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Triumphent return of the legendary cyber-punk fps/rpg hybrid <3

ninjaman999 | Sept. 2, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

After 2 separate play-through`s in 2 unique combat load outs and styles with the first PT clocking in at 40 hours and the second at 28, I can proudly say that Deus Ex has returned in full fighting form for the modern era. With all the elements of the original Deus Ex revived and in near excellent shape, combined with a Rainbow 6 - Vegas style fps/third person cover system and the glamor of awesome executions, sweet powers, superb and highly modifiable weapons, hidden locations for those pesky explorers such as I and a very solid fps framework, Deus Ex Human Revolution revives the classic blend and makes an amazing game with flair and finesse that has already garnered solid 90s across the board as well as a guaranteed spot as a GOTY contender. That being said, it does have a few minor irks such as the boss battles that gave heavy weapon buffs some combat fun and stealth purists hell as well as less flexibility in systems such as the diversity of augmentations compared to the original but overall the game is ultimately refreshing and should not be missed by anyone ^o^