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Not the best Arkham title, but still Incredible

ninjyte | Oct. 31, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Batman: Arkham Asylum and City are among the greatest superhero games ever made, and the Arkham series being one of the most interesting cinematic gaming series in this generation. Arkham Origins is the first game to be developed by Warner Bros. Montreal rather than Rocksteady, and the announcement of new voice actors, making this initially a skeptical sign for some people. Fear not, WB Montreal did a solid job with Origins. Goods: This game's strong side is the story. The pacing is very well done and the story is very emotive, seeing Batman nearly making sacrifices to keep to his morals, seeing what his decisions are. The boss fights are also very well done, challenging, but not impossibly hard... and fun (my favorite being the Deathstroke fight). The voice acting was very well from the new voice actors, Roger Craig Smith doing a decent job as batman, sounding genuinely like a younger version of Kevin Conroy, and Troy Baker excellently portraying Joker replacing Mark Hamill's spot. Bads: The main downside for me was the lifeless city, with only thugs walking the streets. It's weird to see all the crime scenes that supposedly included innocent civilians but you never see civilians in the game... Other than that, there were few bugs in my game, though several in others'. None too annoying, hopefully a patch will be released soon. Highly recommended, solid installment to the Arkham series