 due to no voice acting as of yet.


The best one yet

nightassassin1 | Aug. 26, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Tiny Tinas Assault on Dragon Keep - PC

This is by far the best Borderlands 2 DLC so far. I say so far because there has been an announcement that there will be even more DLC to come, however this is the last DLC that is to be included in the Season Pass. This one is pretty much ran by Tiny Tina in an attempt to cope with the loss of Roland and Bloodwing, which hinders the story in a small way. This attempt to cope make the game quite a bit more sad and unsettling than other DLC. I feel they should have dropped that and went with more comedy instead. Over all the DLC plays similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons, Path Finder, or something similar. There are chests that you open and get randomized by the dice that you throw, the higher the number, the higher your reward. These are a neat change compared to the completely random chests you normally find in Borderlands 2. The graphics are mostly dark, but jump back and forth as Tina changes the game in odd and dramatically opposite ways. Over all I loved this DLC. I will only take off 3 points for the extreme drops in mood caused by Tiny Tina.


Not too shabby

nightassassin1 | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of Pro Riders Snowboard - PC

I got this and played it a while after release and figured it was time to review. It was bought to have more material for my YouTube channel and it definitely gave me such. Snowboarding games are not much of a big hit any time of the year and very few people appreciate it compared to most any other game theme, however some of these are very good. My favorite snowboarder of all time to this day is from 1997, so that might put this theme in perspective for you. The game has some pretty general snowboarding action that you would plan to find in almost any snowboarding game. The biggest difference in this one is that it allows for a small freedom past the track system traditional snowboarding games impose on the player, allowing a less restricted run in some modes, however it is not that big of a freedom. For a 2013 game, the graphics in this are pretty disappointing, even when running in 1080p for good video quality it does not look like a 2013 game, more around a 2010 or 2011 game. Overall the game is good with only a few, non-repeating, glitches that I have come by and it does what it is advertised to do, not to mention the price point is reasonable, although at current date I would like it to be about $10. I give this game a 74, good game, not too great, but not bad.


Good low end god game.

nightassassin1 | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of Reus - PC

This indie god game is great for low end computers that are unable to run the more impressive ones. I love god games and play them on my desk top, but have wanted games capable of running on my laptop and this one definitely does. It is a very good indie game that has general god game mechanics with a nice graphics setup. Sound: 10 Graphics: 8 Single Player: 8 Multiplayer: 0 Does not exist I have experienced no crashes or bugs with this game and there is a good deal of play involved. The game play is a little odd due to the mechanics, but once you get used to it, it is pretty decent. The giants that you can control to do specific tasks are neat compared to some other god games and I like how you can make ambassadors ride on top of their heads. I give this game a good rating of 84. Not the best god game, but great for laptops that can't run many games and a pretty sound game over all.


One of the largest worlds in history

nightassassin1 | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition NA - PC

The world in this Elder Scrolls game is massive with so much to do. I am a huge RPG fan and this game is revered by many, however I was much harder to convince. As an age old RPG fan I expect a great deal from the main story line of a game labeled as much, however this game did not have that. The biggest love for this game from people tends to come from the massive open world and ability to kill anyone including all NPC characters. Because of the weak main story line that is also incredibly short, it took me about 3 hours to finish the main story on normal, With the main story being so weak, there are hundreds and hundreds of side quests to participate in. Now with the new upgraded Legendary Edition there is a lot more added to the game compared to the original including the addition of all DLC to this single pack as well as the addition of the extra combat systems and such. This does improve the game quite a bit, however It still misses the main story. I feel that the hype around this game is built from the band wagon effect. The Elder Scrolls has been building momentum since the first, pulling people in, and when Skyrim was announced, all of the fans went crazy and hyped the game more than the company was able to, to the point where even non gamers were pulled in. This is what drove me as a major RPG gamer to try this game and frankly I was disappointed with it. The open world and freedom is nice, but being an RPG I expect an amazing tale. The game had so many mechanics, so many extra content, so many extra missions, but very little main story. In this case the game is more about the journey than the destination, however the journey does not really add story and becomes very repetitive very fast. You steal some items, kill some monsters, get the mission finished, and there is little gratification in much of it. I love RPGs and expected an epic story from this one with the hype given it, but it seems more like an adventurer simulator or something of the sort rather than an RPG. The game was very good as it was, but as an RPG, there was no epic story that was amazing. I will take 20 points off of the rating for this and the poor polygon rendering used on terrain. They received coding awards for innovative coding, which could be true for how they set up such a massive world without instances, but the way the terrain was created was sloppy at best, being able to scale nearly vertical walls by jumping a good deal. Even with it not being much of a normal RPG, it was still a good game for adventuring and playing around in the world, it just lacked the structure needed for a decent RPG. I liked the game despite this flaw as it was a great adventure.


One amazing MMO even in the BETA

nightassassin1 | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn NA - PC

I was lucky enough to be allowed into the early closed beta and played in every beta session up until this coming release. There was little to be fixed since the start of the beta because this game was so refined to begin with. You have to buy the game and pay a monthly fee of $15, but this is reasonable, as the amount of works that went into this game and the work that will continue to go into it is just astounding. The game came out like a dream. This is admittedly one of the best MMOs I have played of all time, and I have played over 30 MMOs. The graphics in this game are just astonishing. This is the way Final Fantasy was meant to be played. Running this on a high end graphics card with a 1080p LED monitor made it seem nearly real. The graphics are definitely top of the line and will require a more recent graphics card to run well. There is no voice acting in the game at the moment, but Square Enix says the plan to add some in the near future, but that it may or may not be ready by the release date. The game has nearly no glitches and no crashes that I had experienced. It is by far one of the most polished MMOs ever made. The only MMO that may be able to top this one is the new Elder Scrolls that is coming, however that may or may not be the case. Ratings out of 10: Audio: 8 due to no voice acting Grphics: 10 Just stunning Single Player: 0 Does not have Single Player Multi Player: 10 A very amazing MMO system with everything If you have the money for the monthly subscription, this game is worth every cent. It is just too stunning for words. Check the game out on YouTube before you buy and you will see just how beautiful the game is. I can not stress how amazing this game is compared to any and all other MMOs. If you love MMORPGs the you NEED this game. There is no getting around it. I give it a 99 due to no voice acting as of yet.


The best survival game so far

nightassassin1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

This survival game was so amazing. I got it during the beta after a friend of mine let me play his for a little bit. I was so hooked I didn't want to leave just so I could continue playing. This game just has the best artwork system. It stands out from pretty much any other game on the market right now. Your main objective in this game is to survive. Your second is to get to the last level of Maxell's world and get out. The world is plagued by a large number of dangers and can be hard to live during the winter with little food. My main strategy is to build a base with lots of food options and a few refrigerators. You would think the game would get old pretty fast, but after so much points from surviving, you unlock MORE characters to play with their own special abilities. There is also a constant update of new content from the makers much like Mnecraft is. I don't think you could spend $15 in a better way than this. The sale of $10 or less is even better.


The best of the best

nightassassin1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Service NA Origin - PC

Do you have Battlefield 3? Then stop reading this review and buy this upgrade. You can not play Battlefield the right way if you do not have this pack. It adds so much content to the game it is unbelievable. The Premium pack adds maps, weapons, vehicles, game modes, dog tags, and even assignments. There is even construction vehicles like you see from CAT that you can drive in one of the expansions. The first time I got ran over by one I was wondering what just happened to me. If you don't buy this you will hate yourself for it. My friend had it and when I bought Battlefield 3 on sale my friend tried so hard to convince me to buy the premium and I am very glad he did. I love every bit of this expansion set and I know any other Battlefield 3 player will too. Ratings: Audio: 10 Graphics: 9 Amazing graphics Single player: 8 Very good single player despite being multiplayer focused Multiplayer: 10 Very little hacking if any Customer Support: 3 EA sucks with support. Took 3 hours to try and have them fix a problem that their supervisor was able to fix in 7 minutes. Over all for the game play: 100 Over all for support: -40, however I will not let that impact the main rating for the game itself, so I will give it a 98 due to possible problems with game glitches that put me on the phone with support to begin with.


Worth every Penny.

nightassassin1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 2 Complete Collection Origin NA - PC

I loved this game with a passion and with everything bundled up in one for only $20, it is just perfect. You are not getting overcharged one bit and you get so much content that you have months, even years of fun to be had. Each expansion adds new elements to the game such as Special Forces where you get a grappling hook, an item no other shooter I have heard of has. The hook allows you to scale pretty much any building or barrier you could latch on to with a real grappling hook to climb. I used to play the game just so I could grapple up buildings. The other expansions add lots more weapons, maps, and vehicles that the base game does not have. Even with Battlefield 3 out and Battlefield 4 around the corner, this game is still going strong in the community. If you loved it and wished you could play again, grab it now for this amazing price. The game is not dead and you will love yourself for getting back in. Ratings for game elements: Graphics: 6 Audio: 9 Single Player: 5 Multiplayer: 9 (still some bad glitches, but very playable) This game is really only played for its multiplayer content, with single player only being used to transition into the game to keep your score from getting messed up when you start playing multiplayer. Very good buy, very good game. Gets a 94 from me only because of the dolphin diving online and the other small glitches you find.


Solid game with cool story line

nightassassin1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

So this game is pretty much God of War or Heavenly Sword with a World of Warcraft artwork and a different story line that follows a darker version of the 4 horesman from the Bible. Essentially you are a protector of balance (one of the 4 horseman) and are blamed for the catastrophe that has happened to the earth during a fight between demons and angels. I liked this game quite a lot. It had a similar feel to God of War and was pretty easy to beat, but the game was really good. A good game does not have to be hard and that is proven here. The game graphics are dark themed for the most part, but are still well done. You don't need a particularly powerful graphics card to play and it still looks nice. The game price is reasonable, however if you were lucky enough to have bought it in the THQ Humble Bundle you got the game for $1 along with a number of others. This game was a steal for me. Even at the price mark of $20 I would say this game is still a good buy, just grab a 20% off or more code when you buy it from Green Man Gaming to save a little extra on it. I have not experienced glitches and crashes with this game. Over all, the game play gets a 91 from me. It is a good story, good graphics, not so imaginative battle system, and slightly repetitive play. A good buy for the right price. If you liked God of War, this is for you.


Better than the pirate DLC

nightassassin1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Mr Torgues Campaign of Carnage - PC

I found this one to be more entertaining than the Captain Scarlett pirate DLC. It has a slightly different humor to it than the general game. Parts are a little more colorful. This does not have a feel as an extension to the normal game, it feels more like an odd side area. It has its moment,s but it is not one of my favorites. It adds some good play to the game and extends the life of it, some of the humor is pretty good too, but I enjoyed he base game more. The DLC had no problems with crashing or bugs. Not the best, but not bad either.


All-in-One version of your favorite all time shooter

nightassassin1 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Overflow - PC

This is the one of a kind amazing Borderlands first person shooter that everyone knows and loves wrapped up neatly with all of the DLC. This is a great buy for any Gearbox or 2K Games fan. Borderlands in its own right was an amazing game with antics that most other companies were afraid to attempt in a video game, but the expansions are what made the game. The Zombie Island expansion added a horror aspect to the loved borderlands game, the Robot Revolution DLC added a very hilarious ClapTrap themed expansion that just knocked my socks off, and two others that I personally was not too hyped about, but they were still playable and added nice content to the game. If you want Borderlands or liked it and want the game again, this is your buy. It comes with everything in one and is just the best FPS play you will ever have. I give it a 90 due to the still high $30 price line. It should be better priced to $20


A must have for Borderlands lovers

nightassassin1 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Pack - PC

This DLC upgrades the obtainable level to 61, adds a third play through for even more powerful enemies and weapons, and increases the amount of skill points you can get. In a simple sentence, this extends the play-ability of the game. Is it worth the price? Very much so. I personally believe that this should have been a free update to the game, not a paid one, but as it comes after the main game, people would be more inclined to buy it to extend the game and find a reason to play it once again. I enjoyed this expansion as it gave me a reason to play again and allowed me to get an even more powerful vault hunter that could destroy low level monsters like mad. It was fun to go around exploding low levels. As it extends game play, is a decent price, and gives higher player levels I give it a high score, but I will remove a bit of the score for it having been sold separately from the main game, coming out to be an 89.


A solid expansion for a decent price

nightassassin1 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt - PC

This expansion is a hunting trip with Sir Hammerlock. I liked Hammerlock's character quite a bit so I was pretty intrigued when this pack was announced. After finally getting it, again I was not too super impressed by yet another expansion from Gearbox. I felt that they have lost their amazing expansion themes that were seen in Borderlands 1 like Clap Trap's Robot Revolution. As I played more of the game it seemed to get better however. There was more humor, better antics from Hammerlock, and some neat new monsters. The Swamp Boat was not too amazing compared to normal vehicles, but still a neat thing to use. The graphics are a little more dark than most of the normal game due to it being in a toxic wooded swamp type area, but it is still an interesting imaginative feel and look. Over all the expansion is decent, but not quite Gearbox best. I enjoyed parts of it, but there is that feeling that something is missing. There was not really any glitches or crashes that I experienced from this DLC. I will give this one a rating of 86 due to not being what I would have expected from a Hammerlock DLC. This is a playable game extender and is worth the price mark as a DLC piece and will probably be enjoyed by a large amount of people, but I just can't shake that feeling of something missing.


Not worth the extra money, but still a good pay

nightassassin1 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Creature Slaughterdome - PC

This would remind you very much of other arenas you would find around Borderlands 1 and 2. It is essentially Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot from the first game. I have the feeling of being in pretty much any other arena that I have seen in the world already and the only thing that seems to be an incentive to play this is to grab Moxxi's special rocket launcher. If you got it with preorder from Gamestop you got a decent addition to the game, but I feel it is not really $5 worth. $2 or $3 would be better. For most people a little more is fine for them, however as a college student the amount of games I can obtain is pretty low. I love Green Man because of this with their constant sales. If you grab the game with a 25% off code, that will make it a decent price. The graphics are the same as the standard game. The monsters are pretty much all there. There is little addition to the game with this pack unless you like mindless slaughter. It can be a good place to go for testing weapons and just blowing things up. The little game extension gives it a hit to the rating and the low, but not quite low enough rating is not going to take away from this, as I am grateful that it did not cost 10-20 dollars like other game makers would do. My opinion would be to not get this unless you really love long streams of monsters to destroy. The rocket launcher is not worth the $5 and for me, the play is not worth it either.


Decent and interesting look

nightassassin1 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Assassin Stinging Blade Pack - PC

Not particularly amazing looking, but definitely interesting. It will make you stand out by far in online matches. I like the body style, but the head is really what will catch the eye. It is a head turner and requires some admiration when playing. I have a few people who will stop and stare at me for a while taking it all in before continuing about their game play. The art seems to have had more work put into it than the original skin. The price does not seem the best however, I would have been much happier with $0.50 than $1. This game seems to be milking everything it can with micro transactions. $1 for a really good thing would be fine, however in my book this seems more like a 1/2 dollar. For that I drop 15 points. Charging more than something seems to be worth to milk the customer is a big flaw in my book.


A must have for ALL strategy gamers

nightassassin1 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

This is one amazing game. It is like a combination of Risk and Command and Conquer on steroids. You create units in your main city and send them out to conquer other NPCs or players, spread word of religion, intimidate other nations, settle more cities, and many other things. You must attempt to win by either conquering all other major players (NPC or human), through religion, through science, through culture, through diplomacy, or by being the top player at the end of a certain time period. This gives you so many options of how you can play the game to win and this is a much different concept from most strategy games like this, as they usually require complete or nearly complete destruction of any opponents. The game features a large amount of units ranging form basic ax wielding ground units to nuclear subs and bombers equipped with nuclear missiles. The game progression is very neat in the way that you start in a primitive age and progress to current age technology and units. The graphics of the game are decent. The graphics are not as intense as games like Battlefield 3, but it is still a nice graphic setup for a strategy game. The game can also be changed into a board game style look by pressing a function key, I believe it is F5. There is only one thing wrong with the game. It consumes so much time. The game is very slow paced. One game can easily take 5 or more hours, and in some cases even 15. The time can be lowered slightly by removing animations for battle and movement. This helps a lot with planes and makes turns much faster for movement. I have personally never encountered glitches or crashes. Well one more minor thing to add is that the AI for the worker units that improve the land is not very good when set on automatic. They may sometimes stop working even though there is land to improve or they will remove an improvement to add a different one that you did not need, dropping your food supply to 0 in that city. My strategy is to start manually with them, then after a while send them to automatic and if something is critical, manually fix it. Overall this game is just amazing, but be careful of the time suck. You will sit down for a short game and get up about 5 hours later without notice. There is so much you can do and so many ways to win that even if you start to fall behind in one scenario, you turn around and advance in another. I have won countless ways by doing this. The best way to express my interest in this game is to say that if you don't have this game, you are not a strategy gamer. There is no getting around it. It is a good price as it has aged a bit, and on sale it is very cheap. I will drop one point for not being able to stop animations for planes. The normal animations for troops is fun to watch, but at this point it is all or nothing. The plane attack animation takes around 4 to 5x longer than normal troop attack animations. Attacking with 5 or more planes takes forever, which is bad when all major players have a large number of them. GET THIS GAME O.O


Best shooter of this generation

nightassassin1 | Aug. 20, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 NA Origin (1) - PC

Battlefield 3 was just the best. It was amazing in every way. I have been an FPS gamer since the Delta Force Land Warrior days, moving to Delta Force 2, then Black Hawk Down, Joint Operations, and up through the CoD, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield franchise. Out of all of the new games I like the Battlefield franchise the most. The graphics quality, the game mechanics, pretty much everything they have seems to be better than the other games. The one thing I like more about Battlefield than anything is the community. The player community is much more mature than CoD. It seems that all of the kids play CoD and the adults play BF. There are some kids in BF, but even so they are usually not too bad. The hacker rate of BF also seems to be lower than CoD, however I do like the CoD zombies play and battlefield should implement something of that nature. This game offers destructible environments, a massive amount of vehicle use ranging from jets and helicopters to jeeps in the normal game and to construction equipment in the expansions. I recently got the Back to Karkand expansion and flipped out when I saw someone run me over with a construction vehicle. It also offers a huge amount of guns and unlocks. One of my favorite features of Battlefield is the ability to take tags when knifing players. I like to collect them from snipers and people who have killed me a good deal as payback. I am more of a hunter of high level tags though, obtaining my first set of 100 service star jet tags at level 23 I began hunting for the very hard to get tags such as those. I have only two complaints about the knifing system: the tags do not display the names, I really wish I had a wall of tags from every soldier I took them from like trophies, not just the graphic tag and the second is that you can not fight back during a knife. I always think "See, right there you notice you are getting knife and have ample time to punch the guy in the face and have a chance to live or at least block the knife some way." It is kind of annoying to watch yourself get knifed and not be able to do anything, and teammates usually don't attempt to save you, they try to get a knife kill on the guy who is knifing you, waiting for you to die before killing the guy. The best part is, Battlefield 4 will fix this and add a counter! The graphics in game are just astounding. This was probably the best graphic game on the market when it released, it looks nearly real and would be scary in virtual reality, especially the knifing animation. It does require a good GPU to run on ultra settings, but if you can afford it, it is worth every bit for use with games like this. The game price was decent for a new game and has dropped to a reasonable amount over time. It is currently $5 in the origin humble bundle as well, so that is very nice for players who may want to get ready for Battlefield 4 by practicing in 3. This is a FPS game that is meant for multiplayer. There is a single player and it is decently done compared to some other games, but it is still not very good. The single player is a great way to begin the game so that you can learn the mechanics and get decent at playing so you don't ruin your scores in ranked matches when you start. It is not hard to rank up in this game and to unlock items. This is something I really like. Back in Battlefield 2 it took quite some time to get unlocks and I was always put down by getting destroyed by high level guns. This game balances guns very well and the unlocks do not take too much time. I ranked up to a level 1 colonel in about 36 hours of gameplay, I am now a level 3 colonel with a large amount of service stars, 13 on a G3A3 (my favorite gun of all time, used to use the G3 in Black Hawk Down) and another 13 on the 870 MSC shotgun, mainly used when I am getting killed inside my base on a TDM or close combat area. A tip to those who do not know: the G3A3 is ONLY acquired by completing the Coop missions. It is the most powerful assault rifle in the game, but it is also the slowest firing one. It is a god weapon if used correctly, however almost no one uses it but me. I have only ever seen one person who uses it regularly and everyone else only uses it if I kill them a lot with it and they have it. Beware of the small clip size of 20. You can only get about 4 kills before reloading so don't waste bullets. If you want to gear up for Battlefield 4, buy this game now. You will not regret it. Problems: It runs on Origin. Origin is not a bad client, but it would have been easier to have it on Steam. It requires the use of battle log, which requires the constant shut down and load up of the game. The game is run through EA, which has terrible support staff. I was on the phone with someone for an hour last week at EA that was trying to get me to unplug my USB devices from my hard drive and run my computer without a mouse or keyboard and open the game. That is not a mess up on my part, I really mean they stated 4 times to remove my USB devices from my HARD DRIVE I was trying to argue with them that it was not possible since a hard drive has no USB ports. After one hour and thirty minutes of a run around with this person, I finally got a supervisor and they fixed things for me in about 7 minutes. The problem was on THEIR side. Battlefield 3 has no lean and no shooting in water, which I miss from older games. Overall great game, bad customer support, great game experience. The issues stated are not big problems, only small, but the customer support problem is the most annoying. It will drop the game a little in rating, but the game is so epic that the drop is very small. The game gets a 94 from me.


Awesome addition, but overpowered

nightassassin1 | Aug. 20, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack Overflow - PC

This character is an awesome crazy young girl with a knack for inventing and electronics, she actually cuts off her own arm to add on a mechanical one so she can summon her Death Trap invention without carrying around some big case. This can be found in her Eco Recordings, look on YouTube for these, it is a really great sequence to listen to and hilarious. Death Trap is a robot that you summon as your special ability to attack enemies and you can skill tree to upgrade yourself OR Death Trap. It is a very well made character and a really fun and entertaining update to the normal cast of Borderlands 2, however she is much more powerful than the original 4 members, making the game easier. If you don't mind the difficulty drop, then this character will be a 100 for you, if you are a little upset about the easiness compared to the 4 original characters, then you will probably knock a few points off. I will personally take a few off for the drop, but not enough to hit it hard. I give it a 95 out of 100, I love borderlands and I hope this company keeps the awesomeness rolling in and Green Man Gaming keeps the amazing, not seen anywhere else, sales coming. I got this with my Borderlands Pre-order for very cheap by referring friends and using a 25% off code. I think it cost me around $25 because of all that. LOVE YOU GREEN MAN GAMING!


Interesting Game

nightassassin1 | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

So this game is pretty interesting. It took on a theme that most gaming companies are afraid to try, deranged religious person. Basically this young kid Isaac is forced to flee into the basement from his mother when she is given the task to murder him from god. This is a dark and touchy theme for many. The game is a low graphics over head shooter. The goal is to fight your way to the lowest level of the basement by killing what seems to be demons and possibly Isaac's deformed siblings. The game works similarly from other short overhead shooters, however this one is packed full of different weapons and items, more so than I have ever seen in a game such as this. The game is quite addicting for a short time, but becomes repetitive after a while. I played for about 3 hours the first time and went back for another 40 minutes the next week and haven't played since. It is a good game and well made, but it lacked on the replay ability side for me. I guess I just beat it too fast. Even though I ran through it easily, it gets a good rating in my book as the theme and story was pretty great and the game play is smooth. Some information that can give you an idea about the graphics is it is like a hand drawn, then computer enhanced setup for characters and items with 2d rooms. The graphics settings does not go into HD quality.


Extended the life of civ 5 by a huge amount

nightassassin1 | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Brave New World NA - PC

Civ 5 was starting to lose its appeal after a lapse in time of dlc. The game itself was amazing, but after so long, like any other game, it lost its allure with most players, now this expansion adds so much and changes the way the game works in such a way it is nearly a brand new game. The price is high for a dlc, but how it makes it feel like a new game, it makes up for the price in every way. If you have civ 5, you have to have this with it or you will regret everything.


Adds so much more

nightassassin1 | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Season Pass NA Overflow - PC

This pack is much cheaper than buying everything on its own and adds so much more to the game. It gives hundreds of new missions, maybe thousands, a good side story setting, some fun new people to meet, and even new vehicles. I personally liked the expansions to borderlands one more, however the latest installment of Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep was just great, other than the depressing parts about Roland. The pirate one was neat due to the new vehicles, but it lacked the humor found in the beginning of the dlc. The other two were not too bad, but also not too memorable. It was kind of a play and run, but it still added much more to the game and a new adventure to embark on with your friends. The biggest reason I enjoyed dragon keep is probably that I have played games such as D&D myself.


Even better than the last

nightassassin1 | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

The first game was amazing and one of the few games to give me that much joy in playing in a long time. This new installment to the series however is just unbelievable. They fixed nearly all of the glitches found in the last game, added new vehicles, re-imagined all of the classes, extended to story from the first game, and just improved on every single thing. This game is practically endless and is amazing to play with friends. If there is one game you have to play with a friend it is this one. It brings best friends even closer and offers endless hilarious memories. The player customization is really neat compared to the last one as you can even change your face. I don't like how this company has followed others and made small micro transaction packs for cheap easy skins for characters, but the game itself is just astounding.


One of the best shooters there is

nightassassin1 | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of Borderlands - PC

This shooter has pretty much everything: hilarious antics, mature comedy, cars, lots and lots and lots and lots of guns, endless missions, multiplayer, a great story line, fun characters, character background logs, achievements, and lots more. This game is one of a kind. I was put off by shooters after the long line of horror or war simulators, having played them for over 10 years already, the only change is the battle systems get a little better and the graphics advance, but this cartoonish style of art and great story and game mechanics is just beyond me. You can nearly consider this witchcraft. I tried to find some reason to take points off of this and I found only two, there are some glitches, which you find in every game, and there is little emphasis put on the main story line, however if you choose to follow it (much like skyrim) it turns out very nice. It is simply amazing. Give yourself a treat and play this game as well as borderlands 2. 2 expands the story in a very good way.


Perfect harmony of play-ability and dirty humor.

nightassassin1 | Sept. 25, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA post - PC

Gearbox is one of those companies who knows boundaries. They know just how far they can go without offending or overdoing the crazy stuff other companies are terrified to touch. The first one was great, but of course it had its issues, most of which were on PC. This new one is even better and they actually tied in the old story line even though you are still a vault hunter after the vault was opened. They have some amazing writers and know exactly how far they can go without overdoing the profanity and crazy dialog. A perfect combination of play-ability and dirty humor. The only reason it has a 98 is the badass points system can be farmed and seems to make it a bit too easy. Having done 3 characters with a few thousand badass level, you have to try to kill yourself on a new character to die. It only lost a few points for its easiness because this is meant to be a laid back game. Best game ever.